You’re Going To Dig The World’s Most Incredible Caves

There are a ton mysteries on this Earth of ours. We still haven’t explored all of the ocean, so there’s no telling what’s going on down there. New animal species come around every so often. We even find new diseases! But some of the most complex discoveries come from the caves on this planet. There’s no telling what explorers will discover when they enter a cave. Get ready to experience some of the wildest discoveries from the world’s deepest caverns. You might want to brace yourself…

The Crystals In Naica, Mexico

giant crystals in the cave

When scientists began searching in this Mexican cave, they didn’t expect to find any form of life. The exact opposite ended up happening when they discovered something around 50,000 years old. How’s that for ironic?

The cavern, located in Naica, Mexico, was a breeding ground for bacteria. They thrived by digesting minerals such as magnesium and iron from the massive crystals that existed in the cave. Discovering these bacteria might’ve changed the way we think life can endure.