Here Are The Dog Breeds With The Worst Anxiety Issues

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. They bring people all kinds of joy, and they can be the perfect companions. However, with all the positives that dogs come with, there is one negative issue that arises frequently. Leaving your canine alone can be tough. Sometimes they cry a little and give you the puppy dog eyes, but it can get much worse if your dog’s breed has high levels of anxiety. Read through this article to find out which dog breeds suffer the most from separation anxiety.

What Are They Up To?

sad dog
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Humans have always wanted to understand what dogs think about. Especially if you have to leave your dog alone for a period of time, don’t you wish you knew what was going on in its mind?

Well, when you leave it alone, we’re sure they’re thinking about you! Your dog is probably sad you’re leaving, hoping you’ll be back soon, and everything else in between. For some dog breeds, it gets even deeper than that, though.

Research Found…

sad baby dog
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For many years, animal researchers have been hard at work trying to figure out what goes on in the minds of dogs. They have concluded that dogs are capable of experiencing severe separation anxiety.

Before you get worried about your precious pooch, be aware that this isn’t exclusive to one type of breed. There are a few that are more susceptible to anxiety than others. Which types do you think have it the worst?

12 Different Breeds

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In total, there are 12 different breeds that suffer the worst from separation anxiety. That’s somewhat a relief to hear since there are tons more breeds in the world. However, it would very disheartening to find out one of your dogs is in the 12.

If you do happen to own one of these dogs, make sure you look out for the warning signs. That way, you can help make sure that your doggo is comfortable while you’re away…

Toy Poodles

toy poodles
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Aren’t toy poodles so adorable? The small and soft little pooches are great to have around and don’t require too much of anything — that is, except for some extra attention. These dogs were bred with the main purpose of companionship.

Thus, they don’t exactly do too well when their owners are gone for any amount of time. It’s just in them to always want some type of interaction. Be sure you’ve got things figured out for whenever you need to be away!

German Shepherds

german shephard
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One of the most popular dog breeds comes in hot on this list! German Shepherds have a reputation of enjoying work, like helping the police and herding sheep. With so much responsibility, you would think they wouldn’t need so much attention.

If you think they’re calm and collected, then you’ve got another thing coming to you. Researchers have found some interesting information about the brave and loving German Shepherd. We hope it doesn’t deter you from getting one. Read on to find out what it is that researchers discovered about these dogs.

Don’t Leave Shepherds Alone Too Long


Despite all that these incredible dogs do, they still aren’t fond of being on their own. Their stoic personalities might confuse you, but research found that German Shepherds are among the worst who suffer from separation anxiety.

That fact can help explain why they work so well as police partners. They tag along waiting for instructions to find contraband, attack an enemy, or even provide comfort to those who need it. Always make sure your Shepherd gets taken care of.



Another precious dog breed to make the list is the Havanese. These pooches with Cuban origins were bred to be the perfect family dog. With family comes attention and these little ones desperately need it.

When they get left alone, their separation anxiety really shows itself in full capacity. Plan on making sure your Havanese has a sitter of some sort if you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time.

Labrador Retrievers

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Another highly properly breed is the Labrador Retriever. They’re so cute when they’re puppies and evolve into a different level of cuteness as they grow up. Have you ever seen Marley and Me? It’s almost impossible to not love a Lab.

This breed is one of the most family-friendly dogs on the planet. You’d think that they are fully capable of handling things while they’re all alone. Sadly, that isn’t the case for a Lab. Sorry to all you owners out there…

Intense Anxiety

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The Lab is a perfect family dog. Due to that fact, they love to be around people and receiving attention in all types of ways. Therefore, leaving them alone can lead to scary results.

Even if you’re leaving it alone for a small amount of time, that can be enough to allow his or her separation anxiety to become intense. As much as many dog owners wish to spend their entire days with their dogs, that just can’t be a reality in most cases.

Cocker Spaniels

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Cocker Spaniels are fun and interesting dogs. They are gun dogs so they are used to being outdoors for long hours alongside their owners. That makes them great for companionship, but troublesome in other areas.

Over the years, this breed has developed some temperament issues. Now, we’re not saying to count the breed out completely, we’re just telling you that if you plan to leave a Cocker Spaniel by itself you should expect a shift in attitude.

Border Collies

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Take a good look. Border Collies are beautiful dogs. You might catch them in dog shows quite often because of their intelligence. Many like to call them little balls of energy as they are always looking for ways to keep busy.

They’re happiest when they are engaged in sport or with their owners, so you can bet that they need ways to tolerate their time of solitude. It’s best if you can find ways to keep this breed amused.

Border Collies Need Activity

border 2
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Imagine stripping away physical activity from a professional athlete in their prime. And say this athlete had nothing else to do. This is what it’s like for border collies when they can’t exercise, stimulate their minds, or enjoy any type of entertainment.

Without any of those activities going on, severe cases of separation anxiety erupt in the pooch when their owners are away. That’s so sad to hear, especially for such a terrific dog like this.

Bichon Frises

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We know, your cuteness radar just started beeping violently. Bichon Frises are some of the cutest dogs to walk this Earth with their customizable hair and little paws pouncing around. These dogs sure need their share of attention.

They don’t enjoy being away from their owners at all. The dropoff in attention when their human lovers aren’t around is enough to bring forth serious anxiety in them. They are adorable, but that cuteness comes with a price.

Australian Shepherds

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First, it was the German Shepherd. Now, we have the Australian Shepherd, the dogs from down under. These shepherds have a high work ethic thanks to their background of herding livestock on some of the busiest farms you could imagine.

They don’t mind! They love to get their paws dirty because that’s just another regular day for them. However, things can go differently if they aren’t tended to well enough. They need love just like you…

They Need A Lot Of Stimulation

pup australian
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It’s not a secret that Australian Shepherds need stimulation. It explains why they don’t do too well when combating boredom. It isn’t what anyone wants to hear but its the truth regarding this breed.

When there’s nothing left to do, these dogs become supremely anxious. You have to be sure to raise them up properly as a puppy and even once they’re grown, always have plans ready for days or moments they have to be left alone.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

king charles
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We’re sorry, it’s not our fault the dogs keep getting more adorable as the list continues. Next up is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Like a few other doggos on this list, this breed is a companion type.

The companions are the ones you have to be aware of because they can suffer from separation anxiety the most. While they look for ways to fill their time when they’re alone, they don’t always find success and end up pouting and sad.


Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Viszla is quite the sporting breed. They are also very loyal. With a life span of 12-15 years, they would prefer that you wouldn’t leave them alone for any of that time.

Vizslas have earned the nickname of the “Velcro dog” because they love to stick to their humans as much as they can. Conversely, they go to great lengths to please their owners as well, but at what price?

They’re A Hungarian Breed

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These Hungarian breeds are highly active. They often aim to please their owners while outside as well. However, leaving them alone for long periods of time can cause them to come close to losing their minds.

Viszlas have a hard time trying to fill the void in dull moments of the day, thus their separation anxiety can kick in rather quick. That’s something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, so owners, try your best to accommodate these guys.

Italian Greyhounds

Papjuice/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Say hello to the Italian Greyhound. While regular Greyhounds are active and agile, the Italian type is happy with just lounging around with their companions. They really enjoy running around in fields too.

They are the perfect dog to take around with you to all the places you go, as you see in the photo we provided. But when they aren’t with anyone, they can become incredibly anxious. Why would you want to leave a precious little one like this alone anyway?

German Shorthaired Pointers

german pointers
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The German Shorthaired Pointer is next on this list. This breed was developed in Germany for hunting during the 19th century. We know how hunting works… the dog stays closely attached to the human and they get things done.

But this special trait makes it hard for the dogs to adapt to being alone while their owners are away. Anxiety can start brewing as you wondering what your dog is up to. He or she is probably wishing you’d come back as soon as possible!