The Most Dangerous Bugs In The World Will Have Your Skin Crawling

There are millions of species of insects and it’s almost impossible to know which ones are dangerous and which ones aren’t. Some of the scariest looking bugs are actually the tamest and pose no threat at all, while other, more innocent looking bugs can pack a punch that no human can survive.

To help you identify what bugs are a real threat to your safety, I’ve compiled a list of dangerous bugs that will make your skin crawl. If you don’t have a fear of bugs yet, you will after reading this.

Human Bot Flies

Twitter / @HandVali
Twitter / @HandVali

If you looked at this picture and didn’t slightly throw up in your mouth, you’re officially an alien sent from Mars. The Human Botfly have larvae that can transmit life-threatening parasites.

When a mosquito is carrying the larva of the botfly, it drops it into the skin of a human and leaves it there. After a few days, the larva develops under the layer of skin and can cause serious infection.