The Most Dangerous Bugs In The World Will Have Your Skin Crawling

There are millions of species of insects and it’s almost impossible to know which ones are dangerous and which ones aren’t. Some of the scariest looking bugs are actually the tamest and pose no threat at all, while other, more innocent looking bugs can pack a punch that no human can survive.

To help you identify what bugs are a real threat to your safety, I’ve compiled a list of dangerous bugs that will make your skin crawl. If you don’t have a fear of bugs yet, you will after reading this.

Human Bot Flies

Twitter / @HandVali

If you looked at this picture and didn’t slightly throw up in your mouth, you’re officially an alien sent from Mars. The Human Botfly have larvae that can transmit life-threatening parasites.

When a mosquito is carrying the larva of the botfly, it drops it into the skin of a human and leaves it there. After a few days, the larva develops under the layer of skin and can cause serious infection.

Bullet Ant

Twitter / @AMNH

If you’re an insect and have the word “bullet” in your name, you better be dangerous. Well, the Bullet Ant is certainly that.

Getting bitten by one is equal to the feeling of being shot by a gun. The pain is throbbing and is a pain that can last for more than a day.

Yellow Jackets

Twitter / @Japanese4Morons

Okay, these bee imposters are the worst. They’re more than just a pest. Well, at least some species of yellow jackets are.

The German Yellow Jacket is bold and aggressive. They can sting your repeatedly and will have no problem coming back for more if they’re still provoked. It’s a no from me, dawg.

Asian Hornet

Twitter / @BBCCornwall

If you’re in the US, you probably don’t have to worry too much about the Asian Hornet, thank God. They’re mostly found in rural areas around Japan.

They’re also referred to as the “giant sparrow bee” and while they’re not inherently aggressive, they will throw down if they feel threatened. Their venom attacks the nervous system and can kill a person with a single sting.

Black Widow Spider

Twitter / @weathernetwork

These things are small, but they pack a punch. One of the most notorious spiders of all time, the Black Widow is barely bigger than a paper clip, but it can kill with ease.

It has 15 times more venom than a rattlesnake and can take down a human incredibly easily.

Siafu Ants

Twitter / @AntsCanada

If this picture doesn’t make you want to hide in your room far away from any ant hill, I don’t know what will. Look at the powerful jaw of the Siafu Ant. No thank you.

When they bite, it usually leaves two puncture wounds. They can’t kill a human very easily, but small animals can be easily taken down by a colony.

Africanized Honey Bee


You might know these insects better by their nickname — “Killer Bees”. African honey bees were created after an experiment gone wrong. The queens and worker bees ended up escaping and bred with European honey bees.

They are ten times faster than a honey bee and much more aggressive. They’re responsible for hundreds of deaths.

Tse-Tse Fly

Twitter / @FarmbizAfrica

Also known as “tik-tik” flies, these insects love to feed on the blood of vertebrate animals.

They mostly live in Africa and they carry a chemical called trypanosome which causes sleeping sickness in humans. Getting bitten by one of these things is absolutely brutal. They’re just absolutely blood-thirsty.

Arizona Bark Spider

Twitter / @AliceMartin8

Commonly found in — you guessed it, Arizona — the Bark Spider is one of the most dangerous scorpions in America. If you’re stung by this thin-tailed creature, you’re going to experience an extreme amount of pain.

You should seek medical attention immediately because the damage that the poison can do to your body is insane.


Twitter / @AllRitePest

Okay, termites aren’t necessarily dangerous to us like many of the other insects on this list, but they indirectly can kill our entire species pretty quickly.

They have the potential to cause major damage to crops and infrastructure. File them under ” annoying insects we hate because they’re, uh, annoying”.

House Centipede

Twitter / @MMOGC

I like to call these things “creepy crawlies”, but House Centipede will have to do, I guess. They are known for their pairs of venom claws. The bites are hazardous to humans.

They can cause severe swelling that can last for days. Who knew these things were more than just annoying?


Twitter / @knltt

These wingless scavengers feed on your skin and other secretions such as blood. This might gross you out, but on average, humans host about 15 different species of lice on their heads.

They aren’t necessarily a threat to our lives, but they do have the ability to transmit dangerous diseases.

Bed Bugs

Twitter / @TNRPestControl

I guess the positive side of having bed bugs is that you never really sleep alone? I don’t know, just looking for the silver-lining.

While their bite isn’t really painful, they can lead to negative psychological effects and allergic reactions. Nonetheless, bed bugs are annoying and nothing good comes from them cuddling in your bed.

Assassin Bug

Twitter / @glpjp

Just like the Bullet Ant, the Assassin Bug better be living up to its name. I mean, if this thing isn’t infiltrating ant colonies and killing queen ants left, right, and center, I don’t want to hear it.

Okay, well, in reality, it turns out they’re just spreading Chagas disease and infecting people in rural parts of the Americas.

Anopheles Mosquito

Twitter / @AdvancedMicrob

This is the mosquito that’s best known for transmitting malaria as well as many other deadly diseases.

Can well all just agree that mosquitos are the worst insect of all time? They do nothing but make life harder than it needs to be. They’ve literally caused health epidemics across the world.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Twitter / @guardian

Okay, thank you Brazilian Wandering Spider, I will now not be able to sleep for probably a week. This picture is absolutely terrifying.

It also follows up its terrifying looks by being incredibly venomous. In fact, this spider was named the most venomous spider in the world according to the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records.

Brown Recluse

Twitter / @whrhasbellebeen

You might not have to worry about the Brown Recluse spider killing a human with a bite, but they’re still dangerous. If you’re bitten by one you can expect a hospital visit.

They’ll make you sick and can scar your skin for months at a time. Thankfully, they aren’t vicious in nature.


Twitter / @TAGAPEST

Fleas end up flying under the radar in the dangerous department. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the fact that they’re incredibly tiny. Out of sight, out of mind.

But, they can transmit diseases between animals and people. There are many types of fleas (we talk more about rat fleas coming up).

Rat Fleas

Twitter / @BwPest

Do you remember that plague that wiped out like half of the world’s population during the 14th century? Well, you can thank the rat fleas for that.

Rats were the vessel that’s responsible for spreading the plague, but it was the rat fleas that actually carried the disease. Thank God they’re mostly gone.

Fire Ants

Twitter / @eusercpgidoc

If you’re a resident of a southern state, you know how annoying and dangerous red ants can be. Don’t you dare step near their hill.

They’re ruthless and have a hive mentality. If you see one, know that there are hundreds close. One breed of fire ant, the red imported fire ant, is such a problem it’s even considered an invasive species in the US.