These Are Deadliest Snakes Ever Found On Earth

Snakes have had a bad reputation in history. Since the story of Adam and Eve and throughout many other cultures, snakes have been seen as sneaky and dangerous. While a majority of snakes are relatively harmless, there are some seriously scary snakes that explain why humans have given them a bad reputation.

Some of these snakes are so venomous that their bite will kill you within 30 minutes, while one can accurately spit their venom into your eye from 23 feet away.

One snake is so deadly that it’s known for killing other venomous snakes!

The Coastal Taipan Grows To A Scary Length

Costal Tiapan deadliest snakes
Coastal Taipan/Wikipedia

The Coastal Taipan is a species of snake native to Australia and New Guinea. It’s the third-most venomous land snake and the longest one in Australia. The Coastal Taipan can grow up to 6.6 feet long and can way up to 15 pounds. The largest one ever found was 11 feet long!

While the body might be intimidating it’s the coastal taipan’s bite that you should worry about. The toxin is so potent that it can kill you within half an hour.