Discontinued Cars We Hope Will Make a Comeback And Some That Are Close To Returning

There’s something incredibly nostalgic about the vehicles we grew up with. Whether it was long road trips with family or the feel of the wind in your hair while driving down the interstate, the vehicles of our past can really stick in our memories. While many vehicles are discontinued never to return, some actually make a comeback with modern designs that thrill auto buyers. Here are the vehicles from the past we wish would make a swift and triumphant comeback and a few that are preparing to re-launch.

The Honda CRX Was A Fine Sports Car In The Eighties


The Honda CRX is one of the most interesting compact cars in recent memory. The model was built from 1983 to 1991 and was based on the Civic, but with only two seats. With light, nimble and precise steering, the CRX was a real bargain buy sports car with front-wheel drive and up to 140 horsepower.

Among car fans, the CR-Z hybrid is often considered the successor to the CRX, but it never managed to achieve the same mass appeal as the lightweight, two-seater hatch everyone wanted to purchase. Honda replaced the CRX with the Del Sol for the 1992 model year, and fans the world over mourned the car’s passing.