All The Things That Meghan Markle Gave Up When She Married Prince Harry

While all of the benefits of marrying into the royal family may be obvious and seem grand, the downsides are often overlooked. This even applies to Meghan Markle. So before you think she’s in it for the title or the lifestyle learn about all of the things she had to give up after saying “I do” to Prince Harry.

In fact, the couple just announced they’re making a major change to their royal roles… and the Queen responded! Read on to learn the details!

Her Independence Is Down The Drain

Photo Credits: Steve Back/Getty Images
Photo Credits: Steve Back/Getty Images

As if she wasn’t already popular enough, now that she’s married, she won’t be able to go anywhere in public without being noticed. Although she may end up trying to stay private like Princess Diana, it’s likely most of her attempts will be futile. She is also escorted almost everywhere for her own safety which could easily blow her cover.