How To Look Like A Celebrity On Instagram

Instagram is where celebrities and regular Joe’s meet. It’s a special place in cyberspace where people can see how much celebrities are just like us. Now that we’ve seen how they manage their Instagram feeds, we can follow their lead.

If you want your Instagram to look like it belongs to an A-list celebrity, you’re going to have to study some celebrity Instagram pages. We’ve done most of the studying for you, so you can just sit back, relax, and look at pictures of pretty people.

Kendall Jenner

Photo Credit: @kendalljenner / Instagram
Photo Credit: @kendalljenner / Instagram

So you want to look like a celebrity on Instagram? Easy. All you have to do is get a private jet and then stretch out your legs to show people how much more legroom you have than those peasants who fly on regular passenger planes.

Ok, so maybe you can’t get a private jet, but you can flaunt what you do have. Clearly, Instagram is not the place to be humble.