Justin Bieber Has Finally Opened Up About His Troubled Life

It’s hard to believe its been more than a decade since the world was struck with Bieber Fever. Justin Bieber was only 14 when YouTube videos of him singing went viral and landed him a record deal with Usher. Before he knew it, he was performing in front of thousands of screaming fans.

But over the course of his early career, Bieber has fallen into the tradition child-star trap. Arrests, illegal substances, and very public breakups eventually led to him canceling his 2017 world tour and falling off the map. Well, he’s back, married, and has finally opened up about his troubled life.

He Cancelled His Tour Because Of Depression

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Justin was more than 150 shows deep into the world tour for his fourth studio album Purpose when he abruptly canceled the last 14 shows. At the time, he released a statement saying it was for his “soul and well-being” but left his fans to guess for the rest.

He eventually revealed to Vogue that he was battling full-blown depression and that he was feeling lonely and just “needed some time.”

He Worked Non-Stop For Two Years

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It probably didn’t help that Justin had been working non-stop for nearly two years. After his 2014 breakdown, Justin dived right into what many people called an “apology” album and tour. He wrote, recorded, and set out on tour without taking any time for his health.

When fans reached out their idol, he apologized and said touring for “18 months straight…takes a toll.” A normal adult can hardly work for two years straight without a break, so it’s no surprise it overwhelmed a young, troubled star.

His Bodyguards Had To Check His Pulse Every Night

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Even though Justin claimed to be on track after his 2014 arrest, he was diving into a world of drug addiction. He admitted to abusing Xanax to a point where he needed it as a “screen” between him and reality.

At one point, Justin says things “got pretty dark” and he knows his security team would often come into his room late at night and check his pulse to see if he was still breathing.

You’ll never believe what religious pact Justin followed for more than a year.

His Wife Saved His Life

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In July 2018, it was revealed that Justin popped the question to model a girlfriend of six weeks, Hailey Baldwin. They were married in a private ceremony two months later. Justin revealed that although he’d reached out for help, he could never stick with it. Being with Hailey inspired Justin to finally seek stable treatment.

He entered into Hoffman rehab center but rushed through it and dropped out. Now, he’s going through a stable treatment process thanks to her insistence.

He’s Still Dealing With Issues From His Childhood

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One of the reasons why Justin initially dropped out of rehab is that they made him confront a lot of difficult issues from his past. Justin told Vogue that one thing he was uncomfortable dealing with was his mother’s depression and his father’s anger issues.

Justin even went so far as to say he felt his parents “passed on” those traits to him and that he was “kind of mad” about it.

He Was Celibate For More Than A Year Before Marriage

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One of Justin’s biggest self-admitted problem was that he was “super-promiscuous.” The singer admitted it was hard because he was raised to treat women with respect but was using sex as an escape. Justin said it was due to a “lack of self-worth.”

In 2017, Justin chose to “rededicate” himself to God and become celibate. He admitted that was difficult when he met Hailey, but that they didn’t rush to the alter just to have sex.

Next, why Justin and his new wife are already attending marriage counselling.

Something Dramatic Split Justin And Hailey Apart

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The pair actually met in 2009 when Hailey attended one of Justin’s shows, but it wasn’t until 2016 that they actually became friends. The two dated briefly in 2016 but ended things just as quickly. Fans never got a reason why things ended until Hailey revealed that “negative things happened that we still need to talk about and work through.”

Whatever it was, it was bad. According to Hailey, there was a time where Justin refused to be in the same room as her.

Justin And Hailey Already Go To Marriage Counselling

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Even though they only officially tied the knot in September 2018, the young lovebirds already frequent attendees at marriage counseling. Hailey says marries is “really effing hard” and that their relationship is not “all a magical fantasy.”

Both have stressed its very difficult but that they’re 100% committed to building a healthy relationship, and that they want people to know they’re “two young people who are learning” as they go.

He Was Raised By A Single Mom In Public Housing

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Justin was born March 1, 1994, in a small town in Ontario, Canada to Patricia Mallette. She was only 18 when she gave birth to Justin and she never married his father, Jeremy Bieber. Patricia was forced to raise Justin herself.

Justin described his childhood as lonely. His mother was often working to support her child and his father was an MMA fighter who was often on the road and was away for long stretches of time.

Keep reading to see how Justin began to spiral in 2014.

He Can Solve A Rubix Cub In Less Than A Minute

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While we all know Justin has some serious music skills, he’s also able to solve a Rubix cube in about 30 seconds. The singer has been known to show off the off skill during interviews or even when out and about. What asked how he learned, Justin said it was all thanks to some mathematical equations.

Justin is known for being antsy and always having to be doing something, so maybe the Rubix cube was his early form of a fidget spinner.

His 2014 Arrest Changed Everything

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Justin managed to keep up his squeaky-clean image for quite a while but it all began to unravel in 2012. He was accused of reckless driving that year then, in 2013, he was charged with vandalism in 2013. Finally, on January 23, 2014, Justin was arrested in Miami for driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

The arrest showed that Justin has been smoking marijuana and had Xanax in his system at the time.

The Trouble Just Kept Coming

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The January 2014 arrest led to an eight-month spree of run-ins with the law. In July 2014, he was charged with vandalism for egging a neighbors house, which led to the raid of his own California residence. Two months later, Justin was charged with assault near his hometown after allegedly attacking a paparazzi.

The scandals didn’t end there and in June 2014, a video went viral that showed Justin making several racist jokes.

His Bad Behavior Got Him Banned From China

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In July 2017, the Chinese government announced that they had banned Justin from ever performing in China. The ban appeared to come seemingly out of no where. A Chinese Bieber fan asked the Bureau of Culture to explain why they banned him, and they explained that despite being a “gifted singer” he was also a controversial one.

The government claimed that they could not bring in “badly behaved entertainers” if they wanted to “maintain order in the Chinese market.”

A Fan Claimed To Have His Baby

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In 2010, Justin was only 16 years old when a crazy fan claimed that he was the father of her three-month-old son. The rumors were especially dramatic since Justin had just started dating Selena Gomez.

The fan filed a paternity lawsuit against Justin but he wasn’t going to let her tarnish his name. He quickly took part in a DNA test and when the results came back negative, the case was closed.

He Started Beef With…Bill Clinton?

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For some reason, the Canadian-born singer had some serious opinions about a U.S. president that was out of office before Justin even turned 10 years old. In 2013, a video surfaced of Justin spraying a liquid onto a photo of Bill Clinton and yelling expletives.

Clinton apparently reached out directly to the pop singer and Justin eventually apologized publicly, thanking Clinton for his time and saying “your words meant a lot. #greatguy.”

He Briefly Had A Pet Monkey

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Justin briefly tried to follow in the steps of another pop legend, Michael Jackson, by owning a pet monkey. In 2013, the Biebs was gifted a small pet monkey by the record producer Mally Mall. Justin seemed to be smitten with the monkey and couldn’t stop taking selfies with it.

It all came crashing down for Justin when he was quarantined in a German airport and officials confiscated the monkey.

That isn’t Justin’s only connection with M.J. though.

He Tried To Buy The Neverland Ranch

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In 2013, Michael Jackson’s legendary Neverland Ranch went up for sale to the public. Justin was allegedly in the running to buy the Ranch because he thought it would be the best place to escape the public eye. Considering Michael Jackson is also one of Justin’s idols, it seemed like a no brainer.

The deal fell through and in the end, Justin bought a mansion in California that probably has a less scandalous history.

He Admits He Was “Arrogant And Cocky”

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Looking back on his time as a rebellious, spoiled teenager, Justin admits that he believed all the hype surrounding him. The singer said that he started out a real person but that his manager and label slowly “manufactured” him and took over.

He admitted it felt great to be famous and that he was so “arrogant and cocky” that he was “wearing sunglasses inside.” Hey, at least he can fess up to it.

What Really Happened In His Relationship With Selena Gomez?

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Long before he married Hailey Baldwin, the only relationship people cared about with Justin was the one with his fellow teen celebrity, Selena Gomez. Rumors of the two dating began to swirl in 2010 and the two were practically inseparable until November 2012.

The two split but that was just the beginning of a very rocky—and very public—relationship. The couple reconciled for a few months in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017.

Next, find out what was behind all the breakups.

So Why Did They Keep Breaking Up?

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Considering Selena and Justin broke up so many times, it left fans wondering what was the problem? It just boils down to conflicting schedules, “other women,” and Justin’s ever-growing bad behavior.

The couple was always private about their struggles so fans had to get most of their explanations from their music, such as Selena’s “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and Justin’s “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean.”

Hailey Was 100% Team Jelena

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Half of the world was obsessed with Justin and Selena’s on-again, off-again relationship including Justin’s now-wife Hailey Baldwin. In 2011, a 14-year-old Hailey called Justin and Selena “the definition of a teenage dream!”

That same year she also called Selena “beyond flawless” and proudly declared herself “100 percent team Jelena.” Looking back, Hailey claims she was never a Justin Bieber fangirl but her obsession with Jelena seems to show otherwise.

He Was One Of The Most Hated People In America

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2014 was just a bad year for the Biebs. After his arrest and cocky attitude started making headlines, Justin topped the Most Hated Men In America list. According to E-Poll Market Research, 86% of voters claimed they absolutely despised the singer. That number landed him fifth on the list.

For context, Bieber was surrounded by some seriously bad people. Other men on the list included Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, fraudster-extraordinaire Bernie Madoff, and O.J. Simpson.

Justin Timberlake And Usher Battled Over The Biebs

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When Justin was first discovered, he was so talented that music industry veterans were fighting to get him signed. The pop singer first landed a manager, Scooter Braun, who was responsible for managing other talents like Psy and Ariana Grande.

Braun shopped Justin around to other major singers to see if a label would sign. Eventually, Justin signed with Usher but not with Justin Timberlake who reportedly offered him a pretty substantial contract.

Will Smith Helped Justin Out Of A Tough Time

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was one of Justin’s earliest friends and mentors in the entertainment industry. When Justin began to get into trouble, Will Smith allegedly drove to his house and pulled him out of bed for a three-hour talk.

Justin’s manager even said he got a little jealous because for a long time, Justin would call Smith once a week to talk about all his problems and let out some frustrations.

Now, He’s Turned To Religion

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Justin was raised a devout Christian and has even said he communicates daily with God. Many of Justin’s tattoos have religious significance but that doesn’t mean he always followed the rules. The singer said part of the reason he abused Xanax was because he knew his actions were wrong.

Since his retreat from the spotlight in 2017, Justin has returned to being a devout Christian and he and Hailey actually reconnected while at a service at Hillsong Church.

He Speaks Fluent French

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One of the perks of being Canadian is that Justin was exposed to French speakers and even attended a French-speaking school. Justin’s mother has French-Canadian roots and wanted her son to be able to speak the language.

The singer attended the Jeanne Sauvé Catholic School where he mastered French. The school also helped him out by having a music program that introduced Justin to the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet. French Beliebers must love him even more.

One Of His Music Videos Is The Most Disliked YouTube Videos

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Even though half the world was struck with Bieber Fever, the other half most definitely wasn’t. Justin’s number one single “Baby” from his sophomore album My World 2.0 is the most disliked YouTube video, with over 900,000 dislikes.

The dislikes clearly don’t mean too much to him, since the same single also made Bieber the youngest solo male act to top the Billboard 200 charts since Stevie Wonder in 1963.

The Calvin Klein Photoshoot Caused A Stir

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Justin practically broke the internet for teenage girls in 2015, when he posed in only his Clavin Klein underwear for an advertising shoot. The steamy photo made it onto every tween’s bedroom wall until it the non-photoshopped version was leaked.

The original photo showed a less toned Justin with a much smaller—erm—bulge (if you know what we mean). Justin never commented about the leaked original photo but it definitely would have hurt his ego.

His List Of Other Girlfriends Is Insanely Long

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Justin has been linked to Barbara Palvin, Chantal Jeffries, Kendall Jenner, Madison Beer, Ariana Grande, Sophia Richie, Hailee Steinfeld, and weirdest of all, Kourtney Kardashian.

Considering Justin dated Selena on and off from 2010-2018, then married Hailey in late 2018, then how has he managed to rack up such a long list of famous girlfriends? He’s obviously never been shy about being a ladies man and his list proves it.

He Sold His Hair For Thousands

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In 2018, Justin sported a (pretty gross) head of bleached blonde hair that was either in the pre-dreadlocks stage or just hadn’t been washed for three weeks. Long before that, he was sporting his signature mop of perfectly cut and conditioned swoopy hair.

Justin must have know how much his early Beliebers loved his hair, so when he eventually cut it he auctioned the locks on eBay. They ended up selling for $40,000 which he gave to charity.