Looking Back At These Famous Faces In Their First R-Rated Films

R-rated films don’t seem to be as racy as they used to be—at least, people seem to be way more chill about R-rated movies than they used to be. Most successful actors have done an R-rated movie at some point in their career. It’s considered something of a right of passage.

Some actors start out in R-rated films. In doing so, they project an image of maturity, but also of boldness. Other actors start out in G or PG rated films and eventually transition into R-rated films. That first R-rated film often marks the moment that they become serious actors. It can also mark the moment that they choose crude humor over family dramas. Every journey is different.

Natalie Portman Léon: The Professional (1994)

natalie portman the professional first r rated film
Buena Vista
Buena Vista

Natalie Portman started off her career with a bang— literally. Her first on-screen role was in Léon: The Professional, a 1994 film about an orphaned child who forms an unlikely friendship with a French, middle-aged hitman. Natalie was just 11 years old at the time.

Her character, Mathilda, finds out that her family has been murdered and she decides that she wants revenge. Natalie’s acting talents were evident from the very beginning. We all knew that she was going to be a huge star.