The Most Bizarre, Yet Hilarious Ways Celebs Have Tried To Avoid Paparazzi

It’s not all that surprising that tabloids and the rest of the celebrity-obsessed media have their sneaky ways of exploiting celebrities. If you’re a big star, you basically sign away your right to any privacy. It’s horrible, but it’s true.

There are paparazzi that will follow you almost everywhere you go. Getting away from them is nearly impossible, but some celebrities still try. Their evasion tactics are often times borderline weird and desperate, but we still have to give them credit. This article shows you all the bizarre and hilarious ways celebs have tried to escape the lens of the paparazzi machine.

Special Messages For The Paps

emma stone
Ignat/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

On several occasions Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have used their fame to raise awareness for charity. When they realized that they were getting stalked by some paparazzi while they were eating, they wrote down some websites of charities that people should donate to.

The cards read, “we don’t need the attention, but these organizations do..” before giving them all a shoutout. It makes the reality that they’ve broken up even more sad.

Jaden’s A Superher

jaden smith
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Getty Images

Jaden Smith is killing the paparazzi game. He is now known for his elaborate superhero costumes that he wears out to throw off the paps. It’s kind of a shame that he’s wearing this stuff considering that he has quite the sense of style.

I don’t know what this is trying to accomplish considering it probably gets the paps attention more if Batman is walking past them instead of Will Smith’s son.

The Hoffman Hide

dustin hoffman
MOE/Fame Pictures/Getty Images

Every celebrity who doesn’t want to be photographed should take some tips from Dustin Hoffman. He is known for hiding behind stationary objects when he sees some paps hanging around.

He’ll hide behind anything and everything, from mailboxes to poles to trees, and everything in-between. Hoffman is dedicated in his attempt to not allow the paparazzi to get a good photograph of him. I hate to be the one who tells him, but, we can still see you D-Man.

Superhero 2.0

Getty Images

This is another picture of Jaden Smith doing what Jaden Smith does best. This time he dressed up like Ironman as if it’s not obvious at all. He was trying to avoid the paps seeing him with his then-rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

My guess is that he’s kicking himself at the fact that he didn’t want to be seen in public with her considering she’s going to be one of the world’s youngest billionaires very soon.

Same Clothes, Different Day

wore the same clothing
Sylvia Linares/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Paparazzi want to be the first to photograph a celebrity’s latest look. Maybe it’s a new outfit, maybe it’s a new haircut, maybe it’s a new girlfriend. Well, Daniel Radcliffe wore the same outfit for six months straight to get the paps to stop following him.

Why? Well, if he’s wearing the same outfits than his pictures aren’t going to sell for very much money. If they don’t sell for very much, no pap will want to follow him.

Is It Actually Kim?

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

It’s really funny to think that Kim Kardashian used to call the paparazzi on herself to get more face time with fame. Now, she does everything in her power to distract paps from getting unwanted pictures.

She’s even gone as far as to hire a body double for a vacation so that the paparazzi will follow her instead of the real Kardashian. I guess that’s karma coming into play there.

Jessica Trolls Paps Online

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson likes to troll the paparazzi. If she has a new haircut and she doesn’t want a freelance paparazzi photographer to make money off of it, she’ll just post her new look to Twitter first.

One ex-pap says that one time Simpson had a new haircut and she saw him get a picture of it, so she immediately went into her car and uploaded her own picture to Twitter. This meant that the pap wasn’t going to get nearly as much money as he would’ve if she didn’t post the picture herself.

Paper Bag Him

i am not famous
Target Presse Agentur Gmbh/WireImage

Shia LaBeouf is probably one of the most famous pap avoiders of all time. He’s had his fair share of issues that were documented day-by-day by the paps. So, one day he decided he had enough.

He put a paper bag over his head with the words “I am not famous anymore” on the front. I really don’t know if that’s how fame works. Just because you say you’re not famous, doesn’t mean you’re not famous. Sorry, man.

Paris Hilton’s Anti-Paparazzi Scarf

Paris Hilton was one of the first people to be famous for being famous. She has accumulated quite the fame throughout the years and even says that when she’s alone, she hears the clicks of cameras in her head.

She’s used to the paps following her everywhere. So, she decided to invest $500 into a scarf that blackens your appearance when a picture is taken. I don’t know how this works, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Katy’s Tracksuit

katy perry (2)
Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic

Katy Perry is not a fan of the paparazzi. She’s very well known for wearing an Adidas tracksuit in public when she thinks that she’s going to be getting photographed. That’s because she doesn’t want the paps to make much money off of her pictures.

If she’s wearing a track suit all the time and constantly covering her face, the pictures won’t end up selling for much because of the “been there done that” quality of the picture.

Justin Bieber And His Plethora Of Masks

gas mask
JJ/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

When you’re Justin Bieber, you can expect a whole plethora of paparazzi to be following you wherever you go. Being one of the biggest pop stars on the planet comes with very little privacy.

Now that he’s married to Hailey Baldwin (Bieber), he’s decided to move to a small town in Ontario, Canada where he can hide away without much problem at all. He used to have to wear masks like these to conceal his identity.

Leo Is Unrecognizable

Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Leo DiCaprio has had years and years of experience in the art of avoiding the paparazzi. My guess is that you didn’t even recognize him at first and needed to glance around the picture a little bit.

He’s usually seen on the street hiding under an umbrella or some other sort of disguise. He’s one of the best at being able to hide his appearance despite being one of the most famous people in the world.

Julia Roberts Raises Her Family Out Of The Spotlight

julia roberts
Mel Bouzad/Getty Images

Julia Roberts is not someone who loves to be famous. She loves being an actress, but doesn’t love all the other stuff that comes with acting. You never really see her in pap pictures because she moved her family to a little mountain town in New Mexico so that she could raise her kids normally.

She’s been there since 1995, and it’s worked exactly how she planned it. There are only a few pictures of her in her New Mexico home — like this one.

Kesha’s Unrecognizable As A Hipster Ninja

kesha (1)
INSTAR Images / Getty Images

Kesha looks like a combination of Justin Bieber and a weird hipster ninja in this picture. Not only did she want to hide her identity, but it looks like she didn’t want a single piece of skin to be showing.

She’s completely unrecognizable in this outfit, so I guess, mission accomplished? This was taken during her legal battle with her producer, Dr. Luke, so it was a fairly sensitive time for the singer.

A Woman’s Best Friend

Monica Schipper/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Ashley Tisdale used to use a dog as her shield when she would go for a walk and paparazzi would follow her. It’s safe to say that if a dog is truly your best friend than they wouldn’t mind the fact that you’re using them as a shield.

The pup is probably happy that it’s getting more face time with fame as well, so it’s kind of a win-win situation.

The Scariest Couple

pete wentz
Arnaldo Magnani/Liaison/Getty Images

Can you guess who this punk couple is? Well, I’ll give you a hint — one of them was caught lip syncing on Saturday Night Live. Okay, you got it. it’s Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz.

They went out dressed like, well, you can decide for yourself. I think congratulations are in order for whoever the paparazzi person was who ended up spotting these two. Just terrifying.

Walking Backward

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Okay, Taylor Swift has been known to stir up some controversy. She’s had a lot of famous boyfriends and basically sang/dissed all of them in her songs. If you’re famous and stir up controversy, you’re bound to have paps follow you everywhere.

One time, Taylor Swift literally walked backward so that the paparazzi outside of the studio she was at didn’t see her face. Seems like a lot of work, but to each their own.

Miley’s Fake Money

miley cyrus (1)
Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Sometimes you need to throw distractions in order to get the paps away from you. One time, when Miley Cyrus was walking out of a club, she decided to throw fake money all over the place.

The money had a picture of her face on it and it flew all over the ground in front of the photographers. She was able to escape the club with very few pictures of herself because the paps were so interested in what was on the fake bills.

Benedict And Egypt

go photography
Matthew Horwood/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It’s very easy to sit behind a computer or a phone and say that the celebrities should suck up the fact that paps are going to be following them. Yes, it’s kind of what they signed up for, so it’s hard to show too much sympathy, but Benedict Cumberbatch had a message.

He was using his face time to send a message to the world that there’s a crisis in Egypt that is far more interesting than watching him get into a car.

Alec Baldwin In Ghost Mode

hiding alec
Arnaldo Magnani/Liaison/Getty Images

Alec, we see you. It’s a valiant effort for the older Baldwin brother, but it just didn’t work very well. He’s been known to try to throw off paparazzi with some elaborate schemes.

There’s one other instance when he was walking around in public with a full white blanket over his head. He looked like a lazy Halloween ghost costume. If that doesn’t peak a paparazzi’s interest, I don’t know what does.

The Newest Power Ranger

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

If you’re wondering who the newest Power Ranger is, look no further then Vanessa Stiviano. She is wearing some cool welder’s-style mask that probably cost her about $4000 at Gucci.

It’s the perfect anti-paparazzi headwear. Not only does it do the job of concealing your face, but it also makes you look like you’re going to be fighting crime as the newest member of the Power Rangers. I’m all in for this.

St. Vincent And Cara Delevingne

cara develgine
INSTAR Images / Getty Images

Cara Delevingne has some pretty rad ideas when it comes to fending off the paps. Not only does she conceal her face for the most part, but she’s coming out of her apartment with guns-a-blazin’.

There’s nothing that scares a pap more than a water gun because if their $4000 camera lens gets damaged in any sort of way, they could lose their job. This is not only fun to do, but it’s also extremely effective.

We See You, Shaq

tree tree (1)
AKM-GSI / Getty Images

There’s nothing worse than being seven feet tall and wanting to find a place to hide. Shaq can try to hide all he wants, but unless he gets behind the Empire State Building, he’s going to tower over every object.

I have a feeling that this is why he wasn’t a very good player of “hide and seek” as a little kid. There’s no way he was fitting into the storage closet at the age of 12.


tiger tiger
WENN / Getty Images

You have to respect the fact that Jessie J spent some serious money getting a sweet lion mask. While most people are using sheets of paper and their own coats, Jessie is coming out of a restaurant looking like she’s straight out of Cirque Du Soleil.

This mask looks incredibly real, in fact, if I didn’t know this was Jessie J I would probably wonder why I’m seeing a screenshot from the third episode of Planet Earth.

Cara, Once Again

pizza pizza (14)
WENN / Getty Images

This is celebrity goals right here. Why not have some fun when you’re not feeling like dressing up for the paparazzi? I mean, it’s safe to say that half of the population would have no issue with dressing up as a pepperoni pizza.

No matter how good looking you are as a human, you’re about seven times better looking when you’re a pizza. That’s just modern science doing its work right there.

Pixellated Pharell

WENN / Getty Images

Pharell always sings about being happy, but it doesn’t look like he’s all that interested in smiling for the paps. He pulled out this little Pacman-not-Pacman pixel thing and it’s absolutely hilarious.

If you’re going to be showing a different face to the world, at least make it funny. Actually, throw out the Pacman reference and replace it with Spongebob. It’s more of a pixellated Spongebob the more I look at it. That’s just a humble opinion, don’t yell.

Harry Styles Wears An Elephant Mask

harry styles (2)
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Casamigos

Harry Styles has some elaborate outfits that he wears. He goes for the “too obvious” approach to hiding. Do you know when you play hide and seek and basically hide right beside where the person is counting? Well, this is what Harry tried to do with this outfit.

When he doesn’t try the ‘out in the open’ approach, he’s been seen wearing a massive elephant mask that screams “I’m a celebrity come take my picture.”

Katy Perry’s Donut

John Parra / WireImage / Getty Images

We saw Katy Perry earlier in this article wearing a boring tracksuit that she wears all the time in order to ensure the paps don’t get paid much for her pictures. But, she’s also been known to wear stuff like donuts in order to hide her face.

She is a very beautiful girl, but I think that most people will accept that fact that she looks even better with a big donut on her head.

Rupert, Stop

WENN / Getty Images

Rupert Grint was spotted wearing this weird duck head in order to get away from the paparazzi. First of all, is he even famous enough to be wearing one of these masks?

I feel like you have to at least be a C-List celebrity to be allowed to wear something like this. Okay, Harry Potter fans, stop attacking me, it was a joke. His shoes tell you everything you need to know about his level of fame.

The “Take That” Shot

gerard butler
WENN / Getty Images

Gerard Butler took matters into his own hands. Sometimes it just takes a pap to “put the shoe on the other foot” in order to start respecting a celebrity’s privacy.

Butler got his phone out and started taking intrusive pictures of the man behind the camera and it was actually hilarious. As you can see from his facial expression he was having a lot of fun with it. The pap? Who knows.