The Net Worths Of HGTV’s Stars Are Staggering

HGTV used to be the boring channel that your mother watched on Sunday afternoons. Today, the Home and Garden Television network is the site of some of the most popular home renovations, real estate, and decor shows. Thanks to the new wind of popularity, the stars of HGTV have become bonafide celebrities in their own right.

Of course, with fame comes fortune. When you’re investing in real estate and flipping houses, of course, you’re going to be making serious cash. Add a television show on top of that and these HGTV stars have some crazy net worths.

Guess which star has a net worth of over $30 million!

Christina Anstead — $6 Million

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Christina Anstead is one half of the pair that stars on HGTV’s Flip or Flop alongside her (now ex) husband Tarek. After eight seasons they’ve gone from living paycheck to paycheck to making $10,000 an episode ON TOP of the profits they make flipping houses.

Not everything was perfect for the pair. After a highly publicized divorce in 2017, Christina lost money selling their home and paying for the divorce. But with her upcoming solo show Christina on the Coast premiering in 2019, it looks like her $6 million net worth won’t be negatively affected.

Tarek El Moussa — $4 Million

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It’s safe to say that Tarek made out worse than Christina when it came to profits from their show and divorce. While their breakup was said to be amicable and profits split nearly 50/50, Tarek doesn’t have the added bonus of a massive Instagram following and advertising partners than Christina does. He also isn’t getting his own spin-off show.

That means Tarek’s net worth has solely relied on the profits from the house flipping business which is still an impressive $4 million.

David Bromstad — $2 Million

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Desiree Navarro/WireImage/Getty Images

The host of Color Splash got his HGTV start when he was declared the first ever winner of Design Star. After winning the show in 2006, Bromstad has since gone on to be a guest judge and even host it in 2012.

The cheerful designer also blogs frequently for HGTV which brings in a $500,000 annual salary from the network. Today, you can find him hosting HGTV’s My Lottery Dream Home, where he helps lottery winners find the house they always wanted.

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Genevieve Gorder — $5 Million

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Gorder is one of the original tv interior designers. She got her start on the TLC show Trading Spaces way back in 2000 and was one of the designers who never did anything too outrageous (we’re looking at you, Doug Wilson).

Since then, she seamlessly transitioned to becoming an HGTV star with shows like Genevieve’s Renovations, HGTV Design Star, and Dear Genevieve. With the success of her shows and her lifestyle brand, it’s no surprise Gorder is worth $5 million.

Nicole Curtis — $7 Million

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Viewers of HGTV’s Rehab Addict knows Nicole Curtis has a special talent for finding cost-effective methods to upscale a house like shopping at flea markets, but that doesn’t mean she’s cheap. Along with the show, Curtis also runs a design firm, is a licensed realtor, and has a line of home decor products to round out her $7 million net worth.

Curtis’ massive net worth makes sense because she’s been restoring properties all across America since the nineties.

Ben And Erin Napier — $5 Million

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The Mississippi-based stars of HGTV’s Home Town have a truly inspiring story. After the magazine Southern Weddings featured their home in 2014, Erin got a ton of new followers on Instagram. Included in that was HGTV executive Lindsey Weidhorn. Weidhorn loved the couple’s passion for their small town of Laurel and wanted to build a show specifically for them.

Since Home Town aired in 2017, the couple’s net worth has exploded and the pair is now single-handedly revitalizing Mississippi.

Next, the original HGTV couple has built an expensive Magnolia empire.

Chip And Joanna Gaines — $18 Million

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Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage/Getty Images

The power couple of HGTV is understandably one of the richest. Before the two even met, they both had successful businesses. Chip owned laundry, landscaping, and house rental businesses while Joanna has been doing personal design work. After they married in 2003, they launched their first Magnolia store which has since turned into an empire.

The Magnolia brand, their hit tv show Fixer Upper, various book deals, several retail lines, and a real estate firm all contributes to their $18 million combined net worth.

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Jonathan And Drew Scott — $20 Million

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Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

The most famous twins in real estate have created a real estate empire around their competitive nature. With their hit show Property Brothers, its spinoffs, and their Scott Real Estate company, Jonathan and Drew Scott have each built up net worths of $10 million.

The two have also made extra cash from small acting appearances. Drew appeared on an episode of Smallville back in 2006 while Jonathan was featured in a 1994 episode of The X-Files.

Mike Holmes — $30 Million

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Handyman Mike Holmes began learning construction work when he was six years old. Now he’s in his fifties and has made an empire out of his contracting and construction business. Holmes founded his renovation company when he was 21 and in 2001, his series Holmes on Homes aired on HGTV.

Since 2001, Holmes has become an HGTV staple with Holmes in New Orleans, Holmes Makes It Right, and Handyman Challenge. The combination of his personal empire and his television work has led him to a $30 million net worth.

The HGTV host coming up is no virgin when it comes to bringing in a ton of cash.

Jillian Harris — $2 Million

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The design star of the Canadian version of Love It or List It first caught our attention as the star of the fifth season of The Bachelorette. The love she found on the show didn’t last but it opened up doors and in 2010, Harris became a designer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Since 2013, she’s starred on Love It or List It Vancouver, has launched her own brand of interior decor goods and has amassed a huge Instagram following. All of that certainly adds to her estimated $2 million net worth.

Egypt Sherrod — $6 Million

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Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Sherrod, the host of Property Virgins and Flipping Virgins, is one of the few stars of HGTV without much experience real estate. She did get her real estate license in 2002 but focused on her radio broadcasting career instead. Luckily her personality and real estate knowledge was the perfect combination for HGTV when they went looking for a charismatic host.

Sherrod’s hosting duties have brought in serious cash but she has also made a lot of her net worth from high-profile interviews with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Josh Temple — $1 Million

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The host of some of HGTV’s craziest shows has a life-long love of renovation. Josh Temple started working in construction as a teenager and kept the real estate spark alive after marrying his wife, who is a developer and builder.

Temple hosts House Crashers, Disaster House, America’s Toughest Jobs, and Flipping The Block. All that hosting means that when he has to go out and buy supplies for his own home projects, he can’t help but get recognized.

Hilary Farr — $8 Million

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While most of us know Hilary Farr as one half of the sassy duo on Love It or List It, she has a long history in the design world. She began renovating properties in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Most of her massive net worth today comes from her firm, Hilary Farr Designs, her various television appearances, and from renovating homes for notable celebrities like Jennifer Hudson.

Real cinema buffs might also recognize her from her acting days. Farr played Betty Munroe in Rocky Horror Picture Show!

David Visentin — $6 Million

hgtv worth 6

The other half of the Love It or List It duo also has a massive net worth but instead of having a past in design, he has a past in real estate. Visentin started out as a real estate agent in 1987 in Ontario, Canada and has since used his real estate skills for HGTV.

Not only has he brought in money from properties and Love It or List It, but Visentin has also appeared on show Brother vs. Brother and Makeover Manor.

Bryan Baeumler — $15 Million

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Even though he considered a career in law, Bryan Baeumler decided instead to make a career out of being a handyman. He opened his own business when he was 14 and by 2003, he was the president of Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc.

His success with his own business led him to host multiple HGTV shows like Disaster DIY, Leave It To Bryan, and House Of Bryan. After marrying his designer wife Sarah, the two collaborated and now host the show Bryan Inc.

Candice Olson — $10 Million

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The host of Divine Design has built one of the most recognizable interior design brands. Candice Olson built her design practice in 1994, long before she was ever picked up by HGTV. Along with Divine Design has also hosted Candice Tells All.

Most of Olson’s $10 million net worth comes from her product lines in stores. She has released lines of upholstered furniture, fabric, lighting, rugs, wallpaper, and tables. Olson also added to her profits with the release of a 2006 book.

Scott McGillivray — $4 Million

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Scott McGillivray began studying carpentry in his early 20s and has never turned back. Today, he’s a well-respected contractor, real estate investor, and television host. His first taste of HGTV came when he co-hosted From The Ground Up with Debbie Travis. Since then, he’s moved on to hosting his own shows like Income Property and All American Handyman.

Not only does McGillivray make money from HGTV but he spends a lot of time touring America as a public speaker and educator.

Andromeda Dunker — $250,000

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You might not recognize Andromeda Dunker if you saw her, but you would if you heard her. Dunker is the voice behind House Hunters and House Hunters International. While we never get to see her face on the show, she’s still managed to become an integral part of HGTV.

Thanks to her voiceover work, Dunker has amassed a quarter of a million dollar net worth over the years. If HGTV ever decides to use her as an actual (visible) host, she’ll make even more.

Mina Starsiak — $320,000

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Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Mina Starsiak is a relative newcomer to the HGTV family. Her show, Good Bones, only premiered in 2016 which would explain her relatively low net worth. Even though she hasn’t yet amassed the fortune other HGTV stars have, it hasn’t slowed down her or her mother and co-host Karen.

The low net worth also makes sense when you look at the show. Starsiak flips and remodels houses in desolate areas of Indianapolis. Most of the time, they only make about $10,000 on a flip but money is not their primary concern. They’re more focused on rehabilitating their local neighborhoods and economies.

Jennie Garth — $5 Million

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Paul Redmond/WireImage/Getty Images

Most of Jennie Garth’s income comes from her life before HGTV. Before she became the renovator we know and love, Jennie played Kelly Taylor on the iconic ’80s tv show Beverly Hills, 90210 and What I Like About You.

After years of doing small roles, Garth teamed up with HGTV for The Jennie Garth Project where she renovated a Hollywood Hills house for herself and her three daughters. Despite being a rookie, she stole our renovation-loving hearts.