The Staggering Prices People Have Paid For A Piece Of Their Favorite Celebrity

We all have that one celebrity that we’d kill to have an autograph or piece of clothing from, and every once in a while we have an opportunity to get our hands on something iconic. Of course, you’ll usually have to pay up first.

The price doesn’t matter though as long as it is something that the celebrity has touched or made history with. It could be something incredible like an iconic dress, or something not-so-incredible like a used piece of chewing gum. There’s no limit to what kind of celebrity memorabilia that people will buy, and there’s definitely no limit on the crazy prices they sell for.

A Used Tissue Fetched $5,300


Back in 2008, Jay Leno had a crazy idea on The Tonight Show to have Scarlett Johansson blow her nose in a tissue. She was at the top of her game and the pair had all of America watching.

She blew in the tissue, placed it in a plastic bag, sealed it with a kiss, and then, just six days later, one lucky bidder had a piece of Scar-Jo for themselves.