This Was Top Supermodel The Year You Were Born

The fashion industry changed drastically in the 20th century. While women were always used to model and sell products, being a model didn’t become the impactful profession it is today until the latter half. While women like Twiggy and Pattie Boyd were considered models in the 1960s, they didn’t have the star power, brand impact, and legendary careers that models would find beginning in the 1970s.

Read on and take a trip down memory lane to see which model reigned supreme the year you were born. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid would be nowhere today without these original supermodels.

1970: Lauren Hutton

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Francesco Scavullo/Condé Nast/Getty Images
Francesco Scavullo/Condé Nast/Getty Images

Hutton began her path towards world fashion domination in the late 1960s, but it was the turn of the decade that made her rise to supermodel levels. Hutton’s big break came in 1968 when famous photographer Richard Avedon photographed her for Chanel. By 1975, she had booked over 25 fashion covers.

Hutton was so influential because she was an “imperfect model.” She had a gap in her front teeth that many agents suggested covering up but she refused and instead built her image around it.