You Definitely Don’t Want To Be Stuck On An Airplane With These Celebrities

Let’s face it, flying is never fun. Since most of us can’t afford to travel in cushy first-class seats, we’re back in economy-class dealing with cramped seats, crying kids, terrible food, and worst of all, people who take off their shoes AND socks for the flight.

Well, none of that sounds as bad as being stuck on a flight with any of these celebrities. They might have been flying first class, but they still managed to find a reason to freak out and get removed from the plane. From refusing to turn off their phones to urinating on the airplane’s floor, these celebrities sure know how to make a scene when they’re cruising 40,000 feet in the air.

Read ahead to see which actor got BANNED from a certain airline!

Alec Baldwin Had To Finish His Game

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Atilgan Ozdil/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The most successful of the Baldwin brothers was on a flight from New York City to Los Angeles in 2011 when he was kicked off a plane for refusing to turn off his cell phone. Why was he being so stubborn? He needed to finish playing Words With Friends.

Look, we love the Scrabble knock-off just as much as the next person, but it’s not worth missing a flight. Baldwin made a scene and began live-tweeting the incident saying the flight attendants were being rude and singling him out.

A Flight Attendant Didn’t Like Billie Joe Armstrong’s Style

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Michael Chang/WireImage/Getty Images

In 2011, Billie Joe Armstrong was just innocently trying to board a flight from Oakland to Los Angeles. The Green Day frontman was denied boarding though because he wouldn’t pull up his sagging pants.

The flight attendant requested Armstrong pull up his pants and, being the hardcore rocker that he is, Armstrong got into an argument instead. The argument was enough to call airport security and he was kicked off the flight. How’s that for sticking it to the man?

Selma Blair Was Carried Off The Plane In A Stretcher

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Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The Cruel Intentions star was on a flight home to Los Angeles from Cancun, Mexico, when she had a minor meltdown. Blair began to go on a “bizarre rant” then actually blacked out mid-flight. The attendants had to enact emergency safety protocols and she was taken off the plane in a stretcher.

Days later, Blair announced that she had made the mistake of mixing prescription medications with alcohol, which is what caused her to act out.

The actor coming up broke the one major rule that everyone follows: he brought a gun on board.

Whitney Houston Wouldn’t Buckle Up

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Lester Cohen/WireImage/Getty Images

The late, great diva made a scene on one flight when she refused to buckle her seatbelt. Knowing who she was, the flight attendants tried to calmly convince her that they couldn’t take off until she was buckled up, but Houston wasn’t having it.

Houston refused for so long that the Delta staff told her they would have to remove her from the flight if she didn’t comply, and finally, Houston let someone else buckle her seatbelt.

Amanda Bynes Wanted The Pilot To Google Her

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Everyone knows that if you want to get on an airplane, you have to have identification, no ifs ands, or buts. Amanda Bynes found that out that hard way in 2014.

At the peak of her downhill spiral out of Hollywood, the former child star was trying to board a plane without ID and naturally, the flight attendants didn’t allow it. Instead of calling someone to get her passport or license, she instead told the pilot to Google her.

You Can’t Bring A Gun On A Flight, Christian Slater

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Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Christian Slater boarded a flight in 1994 with an unloaded pistol. Once the flight attendants found out, they had him arrested and he had to complete three days of community service.

Even the most staunch gun advocate is smart enough to know that you don’t actually bring any firearms into the airplane cabin — you put that through the checked baggage. Apparently, the actor did not know this very obvious rule and decided to do the “unthinkable.”

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Paul McCartney Smuggled Drugs Into Japan

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James D. Morgan/Getty Images

Rule #1 of flying as a celebrity is never bring your drugs along with you — buy new ones at your destination. Musician Paul McCartney didn’t follow the rules and got in big trouble in 1980.

Upon arrival at the Tokyo airport, customs agents arrested McCartney after finding half a pound of marijuana stuffed into one of his suit jackets. McCartney was quickly released and allowed to play his shows in Japan, but he definitely didn’t make that mistake again.

Kevin Smith Was Too Fat For His Flight

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Rich Polk/Getty Images

Actor and filmmaker Kevin Smith is a big guy, but he’s not that big. Smith was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight because of his size. He said it was all a lie though because he had no trouble fitting in his seat, buckling his seatbelt, or lowering his armrests.

Smith said that his best guess what that the flight crew didn’t like his movies and wanted him off the plane. Sounds a little petty.

Ivana Trump Was Yelling At Kids On The Flight

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Noam Galai/Getty Images

Back in 2009, Ivana Trump was removed from a flight for yelling at kids. Of course, she wasn’t yelling at her own grown-up kids, but rather some other rowdy ones on the flight.

Apparently, the first wife of now-President Trump was “screaming profanities” at the kids and calling them “little f***ers.” We get it, having screaming and crying kids on a plane ride sucks, but that’s what you get for having a first-class attitude while flying commercial.

The actor coming up really, really had to go to the bathroom and it ended badly.

Security Found Traces Of Drugs In Charlie Heaton’s Luggage

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Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Technically, this Stranger Things star made it on and off the plane no problem, but he couldn’t make it into the airport. Upon arriving at LAX for the Netflix show’s season two premiere party, security found traces of cocaine in his luggage.

While they didn’t actually arrest Heaton, they sent him back to London. Honestly, having to do endure back-to-back 12-hour flights sounds like a bad enough punishment as it is.

Snoop Dogg Was Carrying Too Much Cold, Hard Cash

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Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

You might think Snoop Dogg would be the celebrity most likely to be kicked off a plane for drug or alcohol-related charges. That might be why he was stopped by Italian police from even boarding his own private plane.

The rapper was trying to leave Italy with $422,000 in cash in his Lous Vuitton luggage. In the European Union, you can only board a plane, private or commercial, with a maximum of 10,000 euros.

Gérard Depardieu Had To Pee Really, Really Badly

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Venturelli/WireImage)/Getty Images

The French actor had one too many bottles of wine before boarding a CityJet flight in August 2011. He must have figured he could handle his alcohol and wasn’t removed for being drunk or belligerent. Instead, Depardieu was thrown off the flight because he couldn’t hold his bladder.

Depardieu really needed to go pee but the flight attendant insisted her wait until after take off. He refused, rushed to the back of the plane, tried to pee into an empty bottle and instead urine got everywhere.

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Paris Hilton’s Brother Called Everyone Peasants

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Conrad Hilton, Paris and Nicki Hilton’s long-forgotten brother, learned the hard way that you can’t treat people like trash on a public airline. On a British Airways flight in 2015, Hilton was reportedly restrained for threatening the flight crew. At one point he even stood up and called other passengers “peasants.”

Hilton was restrained to his seat for the entire flight and arrested upon arrival in America. Who’s the peasant now, Conrad?

Flight Attendants Didn’t Want Leisha Hailey To Kiss Her Girlfriend

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Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

The L Word actress was on a flight with Southwest Airlines in 2011 when they were kicked off following an altercation. According to Hailey, she kissed her girlfriend Camila Grey and another passenger complained. The flight crew went over to the couple to ask them to stop, and both Hailey and Grey didn’t take it lightly.

They responded with profanities and “abusive language.” Southwest later said it was the language that got them kicked off the flight, but Hailey insists it was discrimination.

David Hasselhoff Showed Up Drunk At 7 A.M.

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Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Airports are a weird section of society where no normal rules apply. It’s totally acceptable to eat a steak dinner at 11 A.M. or get drunk at 7 A.M. Still, there are some rules, and becoming an unruly drunk that early doesn’t fly with many airlines.

David Hasselhoff found that out the hard way when he tried to board a British Airways flight in Heathrow. They left him stranded and had to have security physically restrain him from getting on the early morning flight.

Naomi Campbell Went Full Diva Over Her Luggage

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Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Airlines are notorious for losing luggage, and it isn’t a fun experience for anyone. The rest of the world just has to suck it up, but a supermodel like Naomi Campbell doesn’t let it slide.

When Campbell was told that her bags didn’t make it onto the plane and there was a luggage delay, she threw a “rage blackout” and was asked to deplane. Even worse, she kicked and spat on police officers who had to come and remove her.

Blac Chyna Got Into A Drunken Argument

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Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Let’s take a trip back to 2016 when Blac Chyna was making headlines for infiltrating the Kardashian clan by dating brother Rob Kardashian. It was during this time that she tried to board a plane in Austin, Texas drunk.

She immediately got into an argument with a flight attendant and was arrested for public intoxication before they even began boarding first class. For some reason, getting drunk on a plane is totally acceptable, but doing it before is a big no-no.

Josh Duhamel Didn’t Want To Give Up His Blackberry

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David Livingston/Getty Images

In the most 2010 headline imaginable, Josh Duhamel was kicked off a flight for refusing to turn off or give up his Blackberry. His flight from New York City to Lexington, Kentucky, was taxing down the runway when he began to argue.

The pilot actually turned the plane around after takeoff so that Duhamel could be escorted off the plane. The rules were much more strict back then, and thankfully, we now have airplane mode and in-flight Wi-Fi.

Kate Moss Needed Her Alcohol ASAP

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Gareth Cattermole/BFC/Getty Images

Another supermodel, another super-tantrum. Kate Moss allegedly threw a complete hissyfit on an EasyJet flight in 2015 because the flight attendants stopped serving her alcohol.

Moss became disruptive and, when she realized she’d been cut-off, decided to open up a bottle of vodka from her own luggage. The flight attendants had to call the authorities and police were waiting at the airport to escort her off the plane, vodka and all.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Is Banned For Life From One Airline

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Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

This Irish actor must be used to day-drinking because he didn’t seem to think he was much of a problem when he tried to board a United Airlines flight. The flight attendants thought otherwise and tried to bar him from boarding at the gate, which made Meyers turn “belligerent and disruptive.”

The 2010 disruption actually led to him getting in a “physical scuffle” with the flight attendants and he’s now banned for life from flying with United Airlines.

New Technology Got Wiz Khalifa In Trouble

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Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Usually, it’s a cell phone that gets a celebrity kicked off of a plane, but for rapper Wiz Khalifa, it was his brand new hoverboard. The rapper refused to stop using his hoverboard to get around LAX (which is honestly pretty genius) and Border Patrol agents handcuffed him for it.

Apparently, there was no actual arrest from the incident, but Khalifa clapped back at the officers and said they would all “be riding hoverboards soon as well.”

Dave Chappelle Had A Mid-Air Freak Out

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Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images

In July of 2010, Chappelle was on board a private jet heading from New Jersey to Ohio. You’d think that flying privately meant any freak out would be forgotten, but you’d be wrong.

Apparently, Chappelle was exhibiting “such erratic behavior” that the pilot believed it was a safety risk. The pilot chose to divert the plane to Pittsburgh and make an emergency landing so that Chapelle could be detained and removed from the aircraft.

Dolores O’Riordan Stomped On A Flight Attendant’s Foot

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The lead singer of The Cranberries ended up with a hefty $6,000 fine after her airplane incident. In November 2014, O’Riordan was flying from New York City to Ireland when the flight attendants asked her to sit down and buckle up to prepare for landing.

The singer refused and ended up becoming disruptive and stomping on a flight attendant’s foot. It got worse when police arrived at the gate to arrest her and she head-butted an officer and spat in their face.

Mo’Nique’s Hairdryer Got Her Kicked Off A Flight

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Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

In 2006, actress Mo’Nique got into a heated argument with United Airlines staff thanks to a hairdryer. She was flying with her personal hairstylist who realized there was no room in the overhead bins in coach to store the hairdryer.

The hairstylist brought the hair dryer to first class so Mo’Nique could store it and the flight attendants didn’t like that. A crew member began to interrogate Mo’Nique and issued her a warning. Mo’Nique kept arguing though because she felt she was being racially profiled and eventually, she was kicked off the flight.

Liam Gallagher Is Also Honored With A Lifetime Ban

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Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage/Getty Images

The lead singer of Oasis is known for his ridiculous antics and bad-boy persona, and that doesn’t end when he gets on an airplane. Way back in 1998, Liam was flying from Hong Kong to Australia and was “visibly drunk.”

To amuse himself on the flight, Liam lit up a cigarette despite the plane being non-smoking, threw food at other passengers, then began to berate other passengers with abusive language. It was all enough to land Liam a lifetime ban from Cathay Pacific airlines.

Lamar Odom Was Kicked Off The Same Flight Twice

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Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

In 2016, the basketball player and former spouse to Khloe Kardashian had a little too much to drink in the Delta lounge at LAX. Odom successfully managed to board his flight to New York City, but before they even took off, he became sick and was escorted off the plane.

Then, to everyone’s shock, Odom was allowed to re-board the plane. Odom promptly threw up again and was promptly removed again. Not long after this incident, Odom ended up in rehab for alcohol and drug abuse.

Courtney Love Tried To Sneak Into First Class

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Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Well, technically Love was already flying first class, but she wanted someone to join her. In 2003, the Hole frontwoman was on a flight with her nurse, but the nurse was seated back in coach.

Love wanted the nurse to be by her side for the flight and tried to sneak her up front, but the flight attendants quickly caught her. Love became abusive to the attendants and was arrested once they landed.

Clay Aiken’s Foot Wandered A Bit Too Far

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Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

In 2007, the former American Idol winner ended up in a heated argument with his seatmate. The woman sitting beside Aiken had hit him in the chest because his foot “wandered” in her lap.

Aiken claims he was asleep and didn’t know how his foot got there, but the seatmate called it abusive. The spat almost had both Aiken and the woman removed from the plane, but thankfully, flight attendants were just able to split the up instead.

Ty Dolla $ign Hates Dogs Enough To Make A Scene

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Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

While most parents around the world might have no idea who Ty Dolla $ign is, one woman from Montreal definitely does. In early 2018, Ty Dolla $ign was almost removed from a flight from Montreal to Ottawa because he tried to have a blind woman and her seeing-eye dog removed.

Apparently, he said he’s allergic to dogs and couldn’t have it on the flight. Sorry, Ty Dolla $ign, but your semi-fame doesn’t come above people in need.

Armed Officers Had To Remove Soulja Boy

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Paras Griffin/BET/Getty Images

In case you didn’t know it, Soulja Boy is indeed still relevant after his 2007 hit “Crank That,” but not relevant enough to avoid getting kicked off a plane. In 2013, the rapper refused to sit down and buckle his seat belt.

He never did sit down or buckle up and two armed officers had to board the plane and remove him. If only Soulja Boy had followed Whitney Houston’s example and just begrudgingly sat down and made someone else buckle him up.