These People Are Just Trying To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Game At All Times

While many of us are just trying to tread water in the pool of life, others are doing deep dives and flips in it. These are the go-getters, the ones who want to lead instead of following.

They look to stay one step ahead of everyone else, and they’ll do it by any means necessary. If they have to take a shortcut, they’ll take a shortcut. If they have to cheat, they’ll cheat. But no matter how they get there, they’re still ahead of us.

Psych! She’s A Keeper

Photo Credit: Reddit

This is the girlfriend of all girlfriends. She knows that her boyfriend will fall asleep within three minutes of The Vow hitting their screen.

So, she decides to play a slight prank by swapping out the romance flick for a war game and cold beers. The standard has officially been set high for every girlfriend on Valentines Day.

This Is Genius

Photo Credit: Reddit / XP420

This license plate is very sneaky. Goodluck to any police officer who is in a high-speed chase trying to call this plate in.

They could walk up to it with a magnifying glass and still not be able to decipher whether it’s the letter ‘o’ or the number 0.

This Club Is Living In 2067

Photo Credit: Imgur

Every club and bar owner should look at this picture and immediately make some changes to their bathrooms.

This club has a toilet that’s specifically for puking in and it’s even equipt with handles to really secure your launch. Coming up, a picture that proves that nothing you see in pictures is real.

A Direct Hit To The Gut

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is a savage move, but one that deserves to get a lot of respect. Telling Lays to make a Doritos flavor AND have it win the contest is brilliant.

That would be like Pepsi having a contest and people voting to make it a Coca-Cola flavor. Truly magnificent.

You Age Quick In College

Once you hit your fourth year in college, you really stop caring about a lot of things. Going to parties in freshman year meant that you’d take two hours putting make-up on and figuring out the perfect outfit.

By the time senior year hits, people should be grateful that you even took the time to put sandals on before heading to the party.

It Takes A Team

In order to get a good headshot without actually having to buy a suit, you need a team of people to work their magic.

Suits are expensive, and if you only need it for a good picture, it’s not worth going out and buying one. Coming up, a dad that has his life and coordination together better than anyone you’ve ever seen.

Taking The Easy Way Out

Photo Credit: Twitter / @McJesse

It’s impossible to have a social life AND go to the gym. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just ignorant and that’s a fact.

If you’re looking to maintain a social life while also having abs, there are shortcuts you can take to ensure the results you’re looking for.

Living His Best Life

It’s important to be proud of your hard work. This grandpa is borderline cocky about how well he’s been able to grow this orange tree and it’s fabulous.

It’s okay to feel the need to gloat your accomplishments like this grandpa is doing. It’s like looking at your kids grow up and knowing that you did a good job. Sometimes you need to pat yourself on the back.

Pops Is Matchy-Matchy

This man must be 600 steps ahead of us all because this type of coordination takes some serious dedication.

If you can match your outfit to the drink that you’re going to be enjoying that day, you have your life together more than anyone else. Coming up, a little kid builds himself a rooftop pool and it’s outrageous.


One of the worst parts about playing multi-player split screen video games is that your opponent can always know where you are by looking at your screen,

This “screen peeking” causes more fights than anything else in the world. These two are living in 3017 because they’ve figured out a way to play split-screen with complete anonymity.

I’ve Never Seen Something More Russian

Photo Credit: Twitter

I don’t know what year this guy is living in, but let’s hope it’s VERY far in the future. He looks like a Russian mobster going to prom.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he just came home from a mass murder, threw this puppy on and asked for a quick picture.

The DIY Redneck Rooftop Pool

When you grow up, you envision yourself having a rooftop pool that just floats over the rest of the city.

This kid realized really early that it’s probably not in the cards for him, but that isn’t going to stop him from creating one himself. This is a true entrepreneur and we’re all for it. If you’re single, you’re going to want to pay attention to this picture coming up.

No Firewood Needed

Photo Credit: Reddit

When you’re at the park with your buddies and it’s starting to get a little bit cold but you don’t have firewood, this is next best thing.

Find someone with think hair and light them on fire. It sounds barbaric in theory but as you can see in the picture, it’s pretty effective.

Resource Management Is Impeccable

Photo Credit: Reddit / InvisiSpy

The way to live a happy lifestyle no matter how much money you have is through resource management.

This guy doesn’t have a pool, so he took what nature gave him and made the best of it. Now, he’s looking like the most chill dude in the public park and we’re all kind of jealous.

If You’re Single, Pay Attention

Photo Credit: Twitter / @marissuh_x

If you’re single and looking to give yourself an edge over your competition at the club, invest in something like this.

It’s like a business card, but for dating. It gives your potential suitor everything they need to know about you without you drunkenly saying it while at the club. Impressive. Coming up, a redneck way to make a grilled cheese that will change your cooking game forever.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Photo Credit: Twitter / @dgahk

I’m just going to come out and say it, but the person who invented coffee, in general, should be given a Nobel Peace Prize.

Every coffee drinker becomes more enjoyable to be around and just overall happier after their cup of coffee. Therefore, it’s probably safe to say that coffee has prevented millions of confrontations that would’ve happened if it wasn’t for the caffeinated drink.

A Serial Killer’s Favorite Shoes

If you see anyone wearing these shoes you need to report them immediately. There’s no way that anyone in their sane mind would put these on.

The only person who would wear these is someone who has already or is about to commit a crime.

That’s One Way To Make A Grilled Cheese

Photo Credit: Twitter

It should be publically noted that the best way to make a grilled cheese sandwich is with a panini press.

But, if you don’t want to spend the money, this little makeshift convection oven can do the trick as well.

Cats Are Always One Step Ahead Of Us

Can we just concede that cats are slowly taking over the world and we’re not even acknowledging it?

Cats are opening doors, they’re getting better at climbing and now they’re taking selfies. The end of time for the human race is coming quicker than we thought and it’s very uncomforting.

The New Yeezys?

Photo Credit: Twitter / @martynhett

Whatever you do, don’t let Kanye West see this picture because he’ll turn these into his next line of shoes.

We’ll all be wearing fast food bags to the bar within a year because it’s “trendy”. Those bags are probably a lot more comfortable than those stilts she was wearing earlier on in the night.