These People Figured Out How To Make Museums Fun, And We’re Impressed

Let’s face it, museums don’t market themselves as the most exciting places. For most kids, going to the museum is something they are forced to do for class trips throughout high school, but then they grow up and forget they ever existed. But museums are an incredibly important part of society. Museums can house everything from history to art, and even science.

For years, museums have been trying to re-brand, and by the looks of it, they may be on to something. Instead of spending a ton of money on marketing, just let some people in to caption your art on Snapchat or take photos with the sculptures. Thanks to these people, museums might actually be cool again.

It’s Called Living Art

statue recreation (1).jpg

Photo credit: @boywithnojob / Instagram

I’m impressed these five even found their way into a museum, but I’m thankful for it. They were probably stuck on a high school trip and bored out of their minds.

One genius realized they could pass the time way faster if they recreate statues with an incredible attention to detail.

To The Museum That Hides Cheeseburgers Everywhere: Why?

hiding cheeseburgers.jpg

Photo credit: ArchPower / Reddit

The Natural History Museum in Cleveland has fun with their exhibits and guests by hiding cheeseburgers around the museum, and my only question is: why?

It’s a fun way to get people looking around and involved in your exhibits, but are these real cheeseburgers? Because if they are then the entire museum probably smells like McDonald’s grease.

Any Museum Is 10x Better With Your Dog

takes dog to museum.jpg

Photo credit: DextroTrip / Reddit

I always assumed that pets weren’t allowed in museums, but this guy is proving me wrong. Not only did he bring his doggo into an art museum with him, but he’s lifting them up so they can fully appreciate every painting. 10/10 good owner, 12/10 better doggo.

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She’s Trying Her Best, And That’s What Matters

recreate moma.jpg

Photo credit: @ItsSaniye / Twitter

Not all art recreations work as well as the five guys perfectly redoing that statue. Some of them are a little harder to do when they involve you turning upside down and switching out one of your arms for an extra leg.

This poor girl wasn’t set up for success, but she made an attempt, and you have to respect that.

If You Don’t Like The Art, Create Your Own

glasses on floor.jpg

Photo credit: @TJCruda / Twitter

A couple of teenagers went to an art exhibit and realized, being an artist is kind of easy. All you have to do is find a blank white wall and put an everyday item up against it, and voilà!

They put their glasses down, and people began to huddle around them and take pictures. We’re not sure what the deeper reason is here, but I’m sure it has something to do with society’s values.

This Is Why You Can’t Take Your Parents Anywhere

head in trex.jpg

Photo credit: @kapstigram / Instagram

Dads aren’t restricted to their dad jokes just at home. Take them anywhere, and they’ll manage to find a way to embarrass you while simultaneously cracking themselves up. Exhibit A (get it, exhibit) is this dad sticking his head through razor-sharp T-rex teeth for a photo.

The museum employee coming up really mailed it in, and you have to respect them for it.

Mulan Would Be So Proud

refelction statue.jpg

Photo credit: Drek258 / Imgur

Is there any ballad in the history of Disney ballads as powerful as “Reflection” in Mulan? The song talks about Mulan’s personal struggle with family tradition and her finding her place in the world.

It never fails to be a tear-jerker and inspired a generation of young girls to chop off their long hair and learn how to climb a tree with a rope.

This Is Why College Kids Backpacking Europe Can’t Be Trusted

too literal german museum.jpg

Photo credit: KCGonzalez / Reddit

You know that neither of these guys has a clue what this museum is about or if their joke makes any sense. Kiek in de Kök actually means “peep into the kitchen” and was an old nickname for towers in Germany.

It would have been a much funnier joke if they were peering in through the windows.

Shoutout To The Museum Employee Who Didn’t Care To Fact Check

eally old stuff .jpg

Photo credit: @sophie_gadd / Twitter

Everyone has this belief that museum employees are mega-nerds who work extra hard to show off their old artifacts, but it seems like they’re just as lazy as the rest of us. This employee knows that no one is going to bother reading all the zeros in a huge number, so a sign like this is way easier to understand.

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Is This Museum Joking Or Did The Tax Payers Fund This?

air guitar exhibit.jpg

Photo credit: bananamuffin666 / Reddit

I can’t tell if this air guitar exhibit is a joke or real life. Did a museum really allow for taxpayers to pay for an employee to write up three paragraphs about air guitars? Then they wasted precious museum space with a non-existent exhibit.

At least they were kind enough to write a very detailed, very entertaining history of people air guitaring.

When You Open A Viking Museum You Have To Go All In

opening viking museum.jpg

Photo credit: TwoDot / Reddit

This is a genuine photo of the King of Sweden at the opening of their new Viking museum. Not only did he wear this helmet for the entire opening ceremony, but he matched his tie to the chain mail.

I can’t think of any better way for a King to inspire his subject to learn about their history.

Weird Al Has Been Weird For Centuries

wierd al doppleganger.jpg

Photo credit: AlboUnderhill / Imgur

Most people go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, but Weird Al Yankovich goes to see his former self. I’m not sure what trickery he pulled to be able to reincarnate himself and stay immortal, but I want to know how. Look at how big his hair is. It’s full of secrets.

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When You Finally Find The Perfect Cuddling Partner

laying on statue.jpg

Photo credit: @unicorn.titties / Instagram

I’m just going to say it: if you’re a museum that puts statues on your lawn of naked people laying spread eagle, then you’re asking for people to abuse it.

This girl cuddling with the statue is probably the most PG photo that has even been taken with it.

Can You Believe The Nerve Of This Guy?

inapropraite mummy.jpg

Photo credit: @fierce_midnight / Instagram

This woman was just trying to take a relaxing stroll through the bodies exhibition and walked right into a risqué situation.

She was there to learn all about how the human body works from the inside out, so maybe this body was trying to do the same thing.

I Can’t Believe The Mona Lisa Got A Photo With The Carters

bey and jay .jpg

Photo credit: Imgur

The Mona Lisa is the world’s most famous painting, but she’s no match for the world’s most famous couple. Beyoncé and Jay Z decided to surprise the Mona Lisa on their trip to France, and the famous painting does not look happy about it. Just look at that unimpressed half smirk.

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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

beetle exhibit (1).jpg

Photo credit: cleversteverest / Imgur

Well, if you’re going to make an accurate beetle museum, you need to make sure you include every kind. The rare VW Beetle is rarely seen on its own in the wild, but they caught one for this exhibit.

It’s usually only spotted in the driveways of college students from Portland, or Lindsay Lohan circa her Herbie Fully-Loaded days.

Who Will Blink First?

tar at doppleganger.jpg

Photo credit: @_Melbourneer_ / Twitter

Not only did this guy find his doppelgänger in a museum, but he foolishly got in a staring contest with him.

This is like a cat and an infant baby getting into a staring contest. It’s going to last forever, and whoever loses is either going to cry or scratch the other’s eyes out.

MJ Transcends The 20th Century

thriller painting.jpg

Photo credit: Imgur

No one can argue that Michael Jackson is the indisputable King of Pop. Even centuries-old paintings knew that he’d one day bless us all with a bop as epic as “Thriller.”

I’m not sure what secret knowledge the ancient Greeks had about up-and-coming musical legends, but they knew that the Thriller dance would be in style one day.

Nerds Need Their Space

dont knock on glass.jpg

Photo credit: Buttercup6870 / Reddit

There’s a stereotype that museum workers are introverted and awkward, and this sign seems to be holding that stereotype up.

At least they seem self-aware of the fact that an unknown human knocking on their window will startle them and probably set them back a full day of microscoping and splicing.

Speaking Of Beyoncé

all the single ladies (1).jpg

Photo credit: zeebee / Imgur

Beyoncé doesn’t just make her own appearances in museums, but people around the world are channeling their inner Bey-hive.

These two women know that this sculpture may have just been trying to look dramatic and sad, but it was destined to be a Single Lady.