These People Used Up Every Ounce Of Wit They Had To Finesse The System

Most people in society will live a perfectly happy life playing by the rules. If they aren’t allowed to do something, they’ll just accept their fate and move on. If they break the rules, they gladly face the consequences and accept that they did something wrong.

Then there are a select few people in the population who refuse to let the Man bring them down. They will fight for their right to party, and the system can do nothing about it. Oh, dogs aren’t allowed on the subway unless they’re in a bag? Well, my hound dog will see about that.

I Often Have A Baguette On Hand To Hide My Alcohol In

Photo credit: XtraLargePope / Reddit

People have been trying to figure out how to sneak alcohol into festivals ever since they tightened the rules (it was so much easier at Woodstock.) We’ve seen everything from hiding bottles in ponytails, to making an alcohol burrito.

This guy finally mastered it by hollowing out a baguette. I just hope he didn’t waste any of those carbs.

Forget Angry Birds, This Kid Wants To Play The System

Photo credit: OctopussSevenTwo / Imgur

This kid is lightyears ahead of his time, and his name isn’t even Buzz. He’s so smart he’ll end up as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company one day.

Unfortunately, that means he’ll turn into a capitalist slave and will be the one making the rules. We can only hope he keeps his fun-loving spirit with him when he’s rich and successful.

Sometimes You Have To Make People Think You’re Not Playing Them To Play Them

Photo credit: @Worldstar / Twitter

Professors probably get hundreds of e-mails a year from students asking to raise their grades. And those e-mails go straight to the junk folder. But this person found the perfect middle ground between, “sob story” and “accepting their fate.” They deserve that extra percent.

The teenager coming up had an ingenious way to get around his dad’s security features.

It’s A Lifestyle Choice

Photo credit: @ChrisChavez_ / Twitter

Some people might wonder why this guy would weld his car into a six-door Prius, but at this point, why wouldn’t you?

If you already live the Prius life and need more practical space, then just go for it. The auto industry wants you to trade in that fuel-efficient beauty for a clunky minivan, but you don’t have to follow the rules.

Exploit Whatever You Need To Get What You Want

Photo credit: @HeckinCades / Twitter

If this cat’s owner doesn’t use their polite cat to get them everything in the world they could ever dream of, then they’re making a huge mistake. Their landlord caved to this cat’s charm in under a minute.

If I owned this cat, I’d never pay for a thing in my life.

What Happens In That Living Room, Stays In That Living Room

Photo credit: @KevinMieles11 / Twitter

This dad thought he was slick by setting up a security camera while he was in Vegas, but never underestimate the problem-solving skills of a teenager who wants to throw a house party. It looks like dad isn’t the only one who is on a week-long vacation.

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Always One Step Ahead

Photo credit: @tjasaday / Twitter

A lot of people use this trick and it will never get old. The best way to do it is to make sure you have a variety of scrap papers in your glove box to fit the ticket style of any city or state.

And if you’re lucky, someone else nearby will have already got a ticket so you can have a better idea what you’re working with.

Tampons Are My Favorite Snack

Photo credit: GillTAzell / Imgur

This woman was tired of her coworkers stealing all her snacks, so she decided the best way was to hide it in the tampon box. I have to admit, I’m upset I didn’t think of this.

The only time it gets awkward is if your office starts to believe you’re hiding in the break room eating tampons.

Oh, Dogs Aren’t Allowed On The NYC Subway Unless They’re In A Bag? Challenge Accepted

Photo credit: Instagram

We live in a society where dogs shouldn’t be discriminated against because of weight or size. If New York wants to ban dogs from the subway, then they’re going to face backlash for bigotry and favoritism. If someone can bring a terrier on the subway, then I’ll bring my Great Dane.

The ladies coming up gave a middle finger to Iran and their laws when they pulled this huge media stunt.

Your Mom Says I Have To Play With You, But She Didn’t Specify How

Photo credit: Jfrkc / Imgur

This dad was obviously tasked with watching his daughter while his wife for a few precious hours of sleep. But just because mom says to do something, doesn’t mean you can’t find a way around it.

Dads excel at flipping burgers, wearing a crisp pair of jeans on a hot summer day, and taking the easy way out whenever they can.

If You Can’t Paint The Walls, Make It Look Like MS Paint

Photo credit: pajameralls / Reddit

Once again, landlords are trying to bring us all down. First no pets, and now no painting the walls. People who rent are trying to turn an apartment into a home, and these stuffy rules aren’t making it very easy.

This person figured they’d just stick paint swatches everywhere instead. For the ultimate revenge, they should leave them all up when they move out.

The Five Women Who Snuck Into A Soccer Game Are Better Looking Than Most Men

Photo credit: @Hassanvand / Twitter

Iran has some pretty archaic laws restricting women from areas in public. It wasn’t until 2018 that women were allowed into the Azadi Stadium to watch soccer. Before that, if they wanted to cheer on their country they had to sport fake beards and baggy jeans. This is the ultimate flipping of the bird.

The motorcyclist coming up found a loophole so small, it’s honestly impressive.

When You Already Ordered The Sign But Forget To Include Taxes

Photo credit: AvshalomCosme / Reddit

I swear every community has one random dollar store that isn’t part of a big chain. It always has the sketchiest items that no one actually needs.

The type of people who own a dollar store are the ones who conveniently forget to tell you that, in fact, everything is a dollar. But it’s in the sign, so you can’t sue them.

Not The Nudes You Expected

Photo credit: Braymah / Imgur

I don’t know why teenage boys keep thinking they can outsmart girls. Women have spent centuries playing mind games on men, why is 2018 any different?

From the looks of it, this fake booty pic is extremely convincing. I bet whatever bro gets that sent to them will show it off to all his friends, only to find this photo on her Snapchat story.

Motorcyclists Think They’re All That

Photo credit: KamilG225 / Reddit

There are two types of motorcyclists in the world. The ones who live, sleep, and breath their Harley-Davidson Hog, and people who get the speedy little Honda’s to look cool. The person who managed to find this small parking loophole is definitely part of the second category. People love to hate them.

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This Isn’t Even My Final Form

Photo credit: ChattyCats / Imgur

I think most parents had just accepted their fate when it comes to LEGOs. We don’t like it, but we’re destinated to step on at least three LEGO pieces a month. That’s just the rules of life, right?

Wrong. This dad was sick and tired of kneeling to LEGOs sadistic wishes and manufactured ingenious LEGO slippers. Why didn’t we think of this first?

This Guy Is Rolling All Over Society’s Rules

Photo credit: muyuu / Reddit

I think traffic enforcers get a little bit of joy from ruining someone’s day. The person who put this wheel lock on was feeling themselves until the owner came by and shut them down.

If this doesn’t inspire you to learn how to change a tire, I don’t know what would.

He Got A Job, So It Was Actually Worth It

Photo credit: ClashOfTheEnder / Reddit

At first glance, this looks like a waste of money, but it actually got this guy a job in viral marketing. Sometimes when you’re down on your luck, you have to take risks and let the cards fall into place.

This guy used the last few brain cells and money he had to outsmart the people who would hire him. Genius.

That Looks Like Way More Guac Than What They Normally Give You

Photo credit: @kalesalad / Instagram

Chipotle has such a large chunk of the burrito market that they basically have a monopoly on Mexican restaurants that millennials visit. With power comes greed, which explains why our burritos never look like they have enough guac on it.

This guy cut through all the red tape and got his portions individually packaged. You can’t hide small servings when you have to fill up a cup.

Hopefully, Mom Doesn’t Hide Any Personal Adult Items In That Drawer

Photo credit: ihatethemaclab / Imgur

This mom thought she was a genius for locking up that bathroom drawer. She probably uses it to lock away her kids’ electronics when they’re grounded, but her child quickly outsmarted her.

Now, her only option is to admit defeat or scar her kid for life by leaving some adult items in there.