You Know You Were Born In The ’80s If You Remember These Trends

The 1980s were full of neon colors, cartoons designed to sell toys, the rise of hip hop, and countless other timeless trends. For those of us born in the ’80s, it’s hard to forget just how great the decade was. Those who weren’t born in the ’80s were unlucky. They missed out on The Transformers: The Movie, Punky Brewster, and The Breakfast Club. You didn’t though. If you miss the days of blowing on your video game cartridge to make it work, then come take a trip down memory lane.

Do you remember how innovative the original Nintendo Entertainment System was?

Were You Team Cyndi Or Team Madonna?

cyndi lauper madonna '80s
Terry Lott/Sony Music Archive/Getty Images and Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Pop music rivalries didn’t get much bigger than the one between the fanbases of Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. Which team were you on? Were you a material girl or just looking to have fun? If you were able to answer that question, then you grew up in the ’80s.

Lauper’s breakthrough came with her album “She’s So Unusual” in 1983. The LP included the instantly catchy hit “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” One year later, Madonna became the queen of the music industry with “Like a Virgin.” For the next six years the fan battle raged nationwide.