The Very Best Outfits From All 10 Seasons Of Friends

If you watched Friends back in the ’90s and early 2000s, you remember the jokes, you remember the characters, and you probably remember Rachel’s hair, but do you remember what each of the characters wore from season to season?

In Season 1, the characters in Friends were firmly rooted in the ’90s. What they wore both reflected and defined an era. As we moved into the 2000s, the fashion on the show changed with the new millennium. Keep reading to see all of the fashion highlights from the show we can’t stop rewatching.

The One With The Sharks

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix
Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

When Monica thinks she caught Chandler getting a little too into a National Geographic program about sharks, she tries to recapture his attention be wearing this gorgeous piece of lingerie.

It turns out that Chandler wasn’t really into sharks in that way, but this little black dress could take a man’s mind off of just about anything. The scalloped edge around the neckline is super classy, yet sexy at the same time.