The Very Best Outfits From All 10 Seasons Of Friends

If you watched Friends back in the ’90s and early 2000s, you remember the jokes, you remember the characters, and you probably remember Rachel’s hair, but do you remember what each of the characters wore from season to season?

In Season 1, the characters in Friends were firmly rooted in the ’90s. What they wore both reflected and defined an era. As we moved into the 2000s, the fashion on the show changed with the new millennium. Keep reading to see all of the fashion highlights from the show we can’t stop rewatching.

The One With The Sharks

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

When Monica thinks she caught Chandler getting a little too into a National Geographic program about sharks, she tries to recapture his attention be wearing this gorgeous piece of lingerie.

It turns out that Chandler wasn’t really into sharks in that way, but this little black dress could take a man’s mind off of just about anything. The scalloped edge around the neckline is super classy, yet sexy at the same time.

The One With The Sonogram At The End

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

In Season 1 of Friends, our main cast was still trying to figure out their personal style. Rachel and Monica are both sporting some serious denim in this scene. They’re each wearing one half of a true Canadian tuxedo.

At this point, Monica and Rachel could have swapped clothes and nobody would be the wiser. They only developed their unique fashion sensibilities later in the series. Even their hair is the same in this scene.

The One With The Prom Video

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel are all very well-dressed in this scene, but I think Rachel’s outfit stands out the most. There’s something about a pencil skirt with sheer black tights that’s somehow both so ’90s and so timeless. It’s one of the trends from the ’90s that I hope never goes away.

I think Phoebe’s top is a little bit too oversized, and Monica’s outfit is just a little bit too simple, but Rachel’s look is just right.

The One With All The Candy

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

This is what Rachel Green wears to work. TO WORK! I don’t know about you, but I think that this plunging neckline is just a little bit too revealing for the workplace. Then again, Rachel is trying to impress her attractive new assistant, Tag, in this scene, so maybe the shirt makes a little bit of sense. Still not appropriate for the workplace, though.

Things didn’t really work out for Rachel and Tag in the end. He was too young; it just wasn’t meant to be.

The One Where Heckles Dies

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

You could definitely find both Rachel and Monica’s outfits at an Urban Outfitters right now. Some trends like to stick around for a while. The sneakers and skater dress combo that Rachel is wearing was very ahead of its time.

Monica’s look is more classic (and in-line with her more conservative personality), but it’s still very ’90s chic. She looks like a modern professional woman who can wear whatever length sleeve she pleases.

The One With The Yeti

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

All three Friends ladies look absolutely stunning in this scene. They all also look very much like themselves. Nobody else but Phoebe could pull of that green t-shirt with crazy patterned sleeves. Rachel looks very high fashion in her maxi dress and heels, and Monica is wearing her signature white t-shit.

I kind of want Rachel’s whole outfit. Do you think I can find a grey maxi dress like that on Amazon?

The One With The Lesbian Wedding

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Well, now we know where Rachel got her good fashion sense from. Rachel’s mom definitely knew how to dress. This outfit is absolutely stunning. I don’t think I could ever pull it off, but Sandra Green (played by the brilliant Marlo Thomas) is making it work perfectly.

This dress almost looks like crushed velvet, but really there’s just a black pattern on the dress that’s giving it some uniqu visual interest.

The One At The Beach

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Monica’s denim on denim look is really working for me here. I love how it parallels Chandler’s khaki on khaki look, which is a little too baggy for my liking, but still very chill.

Do you think that this Season 3 episode might be hinting at some romantic chemistry between Chandler and Monica down the road? Their outfits certainly look like a match made in heaven. This is how you do monochrome right.

The One With Phoebe’s Husband

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Phoebe Buffay is known for wearing some of the oddest outfits on Friends. She is the wackiest friend in the bunch, so it definitely makes sense with her character. I absolutely love this ’60s inspired plaid dress on her. Phoebe looks like some kind of retro Barbie.

Monica’s outfit is very nice in this shot too. I love the scoop neck look on her. Her simple black and white look is just being totally overshadowed by Phoebe’s.

The One Where Rachel Finds Out

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

This is a rare moment in which Monica out-dressed Rachel. Normally Rachel would be wearing an outfit like this. The short skirt and black tight combo is very her. Instead, we get Monica in this sleek black dress with Rachel in a very cozy pair of pajamas.

Honestly, Rachel’s look seems more comfortable, but I still think Monica wins here. I’d love to find that short sleeved dress in a thrift store.

The One With Phoebe’s Dad

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

In this episode, Rachel can be spotted wearing a loose silk cami and some grey slacks. Monica also got the minimalism message, so she’s wearing a simple grey smock dress with, of course, a pair of black tights.

Is there anything more ’90s than a semi-sheer pair of black tights? I actually prefer Monica’s look in this scene, but Rachel’s does have a cool business casual vibe about it. I guess this is a fancy Christmas party.

The One With Joey’s Award

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

This dress looks like something Jennifer Aniston would actually wear on the red carpet. In fact, I think she wore a dress like this a few years ago. Anyway, red is definitely her color.

Joey looks very handsome too in his classic black and white tuxedo. It seems like every woman in this room is wearing spaghetti straps, which is very ’90s, but also very sultry. Rachel blends right in with all those fancy Hollywood types.

The One With All The Kissing

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

I don’t think we’ve ever seen Monica in a dress quite this colorful and free. This scene takes place during Season 5 while Monica and Chandler are trying to keep their relationship private. Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel walk in on Monica and Chandler kissing, so Chandler has to kiss all three of the too so nobody gets suspicious.

Maybe Monica’s looser, more vibrant wardrobe here is indicative of her more carefree and happy attitude now that she’s found love with Chandler.

The One With Chandler In A Box

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

We don’t often see Monica in a plaid shirt. This scene is from the 4th season of Friends, and I have to say, I think this is Monica’s least fashionable season. I mean, what is happening with her hair? It’s not exactly short and it’s not exactly long.

I think she needs to choose a hairstyle and stick with it. Personally, I like when she has longer hair and loose waves. Rachel looks good, though.

The One With The Halloween Party

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Now that hair is so much better, Monica. Old Hollywood waves for the win. Also, can we talk about the catsuit? I know that it’s a Halloween costume, but I don’t think Monica has ever looked sleeker.

Where is Rachel’s costume, though? That’s a very lovely strapless dress, but I’d love to see her in something more festive. She probably puts on a costume later in the episode. Monica just got a head start because she likes to be prepared.

The One With The Engagement Picture

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

There’s nothing that’s more classic for an office environment than a crisp white shirt. Rachel’s white blouse and black skirt combo is very professional (not like that low neckline she was wearing a few episodes back).

As for Tag, I don’t know if grey on grey is working for him. He looks like he should be working in a mailroom or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with working in a mailroom.

The One With Ross’s Wedding

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Monica’s outfit looks a lot like the dress that Rachel wore to Joey’s award ceremony. I think it’s safe to say that red looks good on everybody. What’s really interesting about this shot is Emily’s mother’s fascinator. It looks like she’s going to a royal wedding or something.

Do British people wear fascinators to every wedding? Even if it’s not a royal wedding? Emily’s mom’s peacock feather looks pretty large and annoying to wear.

The One With Ross’s New Girlfriend

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Rachel looks like she’s ready for summer in New York in this black skater skirt and navy tied crop top. In this episode, Rachel goes to the airport to surprise Ross only to learn that he now has a girlfriend named Julie.

Who would pick Julie over Rachel in this outfit though? This is what we all hope to look like when we wear a short skater skirt and a crop top.

The One Where No One’s Ready

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Ross may have gotten annoyed that Rachel was running late to his dinner, but this mint green dress was well worth the wait. Everything about this dress is perfect, from the color to the slit to the neckline to the matching clutch.

Rachel definitely knows how to dress up for her man, even if it takes her a little bit of time to get organized. Those silver shoes take the look from classy to sassy with a hint of fun.

The One With Joey’s Big Break

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Talk about matchy-matchy. Ross and Rachel look like they’re meant to be together in this shot. Why else would they be decked out in the same color? I guess by that logic they’re also meant to be together with the wall behind them…

I think Rachel’s dress may actually be grey, but it just looks purple because it’s surrounded by so much purple. Both Ross and Rachel look great in purple, though.

The One With Rachel’s Assistant

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Jennifer Aniston’s hair has always been a subject of conversation when it comes to the show Friends. She’s had several different hairstyles over the course of the show, but it was her shaggy long bob that came to be known as “The Rachel.”

In this shot you can see the hairstyle she was sporting in Season 7, long after “The Rachel” had been copied by nearly every woman in America. This style is longer and sleeker, but still very enviable. Also, I love Rachel’s red necklace in this scene.

The One With The Proposal

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Friends’ costume designers must have thought long and hard about the dress that Monica would be wearing when she and Chandler got engaged. Although Monica and Chandler do get engaged in this episode, they aren’t wearing the outfits in the photo above when it happens.

Monica wears a black tank top and rust colored skirt, while Chandler wears a rust-colored button down. This is the outfit Monica meets Richard in. It’s flashy, lou, and I don’t think it really fits her personality— but neither does Richard so that sounds about right.

The One After Vegas

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

In this episode, Rachel and Ross realize that they’ve made a huge mistake by getting married in Las Vegas while they were very, very drunk. Rachel is wearing a white, floral patterned top with thin straps while Ross is wearing a very classic blue button down.

Do you think that Rachel’s white top is a nod to the fact that she’s sort of a bride? The floral detailing is also very bridal and feminine.

The One With Ross’s Tan

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Rachel looks sexy yet classy in this brown top with a criss-cross neckline. You could totally wear a top like this now, and Friends has been off the air for fifteen years. I could completely see someone wearing a shirt like this to Coachella.

This boho look is definitely something that Rachel would wear. It’s simple, but there’s an extra little detail that just takes the whole look to a new level.

The One With Rachel’s Sister

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Reese Witherspoon plays Rachel’s sister in Season 6. Reese’s character never really escaped her preppy, upper class lifestyle, so she gives us a glimpse into what Rachel’s life could have been if she never left Barry at the alter.

We love Reese’s neutral, expensive style, even if it isn’t the young, hip New York fashion that we’re used to on Friends. How much do you think that handbag costs? It looks way more expensive than anything any of the core friends could afford.

The One With Phoebe’s Cookies

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

We’ve already talked a lot about Rachel’s hair, but I think her hair looked the best in this moment from Season 7. Just look at those beachy waves! Don’t you dare tell me that “The Rachel” is better than this. This should be “The New Rachel.”

I also love Rachel’s whole outfit in this scene, but especially her pants. Those red pants are everything. They’re the perfect shade of red, too. Like a burnt orange red. I’m into it.

The One With All The Resolutions

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

Oh boy, remember Ross’s leather pants? Of course you do. How could you forget? This may not be one of the most fashionable moments on Friends, but it is one of the silliest fashion moments. I honestly don’t think that Ross looks that bad in leather pants. They kind of suit him in a weird way.

I’m just glad that leather pants didn’t become Ross’s new “thing.” It’s okay to wear them once. It’s not okay to wear them every day.

The One With Joey’s New Girlfriend

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

I honestly don’t remember this woman at all, but I do remember her sheer top. She definitely looks like a woman who Joey would be interested in dating.

I think this moment seeped into my subconscious and inspired my to buy a sheer shirt back in 2001. It didn’t look nearly as good on me as this one does on Joey’s one-time girlfriend. How are all of the guest stars on Friends so attractive?

The One With Chandler And Monica’s Wedding

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

This dress wasn’t Monica’s first choice, but it definitely looks amazing on her. It’s a little too satin-y to be my perfect wedding dress, but it I believe that it’s something that Monica would pick for her wedding day.

I really like Rachel and Phoebe’s bridesmaid dresses though. You don’t see very many patterned bridesmaid dresses nowadays. The pattern is a soft floral in a neutral color so it doesn’t distract from Monica’s wedding dress.

The One With The Truth About London

Photo Credit: Friends / Netflix

It must be winter in New York because Rachel is wearing a very cozy sweater. While this may not be the most fashionable thing she’s ever worn, it does look like it would keep her very warm on a cold New York evening.

I hope that material is super soft and not really itchy. It looks like it could go either way. I also love Rachel’s hair in this scene. It’s not as epic as those beachy waves, but I think it frames her face quite well.