Game Of Thrones Is Just A Live-Action Version Of Shrek

After eight exciting—and sometimes disappointing—seasons, Game of Thrones has finally come to an end. Over the years the fans dove head-first into fan theories and shipping characters together, but it took eight seasons for someone to finally make the connection between Game of Thrones and Shrek.

You might be thinking, ‘How does the most expensive television shows ever made that has deep and complex lore connect with a children’s cartoon movie?” Well, just wait and see.

You’ve had 8 years to catch up on Game of Thrones and 18 years to see Shrek, but still, beware of spoilers.

The Only Royal Wedding That Matters

fiona and sansa not happy about being married

Usually, if there’s a wedding in Game of Thrones, something bad is happening. Sansa and Tyrion’s wedding was one of the few that finished without a tragic death that shook up the storyline. It was also was one of the most awkward and uncomfortable weddings we witnessed.

At least it wasn’t as awkward as the almost-wedding between Fiona and Lord Farquaad. Tyrion was a humble and kind groom while Farquaad was definitely trying to over-compensate for something.

No Surprise Here That Jaime Lannister Is Just Prince Charming

jaime lannister looks just like prince charming

It’s no surprise that the Lannister prince connects with Prince Charming from Shrek. What is surprising is how blatantly Game of Thrones ripped off Price Charming’s looks. When you look at the description George R.R. Martin gave Jaime, it actually makes sense.

Jaime’s good looks were supposed to be “what a king should look like” and also “like the knights in the stories.” Jaime is pretty much a real-life version of every child’s fairytale hero.

The Ginger-Bran Man

gingerbread man no legs like bran

One of the earliest Game of Thrones shockers was when Jaime Lannister pushed Bran Stark out the tower window and broke both his legs. It left Bran paralyzed from the waist down and he had to be carried by Hodor across basically all of Westeros.

Gingy also had his legs brutally broken when the executioner was torturing him. Lucky for Gingy, he was able to just use some royal icing to reattach his legs. Who knew these characters had so much in common?

I Don’t Remember The Incest Timeline In Shrek

cersei and jaime in shrek as the prince and princess

Before Cersei had her hair chopped off by the Sept of Baelor, she closely resembled Rapunzel. The major difference between the two is that Cersei was always open about her evil personality whereas Rapunzel was a fake as it gets. Rapunzel even had the audacity to show up to Fiona’s baby shower and pretend they were best friends.

Moral of the story? Trust no one with beautiful, long blonde hair because they’re definitely going to stab you in the back.

Maybe Donkey Is The Third Targaryen?

tyrion is like donkey and the dragon

For a long time, there was a theory floating around that Tyrion Lannister might possibly be the third head of the Targaryen dragon. Now that Game of Thrones is over we know the theory is wrong, but it was definitely interesting to watch Tyrion interact with a dragon and not end up burned alive.

The only other person we know that had an immediate connection with a dragon is Donkey. Could Donkey be the third head of the Targaryen dragon? Will Donkey end up sitting on the Iron Throne?

Who Wore It Better?

who wore it better the hound of shrek

Game of Thrones is the most expensive show ever made. It had crews in the hundreds working on every episode. Still, their costume department failed to come up with a unique design for The Hound. They just couldn’t think up anything better than a baggy short and leather vest, could they?

We understand that Shrek is the epitome of style and grace, but the least you can do is give credit where credit is due.

Hodor And Gingy Put The Team On Their Back

both bran and shrek riding on the backs of others

It can be argued that Hodor and Gingy were the two most beloved characters in their respective worlds. Both of them were completely unselfish and would do whatever they could to help out their friends. In both cases, that meant literally carrying their allies on their backs to get them where they needed to be.

Gingy stormed an actual castle to help Shrek get Fiona, while Hodor took Bran north of the wall so he could become the Three-Eyed Raven. A moment of silence for our heroes.

Give Arya A Spanish Accent And They’re Basically The Same

arya and puss are the same thing

Dangerous things can come in small packages. Over the course of Game of Thrones, Arya proved that she is not someone to be messed with. The same is said for Puss in Boots, who proved that his sword-fighting skills can put any knight to shame.

Puss in Boots is also such a multi-faceted character just like Arya. Not only are the two of them strong little fighters but both are fiercely loyal and incredibly honorable.

Surprise Attacks Always Work

surprises by arya stark and puss in boots

Being a smaller fighter means employing tactics that your average assassin or knight wouldn’t. While Shrek and The Hound can rely on their size and strength, both Arya and Puss in Boots have to get a little more creative when it comes down to winning a fight.

Both of them realized that sneak attacks are the way to go. For a cat, it’s using claws to climb up a leg. For Arya in Westeros, it’s about training for years to become faceless person and avenge the murder of your brother and mother. Same thing, right?

Name A Better Torture Scene, We’ll Wait

theon and gingy getting hurt

Okay, you don’t have to name a better torture scene. Obviously, any torture scene isn’t exactly a great thing, but these two are a few of the most memorable. The real question is which one sticks out most in your mind.

On the one hand, Ramsay Bolton eating a sausage in front of Theon after cutting that…thing…off was purely sadistic. On the other hand, how dare Lord Farquaad touch the gumdrop buttons! Our vote is for the Shrek torture scene.

Drogon And Fergie Take Down Westeros

grogon and dragon lighting cities on fire

Let’s be frank, the dragon from Shrek was every teenage boy born between 1989-1993’s first real crush. She’s the ferocious lady guard with some of the most sultry eyes you can find on a fire-breathing dragon. But Fergie would never help anyone burn down an entire city just to get revenge.

Drogon though didn’t hesitate to burn every inch of King’s Landing down when Daenerys said “dracarys.” If these two dragons squared off, our money is on Fergie.

We All Love A Good Courtyard Brawl

shrek and daenerys fighting in a dome

Every good medieval film needs a courtyard brawl. We didn’t get one in Game of Thrones until Daenerys went to Meereen in season five. When it did finally come though it was pretty epic. Jorah returned to fight for his queen and the dragons were called in to burn it down.

The only thing that really could have made the Game of Thrones courtyard brawl better is if “Bad Reputation” had been playing in the background and beer was flowing everywhere.

The Power Duo You Didn’t Know You Needed

arya and the hound game of thrones season four

Name a more iconic duo that Shrek and Donkey, we’ll wait. If you said anything other than The Hound and Arya, you’re wrong. When The Hound picked up Arya, everyone thought for sure that she would eventually end up killing him. While she technically left him for dead at one point, they ended up on strangely good terms.

We’d hope that Donkey would never leave Shrek for dead and steal all his gold, but if he did, it’s fine as long as he gets a redemption arc.

Those Are Two Hideous Executioners

the mountain is smashing magic mirrors

The Mountain was one of the scariest villains of Game of Thrones because of his blinding loyalty to Cersei and his ability to kill you by making your eyeballs explode. His hideous face was always covered, much like the face of the executioner Thelonious in Shrek.

Thelonious is also blindly loyal, but to Lord Farquaad. He’s so loyal that he actually kidnaps Fiona in Shrek 4-D so that Lord Farquaad’s spirit can make Fiona his spirit queen. Weird.

Two Of The Most Awkward Family Dinners Ever

awkward dinner with the tarlys

We’ve all been to an awkward family dinner that leaves you internally screaming. Both the Tarly family reunion and the Far Far Away dinner party left viewers collectively cringing.

Poor Gilly just wasn’t up to snuff for the Tarlys even though she knew how to work a puff sleeve. And poor Shrek couldn’t hide his ogre face from Fiona’s parents no matter how hard he tried. Apparently, every family dinner needs a Donkey to break the tension.

Get Yourself A Girl Gang Like These Ladies

fionas girl gang as deadly as the sand sisters

Nothing is more powerful than a group of ladies ready to fight for what they want. The Sand Sisters were easily one of the most terrifying groups in Game of Thrones because no one expected their fighting skills to be so refined.

Fiona and her girl gang of princesses also knew how to kick butt and take names while doing it. When you’re stuck in a tower, why not pass the time by learning different forms of self-defense?

Wight-Shrek Sounds Like A Terrifying Idea

dothraki faming torches get extinguished

It’s hard to think of anything more terrifying than a wight version of Shrek. A regular zombie is scary enough, but a zombie that is the size of the ogre and is singing “All Star” by Smash Mouth is what nightmares are made of.

We didn’t know it at the time but when the villagers came to burn down Shrek’s swamp, it was just a teaser to how badly the Battle of Winterfell would go.

Podrick And Human Shrek Are Surprisingly Good Looking

podrick is just as handsome as human shrek

Game of Thrones fans really watched Podrick Payne grow up over the years. He started as a squire for Tyrion and eventually trains under Brienne to become a knight. We also watched Podrick become quite the ladies man over the years.

The only glow-up better than Podrick was when Shrek turned into a human towards the end of Shrek 2. Who knew that under all those ogre layers was a man with a chiseled enough jawline to be Duloc’s next bachelor.

Olenna Tyrell Was Working Her Magic In Westeros

olenna tyrell is a magin fairy godmother

The Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2 is described as being a scheming, conniving opportunist. The only schemer out there better than Fairy Godmother is Olenna Tyrell. She has so much sass that her character was nicknamed the Queen of Thorns.

She managed to get her daughter Margaery to marry not one, but two kings. Olenna also eventually admits that she was the person behind Joffrey’s death at the Purple Wedding. Fairy Godmother works hard but Olenna Tyrell works harder.

A Snake And A Cat

ned and shrek against littlefinger and puss in boots

Honestly, this comparison is just plain disrespectful to Puss in Boots. Yes, Puss is a little bit evil but when he’s on your side he’s as loyal as it gets. Petyr Baelish is as much of a snake as it gets.

Everything he does is just to advance his own gain and he will screw over anyone in his way. If only Ned Stark had killed him when he had the chance. Luckily, his daughters finally did it for him.