Here’s What the Cast of Zoolander Looks like Today

Zoolander is one of the most memorable movies of the 2000s. The 2001 film introduced us to our favorite unable-to-turn-left model Derek Zoolander as he tries to fight the evil Mugatu’s brainwashing techniques. The film also brought us some of the most iconic lines (“What is this? A school for ants?!”).

It’s been nearly two decades since Zoolander was cemented as one of the best comedies of all time and looking back, it was largely in part to the all-star cast. Some of the cast were already stars at the time, others were nobodies who went on to do great things, and of course, there were some iconic cameos. Here’s what the cast of Zoolander looks like today.

The DJ in Zoolander is actually a huge celebrity in disguise!

Ben Stiller As Derek Zoolander

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Paramount Pictures/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Paramount Pictures/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The 2000s could rightly be dubbed the Ben Stiller Decade. In 2000 he starred in Meet The Fockers. The following year, he pulled a quadruple-play by acting, co-writing, directing, and producing Zoolander.

Since his rise to fame (and thanks to that trademark Blue Steel look), Stiller has starred in other comedies like Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Night At The Museum, and Starsky & Hutch. In 2016, he underwent successful surgery for prostate cancer and is now living cancer-free!