How Space Jam Is Still A Pop Culture Sensation Today

More than two decades after Space Jam was released, a sequel is finally coming. Three-time NBA Champion LeBron James has officially signed on to star in the long-awaited follow up to Joe Pytka’s classic.

But, it’s not hard to believe that a sequel is in the works. The movie is still being watched by people who grew up with the Looney Tunes gang, as well as a whole new generation of kids too.

In The Early Stages Of Space Jam 2, A Different Athlete Was Considered

David Cannon/Getty Images
David Cannon/Getty Images

In an interview with Mr. Wavvy, Space Jam director Joe Pytka said he went to a script conference meeting with Warner Bros. He didn’t specify the year it happened, but the pitch involved the sequel to the basketball classic, but with a cameo from Michael Jordan. The other athlete the movie would have focused around was Tiger Woods.

According to Pytka, the Woods/Jordan pitch didn’t go anywhere, and he told the writers he didn’t like the idea. “Everyone was trying to take advantage of the situation,” Pytka said. “The original thing is the original thing. They should leave it alone.”