Here’s How Every Live-Action Disney Character Compares To Their Animated Original

Disney has been cranking out live-action remakes lately and people are feeling a lot of different emotions about these reimagined classics. On the one hand, these movies appeal to our insatiable desire for feelings of nostalgia. Did that new Lion King trailer make you tear up a bit? Yeah, us too. On the other hand, can these new movies ever live up to the originals?

Keep reading to see old Disney and new Disney side-by-side. How do you think the new movies compare?

Johnny Depp As The Mad Hatter In Alice In Wonderland

johnny depp mad hatter in live action alice in wonderland
Walt Disney Pictures / MovieStills DB
Walt Disney Pictures / MovieStills DB

Johnny Depp is a master at transforming himself into weird and wacky characters. Does he look anything like the original Mad Hatter? No, not really. He does look pretty mad, though. And he is wearing a hat.

Those green eyes provide a subtle nod the the original color scheme of the animated Mad Hatter. Which Hatter do you think looks more off his rocker? The animated Hatter looks more dopey, while the live-action Hatter looks a bit more sinister.