What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes Of MasterChef

MasterChef started out as a singular show, but it’s now a worldwide phenomenon. With so many seasons of episodes to look back on, there’s so much to talk about. Fans of the show have been watching avidly for years, but there’s more to the series than meets the eye. Join us as we take a look at Behind The Scenes Secrets Of MasterChef. We’ll hear what the producers, judges, and contestants all have to say about one of the greatest culinary shows of all time.

Contestants Are Given Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes
Photo by FOX via Getty Images
Photo by FOX via Getty Images

While you have to have the culinary talent to get on the show, some contestants in the US were given classes during the competition. According to the Daily Mail, one runner-up revealed everything on their blog.

“[We were given] baking component classes including how to make pastry cream, sponge cake, cobbler, shortbread and pie crusts, etc. The entire show is not at all how it seems. Each home cook is given professional training before the challenges to ensure they can cook something decent when they start recording.” The claims caused quite the scandal, but let’s face it, Gordon Ramsay has been in the tabloids for far worse.