Mighty Morphin Facts About The Original Power Rangers

During the mid-’90s, young kids across America were glued to their TV screens for the same reason. Jason (red), Trini (yellow), Zack (black), Kimberly (pink), Billy (blue), and Tommy (white) morphed into action fighting off evil antagonists. The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were and still are some of the most iconic crime-fighting characters to ever surface. In 2017, Lionsgate even created a reboot feature-length film to try and recapture the essence of the initial rangers. We may never recreate the excitement the first rangers brought to the world, but we can reminisce. Here are some intriguing facts about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers you may not have known.

Seven Years Later…

Saban Entertainment
Saban Entertainment

Something many don’t know about Haim Saban is what he did before working on Power Rangers. The Mighty Morphin producer used to be a concert promoter, a theme song writer and producer of NBC’s Kidd Video. That all changed after Saban took a trip to Japan to meet with Animation Studios.

Out there he discovered Super Sentai. “He said to me, ‘We gotta do something with this. It’s so big in Japan, but nobody else around the world is looking at this stuff,'” said the show’s executive producer. Saban shopped the show around for seven years and people were calling him crazy in the process. Finally, Fox’s Children network became very interested.