Outrageous Theories For The Final Episodes Of Game Of Thrones

With Game of Thrones finally coming to end, audiences have been tirelessly devising their own theories and predictions about how this epic show will be resolved. People have been theorizing about the story’s conclusion since George R.R. Martin released Game of Thrones in 1996. Now, 23 years later, fans are eager to see if their predictions were correct. Although the book and show won’t align completely, Martin claims that the endings should be similar. Will Jon Snow sit on the Iron Throne? Will the Golden Company betray Cersei? Check out out these wild predictions for the final episodes of Game of Thrones.

If Cersei used wildfire once, she isn’t afraid to use it again…

Tyrion Made A Deal With Cersei

Deal With Cersei

In the season seven finale, Tyrion goes to treat with his sister one-on-one, knowing that it very well might result in his death. He was attempting to convince her to ally with Jon and Daenerys, only to realize that Cersei is pregnant. The rest of their conversation occurs off-screen and the two return to the Dragonpit where Cersei vows she will help Jon and Dany fight the Army of the Dead.

Some believe that Tyrion made a deal with Cersei, ensuring that her unborn child will be the successor to Daenerys. It would explain why Tyrion seemed so concerned watching Jon and Dany getting intimate on the ship to White Harbor.

Arya Will Wear Littlefinger’s Face

Littlefinger Face

As we saw with the demise of Walder Frey, Arya Stark now has the ability to wear people’s faces which she learned from the Faceless Men assassins. After executing Littlefinger in the season seven finale, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that Arya would wear Littlefinger’s face to gain access to King’s Landing.

Even if Littlefinger isn’t welcome at King’s Landing, it would still get Arya much closer to the people she wants dead down south rather than if she appeared as Arya Stark.

Cersei’s Child Will Kill Her

Die During Childbirth

Assuming that Cersei wasn’t lying to Tyrion and Jamie about her pregnancy, some theorists believe that she will die in childbirth. According to Maggie the Frog’s prophecy, Cersei would have three children with blond hair and all would die before her.

So far, this has proven to be true. If the prophecy continues to play out, some believe that she will not live to have her fourth child, but will instead die during childbirth. This would also be slightly poetic, as it would mean that Jamie indirectly killed her, and their forbidden love would prove to be fatal.

Cersei Will Become The Mad Queen

Mad Queen

After watching Cersei blow up the Sept of Baelor with wildfire, it’s clear that she has no qualms with killing innocent people or using wildfire to do it. Over the seasons, Cersei has become increasingly more erratic, paranoid, and unhinged, much like the Mad King. We also know that the Mad King had caches of wildfire set beneath the city.

During the sack of King’s Landing, he had the intention of destroying King’s Landing and killing all of its citizens before anyone else had the opportunity to claim the Iron Throne. With Cersei being the narcissistic lunatic that she is, and enemies in every direction, it’s not out of the question that she might have a similar plan.

Is the Golden Company as loyal as they claim?

Jamie Will Kill Cersei In The End

Jamie Kills Cersei

So far, Maggy the Frog’s prophecy has proven to be true, with all of Cersei’s children dying prematurely. However, in the books, the prophecy also mentions the “Valonqar,” meaning little brother, who will kill her in the end. Most people assume this means Tyrion, but Jamie is also a perfect match.

The two claim to have loved each other since they shared a womb, and after Jamie turned his back on her to go fight the Army of the Dead, it’s apparent that their loving relationship is over. It would only make sense that Jamie would be the one to kill Cersei or at least be there when she finally dies.

Cleagane Bowl Is On


The hatred that Sandor Clegane has towards his older brother, the Mountain, has been palpable since the early episodes of season one. As if mutilating his little brother wasn’t bad enough, the Mountian went on to become one of the most ruthless and despised men in Westeros, dragging Sandor’s reputation down with him.

Even though the Mountain has been transformed into a zombified bodyguard to Cersei, Sandor has been patiently waiting to kill him for good. After their face-off in the Dragonpit, it’s likely that we’ll get what fans refer to as “Cleganebowl” in season eight. Whether Sandor survives the fight, no one can know for sure.

The Golden Company Will Betray Cersei

Golden Company

It’s no secret that Cersei hired the sellswords the Golden Company to betray Jon and Dany and secure the Iron Throne for herself. The Golden Company prides itself of never breaking a contract with their motto being: “Our word is good as gold.” However, fans of Game of Thrones lore know that the Golden Company was founded by exiled Targaryen bastards who called themselves Blackfyres.

The Blackfyres were exiled after the First Blackfyre Rebellion and have patiently waited for a perfect time to come home. Could working with Cersei be their opportunity to go home, maybe turning against her in support of Daenerys Targaryen, whom they share blood with? Only time will tell.

You won’t believe one theory about the Many-Faced God

Varys Is A Blackfyre

Vary Blackfyre

While Varys continually claims that everything he does is for “the good of the realm,” it’s apparent that he’s always been plotting to restore the Targaryen dynasty. He’s stated that he’s from Essos, where the Blackfyres were in exile and the Golden Company was founded, so could he be one of them? He’s definitely one of the biggest schemers in Westeros, so him working with the Golden Company to overthrow Cersei wouldn’t be unheard of.

Furthermore, it’s possible that he keeps his head shaved to hide his silver hair, a Targaryen staple. This is a callback to George R.R. Martin’s novellas A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, in which a young King Aegon V keeps his head shaved to hide his identity.

There Is A Maester Conspiracy


During the time that Sam is studying to be a Maester at the Citadel in Oldtown, he repeatedly pleads with the Archmaester to believe him about the White Walkers. However, Sam’s concerns fall on deaf ears with the Archmaester, as well as other Maesters, laughing at him.

While you could argue that the Maesters are a group of stubborn old men, some believe that there is something called “The Grand Maester Conspiracy” at work. The assumption is that the Maesters are indirectly controlling the realm by acting as the keepers of the histories and knowledge of Westeros. So, they are attempting to deny that magic exists to keep the realm reliant on them for essentially everything.

The Many-Faced God Is Money

Many-Faced God

The Iron Bank and the Faceless Men are arguably the two most powerful institutions in Braavos, and possibly the world. So, it wouldn’t be out of the question to assume that the two are somehow connected. We know that for a high price, the Faceless Men will kill anyone, but where does all of their money go?

It’s possible that they give it to the Iron Bank who in turn lend it to powerful people, making them incredibly powerful. Together, the two organizations essentially control the world as they control the money and the ability to kill anyone they choose. This could mean that the Many-Faced God is a reference to money, as money runs the world and coins have different faces on them and multiple sides. This would make sense why Jaqen gave Arya the coin.

See the theory where Cersei dies, but with a twist.

Bran Drove King Aerys Mad

Mad King

After Ned Stark hears Bran at the Tower of Joy and what happened to Hodor, it’s clear that Bran has the ability to influence the past, and therefore, the future. After realizing the extent of his power, it’s not unreasonable to think that he would go back in time and try to prevent certain things from happening.

This has led some to believe that Bran drove King Aerys mad by whispering to him, “burn them all.” While Bran may have been referring to the White Walkers, his plan backfired and Aerys became the Mad King because of it. This led Aerys to start Roberts Rebellion and everything that has happened since is because of Bran.

All Of The Dragons Will Die

Dead Dragons

Although we’ve already seen Viserion die, become a wight, and fall during the Battle of Winterfell, it’s unlikely that Rhaegal and Drogon won’t make it out alive. There are still so many loose ends that need to be tied up, and we know that Cersei and Qyburn have something up their sleeves in order to combat the remaining dragons.

Furthermore, the age of such powerful magic in the Game of Thrones universe is long gone. It seems that the dragons were brought back for one reason, and once their purpose has been fulfilled, they will cease to exist once again.

The Story Will End With Sam Writing The Book A Song Of Ice And Fire

Sam Is The Author

Many people believe that the story we are watching is an in-universe history written by Sam titled A Song of Ice and Fire. Sam’s love for reading and history isn’t mentioned frequently for no reason, so it would only make sense that Sam would chronical the events after they happened.

One hint viewers picked up on is when Sam suggests that the Archmaester’s book title should be something more “poetic.” Well, A Song of Ice and Fire is about as poetic as it gets. George R.R. Martin has also said that he associates most with Sam, so perhaps we’ll see an elderly Sam completing his book at the end of the series.

Arya Will Kill Cersei Disguised As Jamie

Arya Kills Cersei

Ever since her father’s execution, Cersei Lannister’s name has been at the top of Arya’s kill list. On top of that, Cersei is one of the few people still alive on her list and has now become the biggest threat in Westeros.

With her skills as a Faceless assassin, some fans believe that if Jamie dies, Arya will take his face in order to get up close and personal with Cersei. There, she will kill Cersei disguised as Jamie, only to reveal herself to Cersei in her final moments that she is Arya Stark.

Whatever really happened to Syrio Forel?

Tyrion Is A Targaryen

Tyrion Targareyn

There are some fans who are convinced that Tyrion Lannister is also a secret Targaryen. This is known as the Aerys plus Joanna equals Tyrion theory, which claims that the Mad King Aerys impregnated Tywin’s wife Joanna, whom he lusted for, and Joanna died as a result.

This would make sense why Tywin’s last words to Tyrion were “you’re no son of mine.” Also, it was incredibly suspicious how calm the dragons were around Tyrion when he freed them from their chains. Could that be his Targaryen blood?

Jon And Daenerys Will Marry


After getting to know each other on Dragonstone, consummating their relationship, and defeating the Army of the Dead, it’s clean Jon and Dany are in it for the long haul. However, the reveal of Jon’s true parentage has proven to create a strain in their relationship.

Yet, some people believe that they will solve their problems and those of the realm with a marriage between ice and fire. Furthermore, if Dany turns out to be pregnant, Jon will most likely marry her as he vowed to never sire a bastard.

Nobody Will Sit On The Iron Throne

Iron Throne

Although numerous characters have been squabbling over the Iron Throne for the entirety of the series, there’s a good chance that nobody will sit in it as King or Queen. Up to this point, everything Daenerys has done is to get her one step closer to reclaiming the Seven Kingdoms. Yet, she may never achieve her dream.

In her vision at the House of the Undying, she sees the throne but never touches it, a hint that it isn’t her destiny. Furthermore, Daenerys talks a lot about “breaking the wheel” of power in Westeros. This has led fans to believe she will end up melting down the Iron Throne with dragonfire and establish a new form of government.

Syrio Forel Is Jaqen H’gar

Syrio And Jaqen

In the first season, Arya’s “Dancing Master” Syrio Forel is killed off-screen by Meryn Trant. However, one theory suggests that Syrio Forel is a faceless man and has been living as Jaqen H’gar. After Arya escapes the Lannister guards, it is assumed that Syrio easily escaped the clutches of Trant and changed his face to become Jaqen Hagar.

Both characters are skilled in combat, are from Braavos, and refer to Arya as “boy.” It’s also possible that Syrio saw potential in Arya and decided to set her on the path to becoming a Faceless man.

Eddard Stark Is Alive

Ned Stark Alive

While Eddard Stark was beheaded in season one, kicking off our story, some fans refuse to believe that the honorable Eddard Stark is actually dead. In the books, it’s referenced several times that the Stark’s blood gives them the ability to warg into animals. The children, including Jon, do this with their wolves. This begs the question if Eddard could warg into animals too.

Moments before his execution, Eddard appears to be whispering a prayer to himself with a flock of birds to flying over the moment he is killed. Did he warg into one of the birds? Has Eddard been witnessing the story unfold with a literal bird’s-eye view? Some fans believe so.

It Was All A Dream


Some people even like to comfort themselves by saying the events in the story is a dream that Bran is having while he’s in his coma. This theory is definitely out there, and most people that subscribe to it are those who refuse to believe that their favorite characters or want a happy ending.

Some believe that Bran will wake up from his coma and the Starks will live happily ever after. Yet, others claim it was a vision sent to him by the Three-Eyed-Raven to prepare him for the events to come.