Reality TV Stars Who Left The Limelight For Regular 9-5 Jobs

You might think that being on a reality television show is a one-way ticket to fame and stardom but let’s be honest, that’s rarely the case. Yes, there might be a few shining stars like Lauren Conrad or Cardi B, but most people who end up on reality tv eventually melt back into everyday life.

These reality stars tried their hand at becoming huge stars but in the end, went back to working plain old 9-5 jobs. Reality stars…they’re truly just like us!

Jon Gosselin Has Worked Every Minimum-Wage Job In The Book

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Ray Tamarra/Getty Images
Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

We met Jon as a wholesome father of eight when his reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, debuted on our screen. Then we watched his marriage and life essentially crumble in front of our eyes. Jon ended up leaving the show (which quickly got renamed to just Kate Plus 8) and has been working normal 9-5 jobs ever since.

Some of Jon’s side-gigs include being a DJ, a male stripper, and working as a server at his local TGI Fridays.