The Original Willy Wonka Movie Was Hiding More Than Just Golden Tickets

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory comes up time and time again as a favorite movie for kids of all ages. What could be a better fantasy for a child than opening up a candy bar, going to a candy factory, then finding out you now own the candy factory?!

Over time we’ve all come to accept that Charlie is the rightful winner of the factory, but one woman, Evayna, disagreed. And to be honest, she makes some valid points. Read on and decide for yourself whether you agree with Evayna or Roald Dahl, and while you’re at it, learn some more interesting hidden secrets from the original film.

Justice For Violet Beauregarde


Evayna was minding her own business when suddenly a spark of genius hit her: Violet Beauregarde was the rightful owner of the Wonka Chocolate Factory. We all remember Violet from the book and film, right?

Violet was described as a very competitive girl who likes to test herself. She made it close to the end with Charlie but was eliminated for chewing the three-course-meal gum that Wonka warned her not to. She turned into a blueberry and was rolled away, but not before Evayna laid out a six-point argument in her favor.