The War Between Animals, Humans, And Machines Could Prove The Pixar Theory To Be True Afterall

Pixar movies are always a joy to watch. But, have you noticed how all the Pixar movies are oddly connected? Me neither, but if you have, you’re not alone. It takes hours to explain every detail behind the theory.

But, the timeline begins around the era of Brave and wraps up in the era of Monsters INC. Trust me, this is some pretty cool stuff you’re about to learn.

The Magic In Brave

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/MovieStillsDb
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/MovieStillsDb

A movie like this can help to explain why the creatures can behave the same way as humans. Of all of the Pixar films, this is the earliest setting in the company’s timeline.

It also features Merida learning about the magic that turns her mother into a bear while moving inanimate objects.