The Worst Movies Of Every Year According To The Razzies

The Golden Raspberry—or as we now know it, The Razzies—started out as a simple joke at a 1981 Oscar watching party. Hollywood publicist John Wilson invited his friends over and rather than talking about the best movies of the year, they decided on the worst.

The inside joke between a group of friends has now turned into the yearly discussion on the worst of the worst in film. Read on to see what films have had the honor (or dishonor) of winning the Razzie for Worst Picture. You can bet your bottom dollar that at least one Adam Sandler movie is on this list.

2017: The Emoji Movie

Sony Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Sony Pictures/MovieStillsDB

We all had to live through The Emoji Movie so this really isn’t that unexpected. Despite the fact the movie had an all-star voice cast including James Corden, Maya Rudolph, Christina Aguilera, and Patrick Stewart, it was still absolute trash.

The film cost $50 million to make and pulled in a respectable $217.8 million. Still, the box office success wasn’t enough and critics called it “unfunny and a waste of time.” Say it louder for the people in the back!