These Feuds Tore Apart Your Favorite Nickelodeon And Disney Shows

The Disney and Nickelodeon Channels pride themselves on having a squeaky clean image. Every show is meant to portray a place where everyone can sing, never has a bad hair day, and gets along.

Well, we hate to break it to you, but that wasn’t the reality behind the scenes. These Disney and Nickelodeon stars might have acted like best friends on screen but behind the scenes, they were starting drama and throwing shade in every way they could. Believe it or not, these Disney and Nickelodeon co-stars were basically full-blown enemies.

Read on to see just how mean things got between Demi and another Disney star.

Kenan Didn’t Want To Be Seen In Public With Kel

kenan and kel nickelodeon feud
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Kenan & Kel was one of Nickelodeon’s most beloved early shows. Co-stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel truly seemed like best friends, but after the show ended, it was revealed that they were anything but that.

Fans started noting the two were never seen in public together. When asked about it in 2012, Kel told TMZ, “The truth is Kenan does not what to be seen with me in any form of media or even have my name mentioned around him.”

Ashley Tisdale And Lucas Grabeel Didn’t Have Any Sibling Love

high school musical on set feud
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Ashley and Lucas played the brother-sister duo Sharpay and Ryan Evans in High School Musical. While the characters didn’t always see eye-to-eye, they still had each other’s back. Nearly ten years after the film, the pair revealed that at the time, they despised each other.

In a YouTube video for Ashley’s channel, she admitted that they “were not good friends.” She then went back and added, “it’s been ten years, we can totally talk about this…we hated each other.” At least they’re on good terms now.

Jeanette And Ariana’s Feud Ended Sam & Cat

sam and cat on set feud
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Jeanette McCurdy and Ariana Grande’s characters in the Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat were total opposites, but they were still BFFs. In real life though, things got catty when Ariana started to find success in her solo music career.

While they officially said the show had ended due to a drop in the ratings, there were stories of salary disputes between the two and Jeanette wrote an internet rant about breaking up with a friend. Jeanette also threw shade later on by writing about a character named Gloriana who flaunted her singing talents.

Ariana’s feud with Jeanette wasn’t the first time Nickelodeon had to cancel a show thanks to her drama.

Drake And Josh Were Sick Of Always Being Together

drake and josh on set feud
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The stars of the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake and Josh might have gotten along on the show, but when it comes to real life, Josh Peck threw the ultimate shade. The drama started when Drake Bell took to the internet to complain that his Nickelodeon sibling didn’t invite him to his wedding. Drake tweeted “the message is clear” and “loyalty is key.”

Josh didn’t seem bothered by the drama though and in a later podcast, said he has “no good answer for when people ask” why the two don’t get along.

Zendaya And Bella Thorne Were Pitted Against Each Other

shake it up feud
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Feuds don’t always happen naturally as Bella Thorne and Zendaya learned in their first season starring on Shake It Up. The two played besties but Bella told J-14 that the Disney network pitted the stars against each other and that they were “forced to compete” to be the star of the show.

Apparently, it made things awkward for the first season, but Bella also explained they “had a good cry” and put it behind them for the rest of the show.

Ariana Also Got Into A Feud With Victoria Justice

victorious on set feud
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Fans always suspected that Ariana and co-star Victoria Justice had some bad blood. The dead giveaway came when a video surfaced of the Victorious cast praising Ariana’s singing skills and Victoria piped up and said, “I think we can ALL sing.”

The pettiness between the two didn’t stop there. After Victorious was canceled, Ariana tweeted (and later deleted) “Sweetheart the only reason Victorious ended is because 1 girl didn’t want to do it.” Don’t expect a reunion any time soon.

Next, this is the real reason why Demi and Selena don’t talk anymore.

Demi And Selena’s Feud Goes Way Back

demi and selena disney feud
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Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were two of the biggest stars on Disney in the late 2000s, but their friendship went all the way back to when they starred together on Barney and Friends. The two seemed inseparable until Selena became part of Taylor Swift’s girl gang and Demi didn’t.

Things got catty when someone asked Demi how Selena was doing, and she simply replied, “Ask Taylor.” Yikes. The friendship officially died in 2013 when Demi unfollowed Selena on Twitter.

Keep reading to see which Disney star had a secret Twitter account to bash their co-star.

Miley Cyrus And Emily Osment Just Couldn’t Become Real Life Friends

hannah montana on set feud
Disney Channel/MovieStillsDB

In Miley’s tell-all book Miles To Go, the former Hannah Montana star revealed that she tried desperately to befriend co-star Emily Osment and it never worked. In the book, Miley said, “The show felt real to me and I wanted my relationship with Lilly to feel real too.” Unfortunately, they “just couldn’t figure out how to get along.”

It might have been a harsh lesson but Miley and Emily quickly found out that’s show business.

Skai Jackson Had A Secret Twitter Account To Shade Debby Ryan

skai and debby jessie on set feud
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Jared Siskin/Getty Images

The Jessie co-stars seemed to be best pals on air but behind the scenes, Skai couldn’t stand Debby. Her hatred of her co-star was so great that Skai actually had a secret Twitter account where she accused Debby of bullying her.

One Jessie fan later asked Debby about Skai’s Twitter account and her response was pretty cryptic. All Debby said was that “it’s unprofessional to slander coworkers online” and that she wishes all child actors nothing but success.

Coming up, see how Selena Gomez ended up in not one, not two, but three separate feuds.

Dylan Sprouse Didn’t Agree With Joe Jonas’ Complaints

dylan sprouse and joe jonas
Frazer Harrison/Jon Kopaloff/WireImage/Getty Images

In 2013, Joe Jonas published an essay in Vulture that spoke to how he and his brothers Nick and Kevin felt pressured by the Disney Channel. In Joe’s own words, he said they “were terrified that it could all be taken away from us at any moment.”

Fellow Disney star Dylan Sprouse didn’t take kindly to the essay. In a response on Tumblr, Dylan disagreed and said “if they wanted to, they could have told Disney ‘NO.’ Cole and I did this hundreds of times.”

Raven Symoné Didn’t Like Working With The Cheetah Girls

raven vs the cheetah girls

The claws came out in 2007 when Raven had a falling out with The Cheetah Girls. Raven attributed it to the fact that four 19-22 years old women were just thrown into the mix and forced to work together. She admitted that “there were territorial issues” and “catfights.”

Their spots are different colors but apparently, they don’t actually make each other stronger. The Cheetah Girls really aren’t Cheetah Sista’s. The feud was so strong that Raven didn’t return for a third movie.

Jake T. Austin Wasn’t Very Supportive Of Selena Gomez

wizards of waverley place feud
Disney Channel/MovieStillsDB

The on-screen siblings from Wizards Of Waverley Place had a minor falling out in 2013. When Selena chose to take on a more grown-up role with the film Spring Breakers, Jake wasn’t happy about it.

He tweeted out disdain for any artists who claim to be “growing with their fans” but is “creating content they aren’t even allowed to see.” Selena didn’t take well to it and the pair didn’t talk until 2017 when they got back together for co-star David Henry’s wedding.

Selena Acted Too Good For The Sprouse Twins

selena gomez vs the sprouse twins
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In 2013, Dylan Sprouse once again took to the internet to call out a former Disney Channel co-star. When he realized that Selena Gomez didn’t follow either of the twins on Twitter, Dylan tweeted at the star said she was “too food to follow your ole’ pals” and that it was “just like when we were 12 #neverforget.”

Considering the fact that Selena was technically Dylan’s first kiss, he has some pretty good reason to be salty.

Selena And Miley Feuded Over Nick Jonas

selena and miley fight over nick

At the center of the drama between Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus was, you guessed it, a boy. Both of them dated Nick Jonas which led to Miley and her friend Mandy making a very obvious parody YouTube video of Selena and Demi.

It might not sound like a big deal but in the early days of the internet, when having your own YouTube channel was a big thing, this was the biggest way you could throw shade.

Ross Lynch And Laura Marano Bickered On Set

austin and ally feud

The two stars of Austin and Ally didn’t exactly hate each other, but the two apparently never stopped bickering on set. The actors were just two very opposite people who were thrown together and supposed to act like they had chemistry.

In a 2014 interview with J-14, Laura said that the pair would “argue a lot about how Ross is always right” and that Ross would frequently eye roll at her comments. Luckily the sass didn’t translate on screen and the pair worked well together on the show.

Fans Wanted Rowan Blanchard To Call Out Uriah Shelton

girls meets world rowan blanchard feud

Everything was pretty happy-go-lucky on the Girl Meets World set until Uriah Shelton decided to make some controversial comments online. The actor who played Rowan’s uncle went on Instagram and claimed that “society doesn’t need feminism.”

Well, that didn’t go over well with Rowan who is an activist and openly fights societal injustice. Rowan’s fans were equally upset and called for the actress to drag Uriah. It’s not clear if it ever happened but the set was probably a little more frosty than usual.

Ariana And Selena Met Their Match With Each Other


Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez have been at the center of many feuds, and finally, they began to take shots at each other in 2013. Both of the singers performed at the 2013 Jingle Ball and both had technical issues during the sets. The unfortunate part is that Selena’s technical issue proved that she had been lip-syncing.

When commenting on the issues later, Ariana brushed off her mistakes by saying, “At least I wasn’t tracking.”

AJ Michalka Tore Down Joe Jonas

aj potential break up song

Teenage love is hard enough as it is, but things can get pretty messy when you’re both Disney Channel stars who can sing. That’s what happened between AJ (of Aly & AJ) and Joe Jonas. After the two dated and subsequently broke up, AJ and her sister released “Potential Breakup Song.”

In the diss track, AJ calls out Joe for not calling her back on her birthday. Joe later confirmed the messy breakup when he said he got a piece of melted ice cream cake in the mail from an ex-girlfriend.

Hilary Duff And Lindsay Lohan Are The Original Love Triangle

hilary duff lindsay lohan and aaron carter feud
Lucy Nicholson/Getty Images

Way back in the early days of Disney when Hilary Duff was the star of Lizzie McGuire, she dated pop star, Aaron Carter. The two seemed to be the perfect tween couple until it was revealed that Aaron was dating Lindsay Lohan at the same time.

The love triangle turned Hillary and Lindsay into rivals and even Disney had to get involved to keep their image squeaky clean. The Miley-Selena-Nick love triangle is nothing compared to the original one.

Demi Lovato Had A Messy Break Up With Joe Jonas

joe jonas and demi lovato feud
Kevin Mazur/VF17/Getty Images

Demi and Joe starred across from each other in Camp Rock and it didn’t take long for rumors to swirl that they were dating. The two confirmed it but after only a few months they split despite being on tour with each other.

At the time it didn’t seem like such a big deal, but years later, Joe revealed that while they were dating Demi was struggling with drug addiction. Demi was openly upset about the breakup at the time, but in her documentary Simply Complicated, looked back in fondness for how Joe helped her.