Warriors, Come Out To Play! Things You Might Not Have Known About The Classic 1979 Film

The Film Took A Jab At Disco

Taking A Jab At Disco
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

In one scene, a group of kids clearly on their way to or departing from a disco end up in the same train car as Swan, Mercy, and a few other Warriors. They fall silent after taking notice of their wounds and the overall condition that they’re in. They proceed to get off on the next stop, acting as though they hadn’t just witnessed what they saw.

This makes audiences resent the disco kids who were more disgusted than concerned. This can be seen as a jab at disco as director Walter Hill was angered that Paramount Pictures wanted the movie to be like Saturday Night Fever.

One of the movie’s stars had to hide an injury during filming… read on to learn who.