We Investigated This Year’s Bachelor Contestants On Instagram, And This Is What We Found Out

When The Bachelor first premiered, Instagram wasn’t even a thing. The only way to find out more about the contestants on the show was to actually watch the show. Now we can find out so much about the eligible bachelorettes before it even starts. We took a deep dive into all of the girls’ Instagram accounts to find out more about them.

Keep reading to learn more about the women fighting for Colton’s heart. Can you spot which ones are here for love, and which ones are just building that social media clout?

Colton Underwood

bach20 (1)
Photo: @coltonunderwood / Instagram

It wouldn’t be The Bachelor without the bachelor, right? Let’s start with Colton’s Instagram page. A quick scroll through his page reveals that he’s into two things: animals and working out.

There are sports and dogs all over the place, but I chose to feature this picture, because who doesn’t love a little pony? At the moment, Colton has over 900 thousand Instagram followers. Think he’ll make it to a million by the time the season is over?

Alex B.

Photo: @alexblumberg / Instagram

This Alex is not to be confused with the Alex who stepped out of the Limo in a full sloth costume. She’s coming up next. This Alex loves dogs almost as much as Colton. Does that mean that they’re a match made in heaven?

I’m pretty sure that Colton wouldn’t be into a girl who doesn’t love dogs. A scroll through Alex’s Instagram page also reveals that this girl wears bathing suits 80% of the time.

Alex D.

Photo @alexdillon94 / Instagram

Alex D. showed up to the Bachelor Mansion in a head-to-toe sloth costume, so basically, she’s already won. I mean, I think she got kicked off on the first night, but she’s going to be a huge part of Bachelor history for the rest of time.

From Alex’s Instagram page, it looks like she had a serious boyfriend not too long ago. This photo was taken in 2016, but you don’t have to scroll too far down her page to find it. Maybe she just hasn’t been very active on Insta.


Photo: @ang_sherm / Instagram

If you look at Angelique’s Instagram page, you’ll quickly notice that she likes two things: selfies and Snapchat filters. There are a lot of selfies. Mirror selfies, car selfies, Christmas selfies — all kinds of selfies.

She doesn’t have that many photos on Insta. Maybe that will change once the show really gets going. This girl is probably the least likely to have joined The Bachelor just to get Instagram famous. She has just over one thousand followers.


Photo: @annie_reardon / Instagram

Blonde and bubbly Annie made an impression on America when she got to meet Colton on The Ellen Show before The Bachelor even started filming. She stepped out of the limo in a beautiful periwinkle blue dress and Colton looked pretty smitten.

From her Instagram, it looks like Annie likes being around bodies of water. She also likes hanging out with large groups of girls. I guess she’ll feel right at home in the Bachelor Mansion.


Photo: @bri_ashbarnes / Instagram

Just in case you forgot, Bri is the one who pretended to have an Australian accent to “stand out” on the first episode of The Bachelor.

It turns out, this girl is as American as they come. Bri has close to 45 thousand Instagram followers already. Her feed is full of professional-looking photos of herself. I’m not sure if she’s a real model or just an Instagram model, but she’s some kind of model.


Photo: @caelynmillerkeyes / Instagram

Caelynn made it very clear that she’s a pageant girl. She stepped out of the limo wearing a Miss North Carolina sash, and she really hasn’t stopped talking about pageants since. No shade, though. She’s clearly good at what she does.

Her entire Instagram is full of pictures of herself. Most of them aren’t selfies, per-se, but she is in every single picture. Girl, I know you’re pretty, but how about a nice landscape shot?


Photo: @cclemmentine / Instagram

If you take a look at Caitlin’s Instagram, you’ll learn a few things. Number one, Caitlin is a horse girl. She rides competitively and I think she owns a few horses. Also, she’s proudly Canadian. We love our Canadian queens on The Bachelor (I’m looking at you Kaitlyn and Sharleen).

Caitlin’s Instagram is very well curated— almost too curated, if you know what I mean. Still, I’m loving all of the outdoor shots.


Photo: @cassierandolph / Instagram

In Cassie’s intro package, she told us that she loves the beach, but if you want to know exactly how much she loves the beach, you should take a look at her Instagram page.

Cassie already has 110 thousand Instagram followers. I’m predicting that that number is going to at least double by the end of the season. Cassie is a true California girl. Check out her page if you’re into looking at a cute girl drenched in seawater.


bach12 (1)
Photo: @missargo_ / Instagram

Catherine has already cemented herself as this season’s villain. Things could change as the season progresses, but for now, it looks like she’s going to be the one stirring the pot.

Catherine doesn’t have that many photos on Instagram as of yet. Her dog, Lucy, makes a couple of appearances. Hopefully, Catherine doesn’t stick around for much longer. It looked like Colton wasn’t too keen on giving her a rose on the first night. Maybe the producers put him up to it.


bach2 (1)
Photo: @thecourtneyc / Instagram

I picked this picture to showcase because I love the color of Courtney’s sweater in this shot, but her whole Instagram is full of fashionable moments. Courtney knows how to compose a good photo. She’s always posing in front of a nice background and striking a flattering pose.

Her Insta is full of pictures of her, but that’s to be expected. She throws in a picture of her dog every now and again, so all is forgiven.


Photo: @demi_not_lovato / Instagram

At 23, Demi is one of the younger contestants on this season of The Bachelor, and her Instagram really shows it. She just seems young— I don’t know how else to put it. Bekah from Ari’s season was young, but she just seemed more mature.

From Demi’s Instagram, it looks like she enjoys showing off her outfits. It also looks like she hasn’t had her current professional account for that long. Her earliest photo is from 2016.


Photo: @devingooden / Instagram

Devin got eliminated on the first night, and she doesn’t have as many Instagram followers as most of the other girls. She seemed to be on the show for the right reasons. Oh well, maybe we’ll see her again on Bachelor in Paradise.

There’s nothing on her Instagram page but pictures of her, but it does seem like she made this new Instagram page just for the public. Her earliest picture was posted in 2017.


bach17 (1)
Photo: @elysemichelle_mua / Instagram

At 31, stunning redhead Elyse is the oldest contestant on The Bachelor this year. Colton seems to have a thing for her already. Elyse is a makeup artist, so she uses her Instagram to showcase impressive before and after makeup looks on clients.

Her aesthetic is everything, but her Instagram could use a little work. A lot of the pictures on her feed are very Instagram worthy, but some of the photos just aren’t up to par.


bach18 (1)
Photo: @enuttss / Instagram

Erika McNutt clearly loves to travel. Her Instagram is full of travel photos, so something tells me she’s really going to enjoy her time on The Bachelor.

She also has these two big white Great Pyrenees dogs that are absolutely gorgeous. While I wasn’t so sure about Erika when I saw her on the premiere, everything about her Instagram is making me like her more. I think this girl is a real catch.


bach19 (1)
Photo: @erin_landry / Instagram

Erin got a golden retriever named Nala in 2015, and since then Nala has been dominating her Instagram page. We already know that Colton loves dogs, and it seems like the producers took that very seriously when they were selecting girls for this season.

Erin’s premiere dress was one of my favorites. It was just so feminine and classy. Unfortunately, Erin was eliminated on night one. Hopefully, this gorgeous girl isn’t too discouraged!

Hannah B.

bach16 (1)
Photo: @itsalabamahannah / Instagram

Alabama Hannah is clearly a pageant girl. Her Instagram feed is full of pageant pictures. Hannah is also clearly a southern girl. She has so many pictures of horses and tractors and plaid and puppies.

Hannah has a great Instagram page. It’s very well curated. Hannah has almost thirty thousand Instagram followers, but that number is probably going to go way up in the coming weeks. Let’s just say that being on The Bachelor is a good move for her career.

Hannah G.

bach14 (1)
Photo: @hannahg11 / Instagram

Hannah G. got Colton’s first impression rose, and honestly, I can see why. This girl is drop dead gorgeous, and she also seems pretty cool and genuine. She has such a unique look and she already has over one hundred and sixty thousand Instagram followers.

She definitely has an Instagram theme and she uses the same Instagram filter on every photo. This girl must be a professional model. It shouldn’t be legal to be this pretty.


bach15 (1)
Photo: @heatherm22 / Instagram

At 22, Heather is the youngest contestant on The Bachelor this year. Honestly, I don’t think this girl is ready for marriage. I know I’ve only seen her on TV for like ten minutes total, and that some 22-year-olds are mature enough to consider getting married, but this girl just isn’t the one.

Enjoy your life, girlie. Enjoy your time on The Bachelor. Hopefully, we’ll see this girl on Bachelor in Paradise.


bach13 (1)
Photo: @katieemo / Instagram

Katie seems to have captured Colton’s attention already. I have to say, her Instagram is pretty admirable. If you weren’t sold on this lady from the show alone, go over to Instagram and take a look at her photos.

Katie clearly values exercise and staying fit. She also loves travel and good food. All of her pictures are super bright and cheery. Some people might even call them overexposed, but let’s just stick with bright and cheery.


bach11 (1)
Photo: @kirpasudick / Instagram

I love Kirpa so much already. I kind of want her to be the next Bachelorette. At the very least, she better show up on Bachelor in Paradise. I don’t think Colton will pick her, but honestly, that’s his loss. Kirpa deserves better anyway.

Her Instagram is absolutely stunning. If you’re into boho style and desert landscapes, definitely give this girl a follow. She has just under five thousand followers at the moment, but I reckon we can change that.


bach10 (1)
Photo: @lalaalauraaa / Instagram

Laura kind of looks like Kat Dennings from Two Broke Girls and I’m definitely into it. She’s from Dallas and she looks hot in a swimsuit, but her Instagram page isn’t as well organized as it could be.

That could be a good thing, though. It shows that she’s not on the show for the Insta fame. She’s probably really into Colton and she just wants to find love— and if she finds a bit of fame along the way, well, that might be nice.


bach7 (1)
Photo: @nicolelovar / Instagram

I really liked Nicole’s intro package. She seems like a down to earth girl who I’d like to be friends with. Also, she speaks Spanish, which is always a plus. She has a nice Instagram feed, and there are a few pictures of her posing with different dogs.

She also likes food and travel and nature (I mean, who doesn’t?). I definitely approve of her Instagram page and she already has close to ten thousand followers.


bach8 (1)
Photo: @nina_bartula / Instagram

Nina is Croatian, she’s attractive, but honestly, she’s kind of forgettable. Maybe it’s just because there are so many blondes this season. Her Instagram is nice, but it’s nothing to write home about. It’s pretty basic, if you ask me.

Maybe she’ll make more of an impression as the season progresses. She does have some pictures of some wolves, though, which is pretty cool. Maybe she’ll be someone who comes alive on Bachelor in Paradise.


bach9 (1)
Photo: @onyekaehie / Instagram

Onyeka’s Instagram is pretty colorful, and she has a cute dog. I think producers only picked girls who have dogs this season, and honestly, that was probably a good choice. Onyeka’s dog’s name is Smokey, and I kind of want him.

From the looks of her Instagram page, Onyeka is also into travel and fitness and hanging out with her friends and family. She looks like a pretty cool chick. I hope Colton treats her right.


bach4 (1)
Photo: @rev_yo_engine / Instagram

I was excited to watch Revian on The Bachelor, but Colton eliminated her on night one. Oh well, you can always catch up with her on her Instagram page. This nurse from Texas is quite the adventurer.

I’m not sure where she finds the time and money to travel so much, but it seems like this girl is in a new place every week. Also, she has a dog (obviously). You can just assume that all the girls have dogs at this point.


bach5 (1)
Photo: @sydneylotuaco / Instagram

Speaking of dogs, Sidney has an adorable yellow lab named Sully. She’s a professional dancer, and she even showed Colton some of her moves on the first night they met.

Sydney’s Instagram page is pretty interesting. There are a whole bunch of pictures from competitions and from basketball games. This girl clearly loves to dance. Maybe we’ll get to see her dance some more on the show. I think she has a lot of potential.


bach1 (1)
Photo: @tayshiaaa / Instagram

Tayshia made an impression on Colton the first night by setting up a mini carnival in his honor. I didn’t really get the point of that, but whatever, I guess it was cute. From her Instagram, it looks like Tayshia is a nice, well-rounded lady.

She likes to travel, and she likes to eat good food, and she has a lot of friends. Something tells me that this girl could be our next Bachelorette.


bach3 (1)
Photo: @tshapoff / Instagram

There’s no question that Tracy is a gorgeous girl. She’s also a stylist, so she definitely knows how to dress. Tracy likes dogs and good food and traveling the world. This photo was taken in Italy.

She also always has a cool, graphic manicure. I wonder if she does her nails herself? Hopefully, we get some more info on that later in the show. Yeah, Colton’s nice, but I really just want to see how this girl does her nails.


bach6 (1)
Photo: @tahzjuan / Instagram

Tahzjuan barely has any pictures of herself on her Instagram page. Honestly, I think it’s quite refreshing. It’s a nice change from all the girls who spam us with pictures of themselves constantly. I like Tahzjuan’s choice of pictures.

She was eliminated on night one, but maybe she’ll come back for Bachelor in Paradise. I really did like her style and I was sad to see her leave so soon.