What Ever Happened To The Stars Of JAG?

Before there was NCIS, there was JAG. A military acronym for Judge Advocate General, JAG introduced us to the ever-so-handsome Harmon Rabb and the lovable Sarah MacKenzie. For ten seasons we watched Rabb get into legal drama with Mac, Bud, and all his other colleagues at the JAG headquarters. It’s been nearly fifteen years since the show went off the air in 2005 but the cast of JAG has stayed busy. Did you know that some of the JAG cast has gone on to do shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Army Wives? Two of them are even reprising their old roles for new episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles! Read on to find out who.

One of the actresses on the show went on to do USO tours as a comedian.

David James Elliot Isn’t Quite Done Playing Harmon Rabb

david james elliott played harmon rabb on jag
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David James Elliott played Harmon “Harm” Rabb Jr. In the pilot episode, Harm was introduced as a lieutenant but throughout the series worked his way through the ranks, eventually becoming a captain. Aside from his relationship with Mac, Harm spent a lot of time searching for his father who was listed as MIA while shot down during the Vietnam War.

Following his stint as Harm, David James Elliott went on to appear in a number of television shows and movies, most notably Close to Home and The Man Who Lost Himself. Elliott will reprise his role as Harmon Rabb for the tenth season of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Patrick Labyorteaux Got Bud Promoted To Captain

Patrick Labyorteaux played bud roberts on jag
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Patrick Labyorteaux played Bud J. Roberts Jr. We all remember Bud’s strained relationship with his father but what’s truly unforgettable about this character was when he lost his right leg after stepping on a landmine in Afghanistan. Bud started out as an ensign but was a lieutenant commander by the time the series ended.

Patrick Labyorteaux didn’t completely say goodbye to his character since he reprised the role three times for episodes of NCIS in which he was already a captain. Since then Labyorteaux has been seen in movies and shows like Yes Man, Dexter, Castle, and Scandal.

John M. Jackson Will Always Be Remembered For A.J.

john m jackson aj chegwidden
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John M. Jackson played Albert Jethro “A.J.” Chegwidden. Rear Admiral A.J. was beloved by the JAG staff. But when the former Navy SEAL announced his retirement, everyone took it pretty hard. Even fans couldn’t help but remember the kidnapping episode with his wife and daughter, or when A.J. turned down a seat on a high-level civilian court.

John M. Jackson never left the role for good. He reprised A.J. for NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. Aside from that, Jackson had a recurring role on Bones as FBI Deputy Director Sam Cullen.

Karri Turner Left Harriet Sims To Go On A USO Tour

karri turner plays harriet sims on jag
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Karri Turner played Harriet Sims. Harriet joined the Navy despite her wealthy family’s disapproval. She started out as an ensign but by the end of the series was a lieutenant. At first, she was the Officer in Charge of Public Affairs at USS Seahawk but would later join the administrative staff of JAG headquarters. She also married Bud.

Outside of JAG, Karri Turner has been in Get Smart, American Carol, and Heroes. The military theme stayed close to Turner as she joined Kathy Griffin and Michael McDonald on a USO tour to Iraq as a traveling comedian.

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Chuck Carrington Made Jason Tiner The Best Assistant

chuck carrington plays jason tiner on jag

Chuck Carrington played Jason Tiner. Yeoman First Class Jason Tiner was the “best assistant” that Admiral Chegwidden has ever had. This character often provided comic relief on the show but he eventually left in season nine when he graduated from law school and was accepted into Officer Candidate School.

Outside of JAG, Carrington has been seen on Blue Bloods, White Collar, The Glades, and Shameless. In 2007, he played the lead role of Renny Jacobsen in The List, based on a novel of the same name by Robert Whitlow.

Scott Lawrence Left Sturgis Behind For Movies

scott lawrence plays sturgis turner on jag
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Scott Lawrence played Peter Ulysses “Sturgis” Turner. Sturgis was Harm’s closest friend whom he’d met at the Naval Academy. Throughout the series, Sturgis and Harm would battle it out on the basketball court or fix cars together. However, their friendship was strained when Sturgis was made the interim head of JAG when Chegwidden retired.

Following the ending of JAG, Scott Lawrence went on to act in a number of films including Cloverfield, Avatar, The Social Network, The Host, and Star Trek Into Darkness. Like some of his JAG co-stars, he did appear on NCIS but he played an entirely different character.

Zoe McLellan Went From Petty Officer Coates To Designated Survivor

zoe mclellan playes jennifer coates on jag
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Zoe McLellan played Jennifer “Jen” Coates. Jen started out as one of Rabb’s clients, who was accused of abandoning her position as an electronics technician on the USS Gainesville. After spending time in the brig, Jen straightened up and became a legalman, which allowed her to work with the JAG team. We will never forget when Jen was framed for murder but thankfully Rabb was there to defend her.

Following JAG, Zoe McLellan went on to film a number of Lifetime TV movies as well as appear on NCIS: New Orleans. She most recently was on ABC’s Designated Survivor.

Randy Vasquez Went From Gunny To Director

randy vasquez plays gunny victory galindez on jag
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Randy Vasquez played Gunnery Sergeant Victor “Gunny” Galindez. Gunny was an infantry Marine who fell into alcoholism after leaving the military to work as a sheriff’s deputy. He turned his life around after reenlisting and was recruited for JAG by Mac. He was often at odds with Tiner, though they always had each other’s backs when the time came.

After JAG, Randy Vasquez had some roles on television but primarily started directing. He’s directed the comedic drama Perceptions, but mostly does documentaries. His 2011 film The Thick Dark Fog was elected Best Documentary at the American Indian Film Festival.

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Catherine Bell Will Reprise The Role Of Mac

catherine bell sarah mac mackenzie
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Catherine Bell played Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie. Mac was a Marine lawyer who became partners and best friends with Harm. Despite the terrible upbringing, Mac sobered up to join the military and showed great tenacity in the face of adversity. Throughout the series, she was promoted from major to lieutenant colonel and eventually became the JAG chief of staff.

Catherine Bell’s career continued to thrive after JAG. She played into the military theme with a role on Army Wives and later went on to star as Cassie Nightingale on Hallmark’s The Good Witch. She will reprise the role of Mac with David James Elliott for NCIS: Los Angeles.

Trevor Goddard Will Be Remembered As Mic

trevor goddard michael mic brumby
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Trevor Goddard played Michael “Mic” Brumby. Mic was originally a Royal Australian Navy officer who joined JAG as a part of an exchange program. He was often at odds with Harm, who referred to him as “Bugme.” They both also fought for Mac and it was initially Mic who was going to marry her until he realized she was in love with Harm.

After JAG, Goddard acted in the films Gone in 60 Seconds and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which is his final on-screen appearance. In June 2003, Goddard was found dead in his home from an apparent drug overdose.

Steven Culp Was On Three Other Shows While Playing Webb

steven culp plays clayton webb on jag
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Steven Culp played CIA Deputy Director Clayton Webb. Webb was perhaps the most mysterious character on the show, as his origins were unclear. Sometimes he was on JAG’s side and other times, he was against them, especially when he was made Deputy Director of Counter Intelligence. He was also in a relationship with Mac, who decided she couldn’t be with him anymore after he faked his own death.

While on JAG, Steven Culp was simultaneously working on The West Wing, Star Trek: Enterprise, and ER. Culp also had a recurring role on Desperate Housewives and won the Celebrity Poker Showdown season seven championship.

Nanci Chambers Is Married To Her JAG Co-Star

nanci chambers loren singer
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Nanci Chambers played Lieutenant Loren Singer. Singer was ambitious with her career at JAG, which often put her at odds with her co-workers. Singer did anything to advance in her career but nothing was more despicable than when she discredited Harriet’s testimony in court by using the death of her baby against her. Singer was later murdered and the episode served as a backdoor pilot for NCIS.

Nanci Chambers continued to act after JAG and was seen in The Stranger I Married and Ghost Whisperer. She’s notably married to her JAG co-star David James Elliott and they have two kids together.

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Michael Bellisario Was Called Mikey On JAG

michael bellisario plays michael mikey roberts on jag
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Michael Bellisario played Midshipman Third Class Michael “Mikey” Roberts. Mikey was Bud’s younger brother, who often had trouble proving himself in order to get Bud to treat him with respect. Before appearing on the show as Mikey, Bellisario appeared in season one as a young man on a boat and in season three as a pizza delivery boy.

Michael Bellisario is the son of JAG creator Donald P. Bellisario. He later went on to act in Quantum Leap and in NCIS as Charles “Chip” Sterling. His half-sister is Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario.

Cindy Ambuehl Has No Love Lost From JAG

cindy ambuehl plays renee peterson on jag
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Cindy Ambuehl played Renee Peterson. Renee appeared on JAG as one of Harm’s girlfriends. Renee worked as a video director and met Harm while filming a Navy recruitment commercial. The two began dating but it wasn’t long before she grew jealous of Harm’s friendship with Mac. That combined with Harm’s lack of commitment ultimately caused the pair to cut ties.

Outside of JAG, Ambuehl has appeared on Malcolm in the Middle and Cold Case. She most recently had a recurring role on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Harrison Page Was The Highest-Ranking Judge On JAG

harrison page plays stiles morris on jag
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Harrison Page played Rear Admiral Stiles Morris. Morris was the highest-ranking judge at the JAG Headquarters. He had the most experience on the bench as well, serving 16 years as of 1997. He was eventually promoted to rear admiral in season three but was never seen on the show again after season nine.

After JAG, Harrison Page continued to act in a variety of television shows and shorts. He most notably appeared on Players at the Poker Palace, Grey’s Anatomy, and CSI. Page most recently had a recurring stint on the series Better Things.

Terry O’Quinn Went From JAG To Lost

terry oquinn thomas cag boone
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Terry O’Quinn played Rear Admiral Thomas “CAG” Boone. Boone was a former colleague of Rabb’s father and was on the mission in which Rabb’s father was shot down over Vietnam. Due to war crimes he committed in Vietnam back in 1968, Boone was court-martialed and Rabb had to represent him in his case.

After JAG, Terry O’Quinn went on to recurring roles on Alias and The West Wing. But O’Quinn is probably best remembered for his role as wheelchair-bound John Locke on Lost. That and his role in The Stepfather films are what O’Quinn will be best remembered for.

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Jennifer Savidge Always Gave Her Fair Opinion

jennifer savidge amy helfman
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Jennifer Savidge played Commander Amy Helfman. Helfman was another member of the JAG Corps and served as a judge. She was always there to listen to Harm’s legal arguments which makes sense since he often turned to her for her fair-minded opinions on the problems that they often faced.

Jennifer Savidge continued to act well after JAG came to an end. She appeared on CSI, Friday Night Lights, and Rudderless. She most recently had a recurring role as Ruth Taylor on American Crime. Savidge is also known for her marriage to esteemed actor Robert Fuller.

Tracey Needham Was Originally Rabb’s Partner As Meg

tracey needham megan meg austin
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Tracey Needham played Lieutenant, Junior Grade Megan “Meg” Austin. We only saw Meg in the very first season of JAG. She was Rabb’s partner on the show while it was still airing on NBC. After it went off the air and was picked up again by CBS, producers decided to replace Meg with Mac.

Tracey Needham was inspired to play Meg by her desire to be treated like “one of the guys” while she was growing up. There were no hard feelings after she was booted from JAG, since she went on to star in other shows like The Division, CSI, and Criminal Minds.

Anne-Marie Johnson Was Congresswoman Bobbi

anne marie johnson roberta bobbi latham
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Anne-Marie Johnson played Congresswoman Roberta “Bobbi” Latham. Bobbi was a Congresswoman from Detroit who graduated first in her class at Yale Law School. A supporter of women’s rights, Bobbi was also Chairwoman of the House National Security Subcommittee and the occasional love interest of Harm.

Before she was on JAG, Anne-Marie Johnson was on In Living Color and was also on Melrose Place. After JAG, Johnson took on a number of television roles. In recent years, she’s been on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, and Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.

David Andrews Replaced Another Character

david andrews gordon biff cresswell
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David Andrews played Major General Gordon “Biff” Cresswell. Biff replaced Rear Admiral Chegwidden after the latter announced his retirement. Like his predecessor, Biff proved to be a hard-nosed boss but was still there for his staff when they needed him. Even though he was there to do his job, his appointment caused everyone at JAG headquarters to be on edge.

He was only on JAG for one season but David Andrews continued to have a prolific acting career. You might have seen him in A Walk to Remember or Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.