Hilarious Photos of Surprising Food Fails Nobody Saw Coming

Imagine picking up your favorite fruit, frozen snack, or pre-packaged meal only to get home, open up the item, and then realize it’s not what you paid for. You might be mad at first but then you realize the surprising food fail you just purchased offers the perfect opportunity to share your unintentional and hilarious food fail on social media.

These buyers were sometimes tricked by smart packaging but most of the time their food fail was an unintentional mistake caused by mother nature or a messed up packaging process. Whatever the case might be, you’ll laugh at the cheeseburger fail and scratch your head over the Cheetos cheese block fail.

Avocad NO You Didn’t

Avacado Food Fail
MrBizarre / Imgur

When you buy an avocado you expect most of this delicious food to be edible. This poor soul was just looking to snack down on a delicious healthy snack, instead, they were met with a giant seed.

The nice part about this awesome treat is that it’s super inexpensive so heading back to the store is the only real hassle. We’d still make a tablespoon of guacamole with this surprising food fail. Any guacamole is better than no guacamole at all.

The next slide proves that sometimes life gives you lemons and you can’t do anything with them.

When Life Hands You Lemons It Should ACTUALLY Hand You Lemons

Another Lemon Food Fail
Umbrella Green

It’s really hard when life hands you an actual lemon to make lemonade when this is what you open up. The worst part about this type of surprising food fail is that you wouldn’t even notice it until you were already home and preparing to make something that requires a lemon.

This food fail might actually work out for the better if the person using the lemon is a baker or bartender and they only planned on using the lemon’s peel for flavoring.

Wait until you see the treatment a nearly extinct species of animal are getting in our next slide.

It’s A Commentary On The State Of Endangered Giant Pandas.

Panda Ice Cream Food Fail

There are only around 2,060 giant pandas left in the world and we’re grateful this isn’t one of them. At the end of the day it all comes down to flavor so maybe this ice cream treat is delicious.

Regardless of how great it tastes, our children would throw a fit if they opened up a giant panda ice cream cone and were met with his chunk of boring ice cream.

Our next surprising food fail is all about very clever and misleading packaging.

In All Fairness, It Doesn’t Say What Three Pieces Of Chicken

3 piece chicken food fail

If you aren’t going to be specific and order three specific parts of the chicken, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with something like this. This buyer might have actually made out on their order since that half cut piece of fried chicken seems bigger than the other three parts.

There’s a good chance the seller was attempting to fulfill orders while their chicken supply was in short order. There’s an even better chance that someone in the kitchen was just being funny or lazy.

Next up is a classic treat that failed miserably to fulfill its purpose.

SpongeCyclops Squarepants.

Spongebob Popsicle Food Fail
StrongIndependentBlackHairedWoman / Imgur

I’m actually okay with this. It looks like Spongebob Squarepants had a crossover with Futurama and this is the result. Sure, it might leave your kid with nightmares but at least it will taste exactly as the manufacturer intended it to taste.

If you’ve ever watched Spongebob Squarepants you know that this type of weird surreal take on the show’s man character is actually fairly inline with the show’s own weird approach to storytelling.

This Is Clever But Mean Marketing

Chocolate Food Fail
idontseeanything / Reddit

Image opening up this delicious looking treat only to realize you’ve been tricked into buying a product that only featured the exact amount of toppings you could physically see.

If it wasn’t so mean it might actually be a brilliant packaging job. In all fairness to the creator of this treat, maybe the added ingredients are only meant to compliment the rest of the bar and it actually stands on its own.

Our next fail is a giant loaf of disappointment but it will make you laugh.

The Air Jordan Of Bread

Bread Food Fail

The extra air pocket helps seal in freshness while providing the perfect pocket for making an amazing calzone. Nah, it’s just a failed attempt at making what otherwise looks like a delicious loaf of bread.

If this is what it takes to cut down on carbs I’m in. At the same time, I expect a 50% discount since I’m obviously only paying for half a loaf of fresh baked goodness.

What could possibly go wrong with a watermelon? Find out next.

Gallagher Would Be So Mad

Watermelon Food Fail
buzzzzx / reddit

Can you imagine watching the comedian Gallagher smash this watermelon only to realize it didn’t explode. This is another example of having to wait until you get home to realize you’ve been ripped off. Mother nature can be cruel beast when she wants to teach us a lesson.

On a positive note, there are plenty of seeds left in the part of the watermelon that actually matured. Go throw the seeds in your garden, wait a few months, and voila!

Next up is another panda fail and this time it was completely intentional.

Seriously What’s Wrong With Panda Themed Food Providers

Gotcha Food Faily Lollipop

First there was that horror show of an ice cream sandwich and now this! This is once again a clever packaging job that leads to an ultimately disappointing outcome. Hopefully the lollipop at least tasted good.

At the same time, a quick look at the panda’s ears would have revealed that they were above the lollipop so we’re going to say this is all the buyer’s fault for not paying closer attention to their purchase.

You never said what three pieces of chicken. That’s up next!

Well That’s Unfortunate And Cold And Sticky

No Cone Food Fail
Aprilhaze / Imgur

This is one of our favorite summer treats, but it usually comes with a delicious sugar cone that features a big chunk of chocolate at its base. This poor buyer was probably ready to cool down on a hot summer day and instead they opened their treat and found it was missing a crucial component.

It’s actually quite impressive that nobody at the ice cream cone factory realized they were sending this delicious snack out into the world without one of its main components. We’d still eat it, even if it left us feeling a bit empty inside.

Delta Airlines is up next and it’s going to give you a heart attack. Possibly quite literally.

Lightly Salted, Once You Run The Peanuts Under Water

Peanuts Salted Food Fail
IM Spender

Delta Airlines apparently doesn’t understand the meaning of moderation. If you have an issue with salt you might want to avoid opening up their bags of peanuts on your next flight or this might be your fate.

The most annoying part of this surprising food fail would be all the salt that likely spilled all over your clothes. It’s almost like people with peanut allergies are getting back at all of the other passengers on the plane.

You Had One Job To Do

Feed Fond

If this bread was meant to be sliced vertically it would have been perfect for flatbread pizza. However, the original buyer was shocked to see their bread cut in the wrong direction. Given that bread from manufacturers is typically set up to slice vertically, we have to assume someone at the factory was pulling a fast one.

The nice part about this surprising food fail is that you can still cut the bread into squares and it’s still perfect for making sandwiches.

This Egg Has Got To Be Yoking.

Egg Yolk Fail Humor
Mini Scientist / YouTube

This egg whites only egg would be perfect for many recipes but not so great when all you want to do is make an egg sunny side up. It’s not often that we see an egg missing its yolk but it does happen and it’s slightly annoying.

The nice part about a surprising food fail like this is that eggs are incredibly cheap and typically you have more than one at your disposal. It’s good that this happened in a frying pan instead of while mixing an egg into your next batch of brownies.

A Great Broccoli And Cauliflower Dish For People Who Hate Broccoli

Mogelpackung / Pinterest

The problem with automated food manufacturing is that human’s can’t possibly inspect the thousands and possibly even millions of packages of food that are being auto-processed by machine.

Whoever bought this surprising food fail can take solace in knowing that somewhere there might be another buyer with a massive plate of broccoli and a single piece of cauliflower on their plate. We just hope this person really likes cauliflower or it’s an all-around food fail.

We’re Okay With This

Cheeto Dust Food Fail

Fewer carbs. More flavor. A new flavor from Cheetos. We’re actually okay with this. Even if you don’t finish the entire chunk of cheese you can use it to encrust a piece of fresh chicken or grind it up and throw it on top of some popcorn.

Even if we love the taste of Cheetos this is still a surprising food fail and we’re honestly a little baffled at how this happened. Is this what all Cheetos cheese looks like before its ground into the final product?

This Makes Our Hearts Weep

Blueberry Pancake Food Fail

If you hate blueberries this is a win. For the rest of all you normal people out there, we understand the pain and agony you are feeling as you stare at this food fail. I’ll gladly “L’eggo my Eggo” if this is what I have to deal with.

At least this surprising food fail can be saved with some fresh blueberries or a ton of maple syrup poured over the top of this sad attempt at a classic breakfast food.

Olive The Food In This Can Disappeared

Black Olives Food Fail
Ifonlyxx82 / reddit

There are a lot of people who don’t love olives, and to them, this isn’t a food fail. For everyone else, maybe we can find some recipes that just call for olive water? Again, this is what happens when you let machines package your food.

On a positive note… Nope, we can’t think of anything that could make this okay. Olive the food in this can is missing and we’re not okay with it.

The Reverse Carb Diet

mildlyinfuriorating / reddit

Dr. Atkins would not be okay with this sandwich monstrosity if he was still around. You basically get 6 parts carbs and one part flavor. This is actually a couple food fails in one. First, where is the rest of the meat and cheese. Second, who thought this was okay to serve to a customer.

We’d like to think this is some type of brand new trend in New York City but in reality it’s proof that some people aren’t even suited to make a proper sandwich. Subway’s sandwich “artists” are probably looking on in disbelief right now.

Well That Was Wasteful

Pizza Fail
belbivfreeordie / reddit

This person seems to be at a sporting event of some sort and that means they likely paid $8 only to open up their pizza box and discover this little baby piece of pizza. Sadly, it doesn’t even look like a great slice despite its size.

We would be jumping out of our seat so quickly to return this slice that it would still be hot by the time we handed it back to the food vendor.

A Filling Free Hot Pocket

Empty Hot Pocket
kuroi_ / reddit

This Reddit user was amused when they opened up their hot pocket and discovered the pocket might be hot but was lacking the actual ingredients it promised to deliver. It’s almost like this is some type of new “create your own” hot pocket creation.

Given the cost of this snack we’re actually a little bit surprised it comes with any type of filling to begin with. We still want to know how it tasted.