Dirty Tricks Photographers Use To Make Your Food Look Way Better Than It Really Is

There’s nothing that can make your mouth start watering faster than a photo of a thick, juicy burger or an advertisement for a fresh bubbly soda. The entire point of food advertisements is for people to want to go out and buy the food. Let’s face it, if our food was photographed the way it looks in real life, no one would buy it.

I don’t want to see a soggy burrito on a billboard, I want to see the perfect one. No one is going to go out for a steak dinner if the grill marks aren’t perfect. That’s why food companies hire food stylists and photographers to make their food look perfect. To fool us, they use some pretty insane methods. In the immortal words of Ice T, “Don’t believe everything you see…The Game is cold.”

Mashed Potatoes Mean Ice Cream That Won’t Melt


Those perfect scoops of ice cream in every flavor from mint chocolate chip to rocky road isn’t ice cream, it’s mashed potatoes. When you think about it, it makes sense.

They look like the same consistency, but mashed potatoes won’t melt under the lamps and lights you need for the photo.