These Are Must Follow Tips For The Deepest Clean In Your House

The start of spring means it’s time to get cleaning! During the long winter of darkness and cold, the last thing you feel like doing is giving your house a good clean. But when spring arrives, and the first beam of natural light touches your living room, you may be shocked at just how badly you let it go.

It’s ok- we’re all there with you. That’s why we threw together a list of spring cleaning hacks that will get the job done quicker and easier. Are you already starting to feel better about it?

Household items like lemons, vinegar, and coffee filters do absolute wonders for cleaning!

The Easy Way To Clean Vent Covers

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Okay, you need to stop reaching up high to clean those little slats in your vent. It doesn’t do much for your back and it’s a pain in the butt. To make life easier, what you need to do is remove the vent completely, and wipe it down with a paper towel.

Next, toss them into your dishwasher and run them on a short cycle with water only. Once they’re completely dry, you can put them back where they belong.

Toilet Siphons Truly Make A Difference


If you really want your toilet bowl to be clean and sparkly, you’ll have to clean its siphon. To start, turn off your water supply to your toilet. Then flush until it is completely empty.

Then, cover your siphons with duct tape and dump vinegar into the toilet tank and flush it. Let the trapped vinegar sit in the tank overnight. You can remove the tape and turn the water back on in the morning.

Electric Stove Burners


Stove burners can get dirty quick without you even realizing it. While some grease marks are on the burners from cooking meals, you can actually clean them. Remove your burners then wipe them down with dish soap and a damp cloth.

Next, run a paste made from baking soda as well as water onto the burners for 20 minutes. Once the time passes by, you can go ahead to scrub off the paste and dry them nicely with a cloth.

Not one person enjoys doing a deep clean of their oven, but read ahead to see why it’s not so difficult.

You Need To Wash Your Pillows


The pillows you sleep with can get nasty after some time. You can put up to two pillows into the washing machine at once. Run the hot cycle using regular detergent and one cup of bleach. Don’t forget to use an extra rinse cycle for an extra clean!

Once they’re done in the wash, place them in the dryer with tennis balls. The balls will help your pillows not lose their shape and don’t forget to throw in the dryer sheets too!

Use A Lemon And Salt To Clean A Wooden Cutting Board


Every time you use a cutting board, it tends to pick up everything that gets cut on them. In order for the board to get a deep clean, the first thing you have to do is rub them down with some coarse salt.

The salt will take out all of the odor and germs that are on the wood. Cut the lemon in half after you layer it with salt and run it over the board. At the end, the sanitized board should smell lemony fresh.

Use Baking Soda And Vinegar To Clean Out Your Oven


Not one person enjoys doing a deep clean of their oven, even though it’s surprisingly easy. Despite the many specialty products and foams that are made for this purpose, there’s a simpler and cheaper solution to that.

Get a bowl and mix together a half cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water to make a paste. After it sits overnight, scrapes it all out and finish it off by spraying vinegar solution on the inside and wiping it out.

To make vacuuming easier, read ahead to see why all the attachments it comes with won’t suit your needs.

A Razor Works To Remove Paint From Clothes

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Doing a lot of painting in the house means some of your clothes will be covered in it. If this has happened to you, never fear because there’s a chance you can take the stains out. But, before doing so, be sure that the paint is dried out.

Next, use a normal razor to delicately scrape off the paint from the fibers. Just be careful and take your time, or else you might cut one of your fingers, which won’t help at all.

Repair Leather Furniture With Olive Oil

Gordon Chibroski/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Having a leather couch or a recliner is a nice touch to your home. But, what you may not know is that they can easily get scratched up, especially with dogs or cats running around.

Not only are the marks going to stand out, but there’s an easy way to fix them. Grab a cloth then dab some olive oil on it before rubbing it into the scratched areas. Let the oil dry for an hour, then wipe it down with another cloth.

A Vaccum Nozzle Can Be Improvised With A Squeeze Top Bottle


If there’s a shop vacuum lying around your hose, not all the attachments it comes with will suit your needs. Very small empty spaces call for extra special equipment that you probably don’t have..

To beat around the bushes and make vacuuming easier, simply pop the top off of a squeeze bottle. Next, fit over the end of the vacuum hose as it should be able to get into tiny spaces with no issues whatsoever.

Luckily, the next one ahead will tell you what to do with a permanent ring mark on the table.

Coffee Filters Work To Clean Your Device Screens


You know how tricky it is trying to wipe down your computer or TV screen. Any strong chemical is not usually best to use since a simple wipe down often leaves traces of fibers behind.

To avoid that problem, try switching things up and use the bottom of a coffee filter to wipe down any screens in the house. The filters aren’t just for your morning coffee, as they will catch the dust and leave no traces behind whatsoever.

Hard Water Stains Are Easy With Lemons


If your house has an old shower or even a bathtub, you might have stains from hard water or limescale. It’s those web-like lines that can be spotted on metal and glass too. Even though normal cleaners like Comet might be ideal to use, it’s not going to get the job done.

If you have a hard time taking the marks off, just cut a lemon and rub it on them to help out. Then, let the juices sit for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Dogs are man’s best friend, find out they make cleaning life much more difficult just ahead.

Take Ring Stings Out Of Old Furniture With A Hairdryer


Anytime you’ve set a wet glass down on a table, you know what will happen if you don’t use a coaster. The second you lift it up, suddenly, there’s a faded and permanent ring mark on the table.

To make sure it never happens again, try this amazing hack. The next time, get a hairdryer and blow it on the ring for a while. Rub olive oil into it when you’re done to seal up the spot.

Irons Become Good Good As New With Baking Soda And Vinegar


After a while, the bottom of any iron will start to accumulate burn residue. The extreme heat of the iron and the residue will build up from being used too often. Don’t throw it away and waste money a new one, though. Try this incredible cleaning hack first.

Make a mixture with vinegar and baking soda to apply on it while the iron is off. Scrub it away and the iron should look good as new.

Clean Your Microwave With A Lemon


Cleaning microwaves are such a pain in the butt. Still, as difficult as they are to clean, what if there was a way to accomplish this without buying heavy chemicals? All you need to do is get a lemon and cut it in half.

After that throw the halves into a half glass of water microwave it for three minutes. Once it’s done, let it stand for five minutes so the fumes can work on the food or stains stuck on the walls.

There’s a reason why there are two ways to approach cleaning your shower.

Dog Hair Lifts Right Up With A Rubber Glove


Dog’s are man’s best friend, but they make cleaning life much more difficult around the house. The hair seems to stick to whatever it can touch, and you can use that your advantage.

The next time you clean up, get some rubber gloves on and wipe your hand over whatever surface is covered with hair. With the power of the rubber glove, all that loose dog hair doesn’t stand a chance. Finally, toss the fur and gloves into the garbage bin.

Vinegar And Plastic Bag Will Shine Your Shower Head Right Up!


You do a good job cleaning the rest of your bathroom, but never pay attention to the shower head. It’s understanding why you don’t because you aren’t sure the best way to clean them. Well, like every hack here, this is just another easy trick for you to know about.

Put plastic around the head then tie it tight, and let the chemicals work their magic. Once its done soaking, run the shower, wipe it down and everything should be good as new.

Use Toothpaste To Clean Your Sneakers


Not everyone takes good care of their shoes, but some people find it important to do so. While water and other cleaners don’t always get the job done, a toothbrush and toothpaste will do just fine.

Put the paste on the shoe and give it a rub into the dirty areas, especially on white shoes. Scrub it down with the brush to lather the dirt and grime out. Once you’re done, wipe the shows down with a damp towel.

Get The Glass Shower Doors Sparkling Again


Here are two great ways to get your shower glass looking like brand new again. Which one you use depends on how much soap-scum has built it up on your shower doors. If you’re doing maintenance cleaning, and there isn’t much soap-scum, balled up pantyhose can do wonders.

However, if you’re like most people and your shower hasn’t had a good clean in a while, the Magic Eraser will do the trick. It doesn’t just work on shower doors, but bathroom mirrors and chrome fixtures too.

Get Stains Out Of Porcelain


Depending on the shape of your sink, this is a one-to-three step process. If there’s little soap scum, you can use a small amount of Bar-Keeper’s Friend. If your sink is looking miserable, you can first wash it with dish soap or detergent. This should remove all that gross, grimy build up.

Finally, spray the surface down with bleach for 15 minutes and wipe it down after. If there’s still a few marks or stains left, put Bar-Keeper’s Friend on each mark and gently rub it in.

Cleaning Faucet Handles


It’s not very common for you to clean your faucet handles. The traffic behind the faucet is comprised of hands that just flushed the toilet, so there are bacteria hidden beneath it.

Thankfully, in order to get things nice and clean, you only need to remove the cover by using a screwdriver to remove the handle. Next, soak it in vinegar and give it a quick scrub, and you’re back on track. Once it’s cleaned, the faucet will look good as new.