All The Best Family Feud Answers That Even Steve Harvey Couldn’t Handle

When Family Feud debuted in 1976, no one expected it to have the lasting impact it has had on American culture. The producers probably thought that families across America would tune in to play the game alongside the families on the show. Fast-forward more than forty years, and we still tune in, but to laugh at the hilarious answers.

Yes, sometimes the questions are sexual in nature and are asking for an inappropriate answer. But a lot of the times, the contestants buckle under the pressure and spit out whatever comes to mind first. Why else would a woman think a rabbit would fly away?

Maybe For Lunch Though

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The best part of this response is you can see the immediate regret on his face. Any animal that actually lays eggs, no matter how outrageous, would have been a better answer.

He could have said the Loch Ness Monster and Steve would have laughed at him, but it wouldn’t live in infamy like thinking a mammal lays eggs.

If The Police Found Those It Would Be A Big Dill

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Jesse over here has clearly led a very privileged life. I’m sure the only time he’s been pulled over was for going 60 over the limit, and he got off because his dad is the sheriff.

Anyone who has been in real trouble would know that the 2lb jar of pickles in the trunk is the least of your worries.

This Is Such A Wholesome Mistake

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Okay, we all want to laugh now, but the generation who grew up before Dora the Explorer isn’t fluent in Spanish. Anthony thought he had a lock for an answer, and judging by the reaction of the woman beside him, she did too.

Continue on to see what response disgusted Steve Harvey.

He’s Not… Wrong

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So I want to laugh, but when you stop and think about it, Chihuahuas are terrifying animals. Their heads and eyes are too big for their bodies, and they have weird twig legs.

It feels like they should fall forward any second, but they stay upright just long enough to yap (the term barking is reserved for big doggos) at you for hours. I’m on the same page as J-Rod.

I’m Always Thinkin’ Pasta, But London Isn’t

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I believe this guy wasn’t answering the question. He was just letting Richard Karn know what was on his mind. And I don’t blame him. I will often casually tell everyone around me know that I’m really craving some spaghetti and meatballs.

There isn’t anything wrong with speaking your truth.

Why Did Four People Think This Was A Good Answer?

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I hope that the four people who chose this response don’t do it themselves. But I’ve read reports of serial public poopers and poop-flingers, so apparently, it’s something that people out in the world will do for fun. I’m on the same page as Steve here.

Keep reading to see one of the dumbest answers ever to happen during the Fast Money round.

But Is It Berenstain Or Berenstein

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Once again, he’s not exactly wrong. He’s just so far from right. Obviously, they were looking for a polar or grizzly bear, but don’t forget the dads out there.

You have Papa Bear from the Berenstain Bears, and Papa Bear from Goldilocks, and even Papa Bear on Sesame Street. I think his answer is valid.

When Crossbreeding The Dove And The Rabbit Actually Works Out

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This answer might work if the magician has a side gig as an evil animal breeder. Sometimes the kids birthday parties don’t pay enough to make rent, and The Mysterious Dynamo has to work part-time breeding animals.

If Dynamo is low on cash already, he can’t afford to go out and buy more animals, so he has to work with the dove and rabbit he has already.

She Cringed On Behalf Of Us All

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This woman looks smart enough to know that oranges are orange, but she’s just caved to the pressure and panicked. It’s one of the original bad answers. Unfortunately for her, it has been more than 30 years, and it doesn’t look like America will forgive her any time soon.

The response coming up is one of the few times where a bad answer didn’t disappoint Steve.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

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It’s clear from the look in his eyes that the best part of his week is Thursday nights when his wife take their kid to ballet, and he finally has 45 blissful minutes to himself to impulse buy off The Shopping Channel.

I hate to break it to Steve, but material things aren’t the secret to living a happy and successful life.

And His Best Friend Chrysanthemum Robins

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Pooh Bear is one of the most iconic, pantless characters in modern literature. I can’t believe this man dared disrespect a bear who has always been a champion of eating what you want and body positivity.

I’m not sure what knock-off children’s books were floating around in the 1970s, but everyone knows that it’s Winnie the Pooh.

The Only Answer Steve Harvey Has Ever Been Happy About

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Honestly, hosting Family Feud is an easy job. The host has to smile and repeat answers all day long. But this is one of the few times we’ve seen Steve become genuinely excited about an answer. “Porcupine” wasn’t on the board, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t go down in history.

Coming up, Family Feud will sometime use a PG version of a naughty word, and it makes it even funnier.

I See One Cloud, Better Not Risk Going Outside

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Yes, this answer sounds dumb, but all the lazy people out there know it’s the truth. I’ll find any reason I can to avoid going outside and socializing.

It’s always the warm, sunny days that everyone wants to hang out. But I’m perfectly fine watching Netflix in my air-conditioned paradise.

That Scam Is The Oldest One In The Books

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This guy looks like he’s rich enough to have blindly bought a horse for his spoiled daughter and it had a brown mane instead of a white mane, so he cried wolf and called it a scam.

I can’t think of a lot of things that could turn out phony, but I know for a fact that a horse isn’t one of them.

I Take It All Back, A Baloney Pony Is A Phony Horse

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Thanks to the internet, men have finally started listening to what women do and don’t like. Everyone is different, but if Tinder has proven anything, it’s that all women don’t like when men send unsolicited pictures. They could care less when men hold their baloney pony like it’s a prize-winning cucumber in a state fair.

Coming up, one of the answers was so shocking that even Steve Harvey was left speechless.

No One Wants To See That

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One of the greatest debates in American history has been whether we should uphold the Second Amendment. Many people claim that owning a gun makes them feel safe from dangerous situations like if a burglar breaks into your house.

Now we know that we should have the right to have a wrinkly old naked grandma. She’d scare someone off faster than a gun could.

He’s Trying To Join The Mile-High Club

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This brings a whole new meaning to the word “cockpit.” I’ve seen Sully and I know that pilots can be the person standing between life and death of an entire planeful of people.

The last thing I want to know if that our pilot is busy with his own turbulence to worry about everyone else.

Steve Didn’t Even Think Of This One

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I’ve seen Steve Harvey be upset and shocked by contestant answers, but here he looks disappointed in us all. I bet he usually has a pretty good idea of the answers up on the board, but he would never have thought of “white dudes” as an acceptable answer for “white balls.”

When will he learn to stop having hope in humanity?

Someone Get This Poor Man Some Friends

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This is the saddest wrong answer I’ve seen yet. Usually, the worst answers come from impulse. The first thing this man thought of wasn’t a single day, but a whole month.

I know it’s hard to be alone for the holidays but if Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in The Holiday can do it, so can you.

We’re Not Here To Judge, But… You Know That Doesn’t Sound Good

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I’m not trying to jump to any conclusions here, but I’ve been wracking my brain for hours, and I have no idea what this woman would have meant by this answer.

Maybe they don’t make dentist appointments so they have black teeth? Or some of them could have black hair? I’m running out of ways to defend you, Christine.