These Bathrooms Need Major Renovations And It Isn’t Funny!

Bathrooms should only receive sacred treatment. They’re where we go to relieve ourselves, to be alone, and to freshen up. No one wants to go to a restroom with an obscure design that could compromise any of those three intentions previously mentioned. Still, we have lavatories that can bring much panic to germaphobes, invade your privacy, and destroy your desire to use the toilet. We sincerely apologize if you come across any of these horrendously designed bathrooms in your lifetime. We all deserve better than this…

The Sign Says “Private” Restroom…

slit in the door that will make you see someone

This restroom has to be some parody. Where is the respect for privacy? Most likely, no one will intentionally stop in their tracks to peer through that narrow window while you do your business, but that doesn’t mean they won’t catch a glimpse by accident.

We wouldn’t feel comfortable using this restroom. The sign says private, but that isn’t the case. We’re hoping that a blind was missing at the time of this photo, and this is a joke. If not, this establishment is a joke.

Wait, What Is THIS?!

is it a wet toilet or not the world may never know

After taking one look at this toilet, you’d probably want to use a different one, unless your bladder says you don’t have enough time for that. A wet toilet seat is no fun, so why would you design one always to look that way?

Whoever considered this to be a bright idea needs to get their bulb checked. Yes, it may be funny to some, but in real life, this would be shocking to see.

Mirrors On The Ceiling For What?

bathroom with mirrored ceiling allowing you to see whoever is in the stall

Mirrors should only be in two places in restrooms, and that’s by the exit and where you wash your hands. Anywhere else and it doesn’t make sense. One place they don’t need to be is on the ceiling.

You now have a clear sight at whoever is in the stall. How comforting is that? Hopefully, no one dares to look up when you’re doing your business, and if they do, your privacy vanishes instantly.

This next bathroom looks like it’s straight from a horror story…

Sky High With Everyone Watching

toilets facing sapporo city, in the JR Tower
Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

As luxurious as this highrise building looks, the urinal placement needs a little help. We don’t know how many people walk around with binoculars, but if they did, then you’re as good as exposed.

In close quarters, the dividers are a bit strange. It looks like you would still be able to see the person using the bathroom next to you. Perhaps, privacy wasn’t a big concern when building this room with urinals. We may never know.

Toilets From The Future

bathroom with crazy urinals from the future
Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

We’re going to assume that this is a men’s restroom. Not saying it can’t go the other way, but it would make the most sense for this to be for guys. Now that we’ve established that, it’s time to talk about this in depth.

Do they want men to walk straight up to these futuristic urinals and insert? That’s a little too much if you ask us. We have many other questions like what if that hole they have there is too small? What if it’s violently dirty in that hole? Please reconsider this.

Interesting Setup You’ve Got Here

Four men must come together to use these urinals
Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

We’re still trying to determine if this is cool or if this too much. Yes, each person gets just enough privacy to use the restroom, but it’s just a peculiar setup to look at if you ask us.

It almost makes you feel like after the correct four men step foot into this bathroom and use the urinals at the same time, then something magical will happen. Something’s fishy about this design, and we just can’t put our finger on it.

Take A Leak Before Plummeting

crazy toilet location in someone's home that is very scary
Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

For starters, this bathroom looks horrifying. Whoever lives here needs to consider doing some construction and begin with this oddly placed restroom. Imagine using it and looking down at nothing but a dark abyss. We haven’t been this concerned in a while.

Guests would be wise to avoid this toilet at all costs. You never know what could be living down those dark stairs or what could creep up while you’re handling your business. We’ve seen worse, but this is horrendous.

Number One Only Please

toilet lid that doesn't go down in this bedroom

Someone clearly messed up when they put this bathroom together. It’s obvious the team didn’t think this one through 100%. On the other hand, how did they even let it get to this point?

You would think that the rod came second after the installation of the toilet. If that were the case, someone just forgot to put the lid down, and that’s no good. Why didn’t they fix this issue right after noticing it?

Wow, Nice Hole

creating a hole in the door for the toilet

As we get deeper into this list, its become strikingly apparent that bathroom remodeling isn’t high on some people’s priority list. It looks like someone created a weak workaround here after poor planning.

Creating a makeshift hole in your bathroom door is only causing more problems for yourself in the long run. Also, people will still be able to look inside even with the door closed! Another case of poor construction for you to see.

Stand On Seat In Order To Use

Stall too Small for use, one must stand to use

How bad can a restroom get? Take a look at this for your answer. This man can’t even stand up naturally to properly urinate. The only way around this is to stand up on the rim!

What if you need to go number two? At that point, you’d have to consider squatting or holding it in until you find a different bathroom. The management at this place needs to get their priorities together because this is out of hand.

Get To Know Your Neighbor

toilets in the wide open in this restroom. we hope you like it

What’s more surprising to you? The fact that these are regular toilets outside of stalls that aren’t urinals, or the lack of dividers between these row of toilets? We’d go with the latter simply because the privacy level is at a zero.

Could this be a hostel bathroom in a foreign country? If it is, that’s the only way we’ll think about letting this one slide. Imagine this room on a packed summer day, and people need to go number two.

Go With A Friend Or Stranger!

side by side you can go with a friend or stranger if you so choose

Have you ever shared a closed space with a stranger to use the restroom? Hopefully, you never had to, but if you walk into this establishment that might change. It’s not like one of these is a urinal and the other is a regular toilet, they’re both the same!

What is the purpose of all this? Are they purposely trying to shred any remains of privacy the general public has? That might be a little harsh, but it makes you ponder.

No Sitting In The Waiting Area

do not sit on the chairs in the waiting area even though its a waiting area

Wouldn’t be awful to have to wait and not have anywhere to sit? Just ask all the people who go to Disneyland and wait for hours in those ride lines. It’s pretty bad. Not being able to sit in a waiting restroom area wouldn’t be fun either.

Especially when they have designated seating, but the sits are for decoration. People would rather take a load off their feet before admiring some wooden chairs they can’t sit in. The painting on the wall also appears to be of a sitting area!

No Roll, That’s A Problem

No spin with this toilet paper, just rip and hope for the best

If this isn’t a prison bathroom, then whoever installed this should be ashamed of themselves. What’s the point of having round toilet paper, and you can’t even spin it!? Well, that’s what’s going on here.

Your best bet is only to rip off pieces until you get the length you desire. Even then, that’s doing too much, and something that allows this paper to roll needs to get installed. There seems to be a lot of these at public parks.

This Looks Like Fun

toilet urinals right in front of the bathroom stall

It’s one thing to place two urinals without a divider right next to each other. It’s a whole new story when you have a urinal right in front of a door to the stall. That changes the entire complexion of your bathroom visit.

Think about it like this: What if you were in the stall and you finished going. As you open the door, you see some man using the urinal. Now you have to wait until he’s done to escape.

Slide Down The Ramp And Enter Toilet Land!

sliding ramp attached to a sink that connects to a toilet

As lovely as this counter-toilet combination looks, it’s unnecessary. A lot of blunders can happy with this set-up. You can lose a toothbrush with one accidental tap, but you’ll also gain a toilet brush! That’s not a win-win, but it’s something.

Also, we feel that these two things are incredibly close. When you flush a toilet, germs can shoot several feet into the air, so one flush and all your belongings on the sink have the potential to get covered with bacteria.

Who Lines Their Bathroom With Carpet?

carpet in the bathroom has a weird feel to it and now we can't unsee this

Well, seeing this is a first. Having carpeting in your bathroom isn’t something you see every day, and for a good reason. For one, carpet takes longer to dry compared to traditional flooring options for restrooms.

Also, what if a flood happens? Now, you have to change the entire carpet, especially if there was padding underneath it. We advise that you keep things how they’re supposed to be and not try this at home.

Who On Earth Has Hands That Reach That Far?

toilet paper that is really far for you to reach

Unless you’re some type of mutant, it would appear that you need to grab a sheet of toilet paper before heading in to handle your business. If not, you’ll have to scurry out and swipe some when no one is looking.

If you don’t like doing that, then you could pull an Elaine Benes and ask the person in the stall next to you to spare a square. Yeah, they need to change the location of this toilet paper dispenser.

Look Out For The Pole

toilet you have to hop over bar just to use
Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Getting in and out of this bathroom stall looks like it will be a ton of fun! Said no one ever. Why on earth is there a metal rod in front of the door? What’s behind that door?

Is that a way for people to make a sneak attack on you while you lighten your load? Wow, you have to become a wrestler going under the ropes to get through that entrance. This was poorly planned out.

A See-through Stall, What A Great Idea

glass mirror bathroom that can see a person going

No one in the history of going number two in a public restroom thought that having a see-through door would be a great idea. Even going number one wouldn’t be any fun with this type of “privacy”.

Merely seeing the colored silhouette of a person relieving themselves over the toilet is too much. This place needs to have their bathroom redesigned. If not the whole site, at least this stall. This is a travesty on all levels.

That’s An Interesting Spot For That

2019-07-15 14_17_33-25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

Design flaw would be an understatement for this. For starters, won’t the toilet paper get drenched if you’re taking a shower? Secondly, who in the world is going to reach that far?

Whoever moved into this location must have overlooked this essential bathroom error. Not only does it make no sense, but its a huge inconvenience. No one should be inconvenienced while trying to use the bathroom. It just isn’t right and it’s no fun.

More Strange Places For The Toilet Paper

bathroom fail

Some people must not like the use of toilet paper. That luxury should be in arms’ distance of the toilet in any bathroom and nowhere else. It wouldn’t make sense being in an obscure location.

This restroom must be cursed. There’s no explanation behind this besides lazy designing. Whoever approved this needs to have a talk with their boss because this isn’t cool at all. Someone has to stand up in order to get this toilet paper? Fail.

Step Up To Do Your Business

2019-07-15 14_24_04-25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

What exactly do we have here? There’s no telling when it comes to funky bathroom design fails. We can only describe this as something that a pharaoh in the past life asked for so he could sit above everyone while doing his business.

If that isn’t the case, then there’s no telling what’s going on. Just a waste of steps in our opinion. Who needs to sit that high up to use the bathroom?

Have Fun

2019-07-15 14_28_01-25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

If these were the last two available spaces left in a crowded bathroom and two people needed to go extremely badly at the same time, someone might cause a mess in their pants. Who wants to bump body parts as they use the restroom?

This isn’t cool at all on any level. The designer should feel ashamed of themselves. Saving space isn’t worth sacrificing the privacy of going to the restroom. Do better next time, please.

Have Enough Paper Towels Yet?

2019-07-15 14_30_59-25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

Wow, wherever this place is, the people must love having really dry hands. That, or one paper towel dispenser isn’t enough and clearly, two isn’t either. Honestly, you can have this many dispensers, but why are they so close together?

It’s not like there’s going to be an arms race to dry your hands off. If so, you might need to have your priorities checked because it isn’t that serious. That’s also a lot of paper going to waste…

All Eyes On Whoever Is In Here

2019-07-15 14_34_31-25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

Look what we have here ladies and gentlemen. Sure, they have a door separating you from the people on the outside, but that doesn’t mean they can’t see you. Imagine you’re minding your own business, then someone takes a gander as they walk by.

Using this restroom wouldn’t be any type of fun if you ask us. You’ll always be worried whether or not if someone is going to see you handling your personal business in there.

It’s A Face-off!

2019-07-15 14_47_54-25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

Okay, what exactly were they thinking here? There’s no way they thought this was a bright idea during construction. It doesn’t make any sense at all. What if two people really need to use the bathroom at the same time?

With this bizarre setup, any unlucky people who need the restroom at the same time are in for the staring contest of the decade. And that’s a contest no one wants to participate in.

Not A Good Place For That…

2019-07-15 14_55_30-25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

Is that really the ideal place to have an electrical outlet, under some soap? If you look closely, you can already see some soap seeping into the outlet. How dangerous can this be? That’s probably what they asked when they were installing the soap dispensary.

This shouldn’t have ever happened. Either the construction crew was in a rush or this was a last-minute addition, but either way, this isn’t how it should’ve gotten done.

This Horrific Bathroom…

2019-07-15 15_01_23-25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

Take a great look at this bathroom. Does it strike you as an inviting one? Or does it send slight chills up your spine? Why does the door look like a beast tried to claw its way out?

Is this a bathroom they trained in for the movie Saw? Things don’t look too great in here at all and it’s pretty scary if you ask us. We don’t blame you if you feel unsafe using a bathroom like this…

Well, That’s Not Creepy

toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

We’re debating whether or not this is a place where you’ll admire the art on the wall, or get creeped out by looking at it. The design isn’t bad at all, and would look cool on a regular wall.

We just think you shouldn’t have placed a bunch of eyeballs in a scary red bathroom. This is nightmare fuel if we’ve ever seen it. Just close your eyes and you’ll be fine if you ever find this restroom.

Not The Privacy You Asked For

image (7)

The men’s restroom usually has its toilets in an enclosed stall, while most guys deal with having to stand next to each other at the urinals. But whoever designed this bathroom must have thought the opposite when they decided to place a toilet out in the open.

We feel sorry for the poor soul who has to use the toilet when they see this arrangement. But hey, at least you get your privacy if you only need to do number one.

It’s Gonna Be A Tight Squeeze


Some bathrooms are hard-pressed to offer all three amenities—a toilet, a sink, and a tub—in one space. But despite its limitations, this bathroom managed to fit all three in there.

Some might be disturbed to see the toilet snuggled up to the tub this way but as long as each fixture works properly, is there really an issue? We think not. You can brush your teeth while doing your business then hop into the shower right after.

As Long As You Remain Anonymous


This bathroom had the right idea but missed the mark when it came to offering its patrons total privacy. The stalls only cover so much and unfortunately, this means people can see you if you were sitting down on the toilet.

Luckily, they wouldn’t really know it’s you since the door would cover your face. But they would certainly be able to know what you’re doing and might accidentally see all your bits in the process.

A Little Too Cozy


If you’ve ever wanted to be able to rest your arms and contemplate life while doing business on the toilet, then there is a bathroom out there for you. One Reddit user uploaded this photo of a bathroom in a house that his realtor showed him.

The listing for the house described it as “cozy” and “quaint” and usually those terms mean that the space is a little too small to be even remotely comfortable.

When You Need That Extra Support


You don’t ever need to feel like you don’t have enough support whenever you’re in this bathroom. Not that we’re speaking from personal experience, but there are times when we’ve sat down in the bathroom and felt a little lonely.

That’s exactly why this bathroom stall provides you with a photo of people reaching up at you from the floor. Nothing will make you want to finish up and get out of there faster.

Nobody Likes A Looky-Loo


When doing your thing at a public urinal you know not to look down at the person next you doing the same thing. For some people, it’s their worst nightmare. So those people would be incredibly uncomfortable if they came to this bathroom.

It might be a little difficult to get things flowing with Jeremy Renner dressed as Hawkeye staring down at you. Just be glad that it’s not the real thing.

Who Cares About Leg Space?


Never mind the fact that this bathroom is almost entirely covered in hues of baby pink. Just look at how big the toilet is compared to everything else in the narrow bathroom! You can just forget about comfortably sitting forward while you’re using the toilet.

Not only that, but you’ll have to climb over the toilet to use the sink or the shower. If this was the bathroom in your house you’d sure get used to sitting side-saddle on the commode.

For The Multi-Tasker


They say you shouldn’t [expletive] where you eat but in this case, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. This is apparently a bathroom in a rental home in Paris, France, where the toilet shares a sink with the kitchen. If you wanted to make your breakfast while doing your morning “routine” then this is the perfect place to do it!

Let’s just hope you know to put the toilet lid down every time your flush to at least try to minimize the germs you’re spreading onto your food.

I’m Suddenly Not So Thirsty Anymore


We don’t really know where all water fountains source their water from but this one gives you a clear idea. We can’t imagine why anyone would think to put a water fountain inside the bathroom, let alone put it right next to the urinals.

One can only hope that the pipe underneath it isn’t somehow connected to those things but it would explain why the water has that funky taste.

Good Things Come In Pairs

2019-07-15 15_10_00-25 Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

They say it takes two to tango and in this bathroom, it takes two to do a lot more. One might assume this is a bathroom for friends who always like to go to the restroom together.

Just look at how convenient it is to be able to do your business in the presence of your BFF, who will be on hand to pass you the toilet paper when your deed is done, so that’s nice.