Curious Zelda Has Taken Over Twitter Like Only A Cat Is Capable

The internet was obviously developed by computer scientists so cats would have a place to be revered by billions. From fake news discourse to time sucks, it’s cats who bring us back to reality and remind an entire planet that not everything needs to be taken so serious and that love is alive and well, even if it’s just reserved for our feline friends.

Recently, a cat named Curious Zelda took Twitter by storm, racking up more than 26,000 followers. Zelda shares her life in the form of hilarious tweets and quick-witted poems that only a cat could write. Here’s her story…

Please Do Not Overcharge Your Cat


Normal Curious Zelda versus fully-charged Curious Zelda tells us pretty much everything we need to know about this internet sensation. Get her wired and ready to go and her eyes will stare directly into your soul and melt your heart at the same time.

Curious Zelda quickly gained a following in the same way as many of her feline friends – by offering a unique look that embodies the cat form. We can’t get enough of Zelda and when you see more of her antics you’ll understand why. She even coined a new Netflix term as you’ll soon learn.

How To Cure Concentration In One Easy Step

Curious Zelda Cat.jpg

Curious Zelda understands that humans take themselves way too seriously. Whenever her owner is in the middle of an important moment of thought she jumps on their lap and quickly cures them of too much thinking.

With big eyes like Zelda’s, it’s easy to see why her owner quickly loses track of what was on their mind. The struggle for cat owners is real and Curious Zelda’s hundreds of likes and retweets on this post prove that other cat owners understand exactly what their four-legged friends are trying to accomplish with all of that lap sitting at the most inopportune times.

DIY Moment: Making Bread

Curious Zelda.jpg

“First I eat some flour, Den my belly laid, Paws tucked in, That’s how bread is made.” It’s lessons like this that have endured Curious Zelda to thousands of dedicated fans who check her Twitter timeline on a daily basis. This particular social network is huge for dog lovers but Curious Zelda is proving that any furry four-legged creature can win at social media.

Curious Zelda loves to rhyme and her owner does such a great job with her tweets that we actually believe this is the type of stuff a cat would say on Twitter if given the chance to speak for themselves.

Important Life Lessons From A Cat

Meet Curious Zelda.jpg

Curious Zelda’s name pretty much sums up the life of cats. Give a cat a box and they will jump inside and see what they can do with such a simple object. At the same time, cats are curious by nature and will often attempt things that seem counterproductive or counter-intuitive.

Zelda reminds us that sometimes we need to think outside of the box. With those big curious eyes, we have a feeling she probably didn’t spend much time outside of the box when there was a dark space to explore right in front of her. Cats really are the best teachers.

It’s All About You – Until Cat Arrives

The Cat - Curious Zelda.jpg

As cat lovers, we can’t figure out why they make us so happy. A special day on the calendar? It’s theirs now. Hoping to enjoy some time on your own? Sorry, that’s not going to happen. Cats might be the most selfish of animals. They might disappear and hide in your house all day long but the moment you’re about to do something on your own they appear and demand your time and affection.

Curious Zelda reminds us that our birthdays, anniversaries, and every holiday is all about them and they won’t accept no for an answer regardless of how much you plead.

Good Luck Lecturing A Cat

This is Curious Zelda.jpg

When a dog is caught in the act they have a lot of tells. Their tail goes between their legs, they hide in a corner, etc. When a cat does something wrong – good luck trying to catch them. Curious Zelda pretty much sums up how a cat hides away when they get in trouble. “Yesterday I did a bad. I hid away and had a sad.”

It’s just a lot harder to catch a nimble cat and lecture them about what they have done wrong. And with adorable eyes like Curious Zelda’s, how can you really be mad at such an amazingly adorable creature.

Netflix And Kill

Twitter and Curious Zelda.jpg

Cats are totally educated on pop culture. Netflix and chill is a little bit different for them but we’ll accept their approach since a housefly is taken out of the picture. There’s just one problem with this tweet, Curious Zelda’s big loving eyes make it hard for us to imagine that she is capable of taking out any type of creature, even something as small and pesky as a common housefly.

Netflix and kill sounds like a really bad original movie on the popular streaming service. But it’s also a movie we would totally watch if it popped up in our feed.

99 Cat Problems

Curious Zelda in a bush.jpg

I’ve got 99 problems and this bush is one. At least cat problems are easy to deal with, although sometimes they make a huge deal out of the silliest things. Curious Zelda loves to play outdoors but she’s not so good at interacting with mother nature which seems a bit strange for an animal that is built to be outdoors.

With such big eyes, it’s hard to tell when Curious Zelda is actually startled or just being herself as she interacts with the world. With more than 10,000 interactions on this tweet, her followers know the cat struggle is real.

Inside The Mind Of Cat

Curious Zelda is hiding.jpg

Curious Zelda might have a massive and growing social media following but it’s still a cat and that means the rug life! If rugs and carpets were as comfortable for humans as they are for felines we wouldn’t need to buy couches or chairs for our living rooms and offices.

In this photo, Zelda is obviously hiding after pulling off another one of her famous and silly antics. It won’t be long before she’s getting in her human’s way and causing lots of trouble, just like she is in our next example. Every cat owner understands that the next struggle is real!

The Hallway, It Is Mine

Curious Zelda will not bow to your requests.jpg

Did you know that thousands of people every year end up in the ER because they trip over small dogs and cats? It’s almost as if they are trying to teach us a really annoying lesson. Curious Zelda is no different and they make no apologies for getting in the way and taking up space where very little is available in the first place.

With thousands of interactions on this tweet, we have a feeling a lot of cat owners are used to giving up much of their personal space to have a furry little friend living under their roof.

Move Cat. Get Out The Way. Get Out The Way Cat.

Twitter has a new favorite cat - Curious Zelda.jpg

Even if they are not trying to make you trip, cats have a way of standing their ground even though they are a lot smaller than their owners. Curious Zelda is curious but also really stubborn. Attempt to move her and she will stand her ground and let you know that the hallway is there for her enjoyment.

Apparently, all you need to go viral on Twitter is a wide-eyed cat and some decent rhyming skills and you’re good to go. It doesn’t hurt that Curious Zelda has an awesome name and is a champion of posing for the camera.

Forgot How To Cat

A broken Curious Zelda.jpg

If you have ever searched the internet for cats in uncomfortable poses you know they have an innate ability to pose in what appears to be impossible poses. Curious Zelda was just hanging around the house when her legs went crazy and she apparently “forgot how to cat.” This pose doesn’t look comfortable but it’s hard to read her actual reaction with those always present giant eyes.

Every cat has their own personality and they put it on display for everyone to adore. Curious Zelda has mastered the intricacies of hamming it up for the camera and that makes her our favorite little feline to follow on Twitter. Sorry Grumpy cat!

Curious Zelda Explains Diminishing Returns

Check out Curious Zelda.jpg

Do you have a cat with front and back claws? If you answered yes you are probably very familiar with the cost of replacing couch cushions, curtains, shoes, and various other objects around your home.

Curious Zelda isn’t afraid to remind their owner on a daily basis that they are going to be up to no good. Leave a cat alone for too long and curiosity might not kill the cat but it will probably destroy some of your personal belongings. Unfortunately for Zelda’s owner, it’s really hard to stay mad at something this darn cute.

With Eyes Like This…

Curious Zelda and the worlds biggest cat eyes.jpg

When Curious Zelda says she has seen some crazy things we really want to believe her. With giant eyes, we believe the world looks a lot different for this feline cutie. Plus, she seems to always be exploring the world from different perspectives which likely gives her a hand up on the competition.

Now if only Curious Zelda would be on the lookout for trouble a little less, her owner would finally be able to stop worrying that their cat is diminishing the value of their home. Twitter users get it and have interacted more than 5,000 times with this awesome cat-friendly tweet.

So That’s Where Commotion Is Born

Curious Zelda hiding after causing trouble.jpg

When there’s a lot of commotion we have dogs to remind us that a lot is going on. When we are sitting in peace, reading a book or watching TV, that’s when our cats will start to act like maniacs. It’s almost as if Curious Zelda and her feline friends thrive on their ability to create unrest in our lives.

Stay calm when there is absolutely nothing going on? Not unless a scheduled cat nap was already planned. Perhaps we love our four-legged furry friends because they bring a little bit of disorder to our lives, they really are slightly sadistic.

Not Something Ordinary!

Curious Zelda is an awesome cat.jpg

Curious Zelda doesn’t like ordinary. She thrives on the weird and the different. When everyday life stands in her way it freaks her out. Perhaps she yearns to break free of the shackles of her repetitive life. Cats will jump into dark areas and explore the world around them with full abandon. However, show them something we consider to be ordinary and you never know if they are going to freak out for no apparent reason.

Curious Zelda’s eyes may just be tricking us yet again by turning a normal cat pose into something a bit more in your face and skeptical. She can’t help it, she wears her emotion on her face at all times.

Cats Are NEVER To Blame

Curious Zelda throws down a rhyme.jpg

“Broke a thing. Human furious. Not my fault. Was just curious.” This should probably be the anthem for cats. In all fairness to humans though, many cats will knowingly see an object on a table, look directly at their owner, and then proceed to knock over and break the object.

Basically, cats know exactly what they are doing when they destroy stuff around the house. They are also just cute enough to make us forgive them for their outwardly destructive ways. Curious Zelda broke something and she is going to refuse to take responsibility for her actions. Typical crazy cat!

How To Store A Cat

How To Store A Curious Zelda.jpg

Always store your cat in an upright position with easy viewing access to all of the stuff they will later destroy in your home. Make sure your cat is fed and watered on a daily basis. If you must store your cat for travel, be assured they will resent you for it and destroy your belongings upon returning home.

Curious Zelda is so curious that she must find some high ground to scope out her surroundings. There’s no better way for a cat to determine what they will break next or what area of the home they will claim as their own.

Even The Cutest Cats Are Kinda Jerks

The beautiful Curious Zelda.jpg

This poem from Curious Zelda perfectly sums up the love and immediate hate relationship between cats and their humans. “Next to me, my human sat. He looked at me in awe. Following our friendly chat. I struck him with my paw.”

There’s a common theme that Curious Zelda reminds us of with every tweet. We love our cats, we care for them, and we want them to live happy and healthy lives. On the other hand, they are huge jerks and half the time we just want them to go hide under the bed and leave us alone while we relax without them around to cause unnecessary trouble.

The First Rule Of Night Club

Curious Zelda and Twitter.jpg

We don’t have the heart to tell Curious Zelda that her “night club” friends are just a bunch of stuffed animals. She truly thinks her mission in life is to tear them limb from limb and she has a perfect record.

Zelda might look wide-eyed when sizing up her challengers but in all fairness they look that way when laying around, eating, watching her owner, etc. We love Curious Zelda so much that she’s the first Twitter account we browse to every single morning. Follow their antics and you’ll soon be hooked on the clever tweets and adorable visuals Twitters newest feline sensation embodies.