These People’s Dumb Decisions Will Make You Feel Like The Smartest Person On Earth

Sometimes, people don’t always think things through before making a decision. Although to err is human, some people ignore logic and choose to do things that they know could end horribly. This usually results in some kind of accident or misfortune that could have easily avoided if people simply used the brain they were given. If you think you’ve made some bad decisions in your life, think again. These people’s terrible choices will make you feel like the smartest person on earth.

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Going, Going, Gone

car fell through ice

If your friends ever dare you to do donuts in your car on a frozen body of water, don’t do it. The end result is usually going to be what’s pictured here. One second it might seem like everything is going fine and then the next, you’re completely submerged in below-freezing water.

Whoever was driving this car appears to be extremely lucky, as you can tell by the footprints showing that they walked away from the vehicle. They’re probably going to have a hard time explaining this one to their insurance company, or more likely, their parents.

Nice One, UPS

door handle jammed shut with UPS package

Some poor souls were inside their home when they suddenly realized that they couldn’t open their front door. This isn’t usually a problem that comes up when you’re just hanging out inside your house, so it’s safe to assume that they were pretty confused by what was going on.

After trying everything they could think of, they were forced to call their building maintenance for some assistance. Apparently, the mailman had jammed their package under the doorknob like this, just assuming that nobody was inside. Imagine if they didn’t have building maintenance!

All The Perks Of Having A Convertable!

snow in the back of an open convertible

We’re not sure why anybody’s top would be down if it was cold enough for snow, but it looks like someone couldn’t help but show off. Apparently, as they parked the car with their teeth chattering from the cold, they figured it wouldn’t snow anytime soon.

It turns out they were sorely mistaken and now their car can serve as an industrialized icebox. Would you wait for it to melt or would you grab a shovel and get to work?

Do you know the difference between a fire extinguisher and an air pump?

They’ve Clearly Done This Before

Hooked a strap through hubcap

You almost have to feel sorry for someone who makes a mistake as bad as this. You’d think that at least one person would see the problem here and prevent what is bound to end up in catastrophe.

Most likely what will happen is they’ll start driving, the strap will snap, and the ATV will fall back into the street. Now, all of their hard work and careful planning will have been for nothing. Such a shame.

When Your Sneaky Plan Backfires

car drove through wet cement

There’s really nothing worse than people who don’t think that the rules apply to them. We see this all the time, especially when driving, when people break the rules in order to get somewhere faster or get ahead of others.

That appears to be the case here, with someone who didn’t want to wait in the line anymore and decided to take a different route. Little did they know that the cones were there for a reason — shocker! Now, their car is buried in wet cement as everyone who followed the rules points and laughs.

She’s About To Learn A Lesson The Hard Way

filling tire with a fire extinguisher

Here’s a picture of someone who is about to learn a brutal lesson. We’re going to go ahead and assume this woman thinks that she needs air in her tires. So, what does she do? Grabs a fire extinguisher of course!

We don’t know what’s more concerning, the fact that she thinks a fire extinguisher will work, or that she doesn’t know what a fire extinguisher is. We just wish there was an “after” picture of what happened once she pressed down on that lever.

It’s important to be aware of the size of your car.

Two Birds With One Stone

Two men in convertible ride through car wash
Hamish & Andy/YouTube

These wise guys thought it would be a good idea to go through a car wash with their top down. We don’t know if you’ve ever been inside a car wash, but most people are thankful to stay dry and safe inside the confines of their vehicle.

But not these guys. They even dressed for the occasion and are ready to receive their deep cleaning along with their car. They better get that top back up before they get whipped to death by thousands of soapy rags.

On Cloud Nine

soap bubbles fill the yard

Now it’s not entirely uncommon for this to happen on a much smaller scale inside someone’s house. This can happen if someone isn’t paying attention to how much detergent they pour, or maybe if they’re just learning how to use the dishwasher for the first time. But this is completely out of this world. What happened? Did somebody dump four entire bottles of detergent into the machine?

The only way this would make sense if it was done on purpose. Maybe they were planning to throw a foam party, or maybe they were trying to spite their parents.

“Honey, Can You Bring The Truck?”

trying to fit huge box into small car

Sometimes, when you’re making a (literal) large purchase, it might behoove you to go measure the item before trying to fit it into your car. It’s like going to buy a couch when you don’t know the dimensions of your front door.

This is an oversight that can lead to some serious problems. It looks like this woman figured everything would play out the way she wanted it to, but that’s not the case. The sad thing is that she didn’t even come close. Hopefully, she has a way to get her purchase home!

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What Could Go Wrong?

pushing a concrete pipe out of a truck

These guys have clearly watched too many cartoons in their day. We’re not sure if they’re really hopeful or completely disillusion, because this is not going to end well. We want to yell for the guy on the ground to get out of the way because once that piece of concrete leaves the truck, it’s going to be a rogue wheel of death.

More than likely, that concrete pipe hit the tires and collapsed on itself. Those things probably aren’t cheap either!

Missing The Point

Missing The Point a map in pieces

Apparently, what happened here is that someone’s mother bought what she thought was a world map, unaware that it was a map from Game of Thrones. While this is a cool display if you are a Game of Thrones fan, for someone to mistake it for a real-world map is pretty disheartening.

If you don’t have the slightest idea what the geography of our world looks like, it might be time to re-evaluate your priorities. Bright side: if the mom that bought this has family members who are fans of the series, we guess it works out for them!

The Point Is Not To Use The Stove

stove danger

If you buy a new piece of equipment or appliance and you’re not entirely sure how it works, your best bet is to read the directions. We’re going to guess that somebody thought this pressure cooker was a fancy pan and threw it on the stove without referring to the directions.

Clearly, they were unaware that this device doesn’t require a stove. In fact, quite the opposite. The point is to not to have to use a stove or oven at all, and that everything can be done inside the pressure cooker. Lesson learned!

That’s One Way To Get Haunted

That's One Way To Get Haunted

If your job is to transport coffins to funerals, this is everything that you really don’t want to happen. Especially if you are in front of a procession, you are going to have a lot of explaining to do to the deceased person’s loved ones.

Surely, there have to be straps in the car to prevent this from happening. Did the driver just get lazy or was this some kind of freak accident? One thing is certain, that man is fired.

Check out an explosion just waiting to happen.

The Perfect Seat

sitting on a stack of eggs

We get it. When you’re waiting for someone while they’re shopping, our first instinct is usually to find a nice place to sit down. This guy obviously couldn’t wait a second longer and didn’t want to sit on the ground. So, his next best option? To sit on a giant crate of eggs.

Is he aware of how fragile eggs are or does he just not care? Either way, he’s going to have a nice present on the bottom of his pants when he finally stands up.

Not A Care In The World

leaning back on motorcycle

Most people daring enough to ride a motorcycle at least take the necessary precautions to ensure that they don’t get hurt or die. At the very least they wear a helmet! But not this man. No, he’s cruising down the highway in shorts, flip flops, and a t-shirt.

Oh, and he’s also driving with his feet! The only thing that would make this daredevil even more chill would be if he were drinking a beer. We hope he took out a life insurance policy before going out on this joyride.

By Any Means Necessary

riding in back of open car

While we admire the determination, there had to be a better way to go about this. Strapping the box onto the roof of the car would have been a good start. Surely, they could have taken the time to go buy the necessary equipment to properly get this item home rather than risking someone’s life.

Once that car starts accelerating, we bet that box and the woman on top of it are going to slide right out of the car.

Fire In The Hole!

blowtorch hitting cans of gas

If you’re working with a piece of equipment that shoots out thousands of sparks per second, it might be worth it to check where those sparks are landing. If those sparks end up making contact with something flammable, the entire shop would quickly go up in flames.

While that would be bad, what would be worse is an explosion, which this worker is about to experience. All of those sparks are landing directly on what look to be highly explosive gas canisters. This is probably not the best idea.

Party Animals

Party Animals with electronics in pool

If there isn’t a DJ playing in the middle of the pool, is it really a party? We really wish we could have overheard the conversation when somebody suggested this idea. They probably thought it would take their party to the next level without considering how horribly dangerous it would be.

Those two guys better hope not a single other person goes into the water because it will flood all of the equipment and possibly result in their deaths. Another question is where are the extension chords?

Wheels On Wheels

Seems Safe Enough riding in back of pickup

Imagine driving down the road and seeing this going on next to you. While riding in the bed of a truck might be legal in some states, we’re going to assume that the police probably aren’t okay with this.

Someone needs to roll down their window and make sure that woman is okay back there. At least they locked the wheels of her chair so she isn’t rolling around. However, since she does look incredibly stoic, it’s highly possible that this isn’t her first pickup truck rodeo.

Invention Of The Year

Invention Of The Year electricity in swimming pool

The sad thing about this is it looks like a lot of time and innovation went into this little scheme. There are an impressive amount lot of moving parts and it all looks relatively well thought out. One thing they didn’t think of is that electricity and water don’t mix well together, which can kill humans.

We’re not sure why they needed something that requires electricity in the middle of the pool, but we’re sure that it would have worked fine outside of the water. We hope everyone made it out of this scenario safely.