Farmers Are Shaming Their Chickens For ‘Crimes’ And This Could Be The Next America’s Most Wanted

In the criminal justice system, chickens don’t commit heinous crimes. They aren’t like some other pets, and they have a job to do, laying eggs. Some of the chickens on this list have simply given up on doing their job and chose to live a rebellious lifestyle.

Others began tormenting other animals and chickens. These chickens have not lived up to standard, and their owners are letting them know about it. They’re so mischevious that they could end up on as a highly wanted criminal one day.

The Croaky Chicken

Photo Credit: @therealjoesimon/Instagram

Say what? I didn’t know chickens could eat frogs. It’s like they kill mice, but they only eat the brain and leave their body.

Also, you’re supposed to kiss the frog with the hope it would become something beautiful. However, this chicken has zero cares in the world for what they did.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s The Easter Chicken!

Photo Credit: @urbanfarmscapes/Instagram

Not surprised by the fact that farmers let their chickens enroll into Easter Bunny 101 classes. If only they produced vividly colored eggs.

It would make the holiday much more exciting, and we don’t have to make them ourselves. That way, it would save a lot of time hiding them for Easter.

Read This With A Scotish Accent

Photo Credit: @jessicae2239/Instagram

Man, that’s so rough waking up to the song of their people after a long night of drinking.

At least this chicken is handsome enough to maybe not annoy everyone on the farm. To think, if chickens could be musicians, this one would be called Lugwig van Chicken-hoven.

Have you ever seen the face of guilt from a chicken? More on that just ahead.

Now In Poultry!

Photo Credit: @the_science_chick/Instagram

She’s exaggerating but, here we have an unfair gender perception. Sometimes, it’s good to be a bossy chicken when you look adorable at the same time.

This chicken has presidential potential, but their owner is preventing her from achieving her goals.

The Dog Taught Them How

Photo Credit: @2chookchooks/Instagram

Maybe they need more roughage in their diets. At least they’re brave enough to face the music, unlike the dog who is nowhere to be found.

It’s all good though, those notes were chicken scratch anyways, and that’s their nice way of saying “eat me” to humans.

Sometimes, it’s not okay to chest bump animals that aren’t one of your own.

Ladies And Gentleman, The Face Of Guilt

Photo Credit: @blh9901/Instagram

Stop freaking out if you think this chicken shouldn’t be indoors; it could be a house pet. However, the face of the chicken is good enough to make it guilty of murder.

On the other hand, that’s the face of pride, and they’ll probably go take a dump in the washer machine again.

Leading The Flock Astray

Photo Credit: @geowoman/Instagram

Not only did this rooster decide to go AWOL on his own. He brought the entire flock with him. It sounds like this family lives in a neighborhood, which makes it pretty hysterical.

Imagine an entire flock of chickens and roosters marching down the sidewalk. Poor Jasmine didn’t make it back and probably has some regrets about following this rooster.

The Nice One, The Slightly Annoying One, And The Really Annoying One

Photo Credit: @mrreilly_and_friends/Twitter

At least this shaming plaque is positive. Tag yourself or a friend; there’s a good chance the annoying one will pop up more than the other two.

This is so much like having a squad when playing Fortnite. You have the pro, the noob, and the mindless idiot who dies all the time.

You Go, Girl

Photo Credit: @mrreilly_and_friends/Instagram

Do you care to tell us what the kitty did to you? That’s one real chick magnet for someone who wants some respect from another animal.

To think, if a Wrestlemania version of chickens were to happen, we could expect this chick to go up against the cat for the fight of the century.

If one chick doesn’t know the father of their ten kids, one TV show host has the answer to that.

It’s Like When A Five-Year-Old Destroys The Files On Your Computer

Photo Credit: @donna_._b/Instagram

They are puzzled by the “silver” eggs as that might be a way to encourage laying. Those balls look like they’re made out of tinfoil but how is anyone supposed to know that?

Oh well, all we know is that for over two decades, this chicken has caused hell on the farm.

Oh, My! How Could You?

Photo Credit: @geowoman/Instagram

That must be a tasty treat for you. Although, some people might think it was normal for chickens to eat unviable eggs so that they could regain all that protein.

On the other hand, her diet was low in calcium, so she needs that to make the shells.

Maury Povich Has The Answer To That

Photo Credit:@mrreilly_and_friends/Instagram

Today on Maury, we have a chicken who doesn’t know who the father is. Heck, even the little ones probably didn’t know who their mother is, since both might have switched nests and brooded each other’s eggs.

With no child support, they will have to find out through the grapevine if the father met his maker.

Chickens can so judgemental on what to wear in public.

Nose Rings Are So ’90s

Photo Credit: @whereisortuga/Instagram

For someone who eats nose rings, that’s one fashion-conscious chick. It might have looked better on another chick, but they assumed it was a fly that needed to be swatted away instead.

So, they had to go for the one thing they don’t like their owner wearing.

Humans Are Being Trained By Roosters

Photo Credit: @blh9901/Instagram

The rooster’s name is Pavlov, and he’s keeping copious notes for future reference. That’s a chicken who played the humans like a damn fiddle, and it’s hilarious.

But, if the mother stopped bringing snacks, they would stop screaming at the back door every time.

Sometimes, The Flip Flop Is Less Judgemental

Photo Credit: @whittany_a/Instagram

This might be a love connection waiting to happen, but I suspect that this hen was raised by humans and has taken their owner’s footwear for lurve purposes.

We have to say this is one of the most unique instances on the list and deserves some recognition.

Chickens act in mysterious ways…

You Need A Chicken Door For That

Photo Credit: @abinkley86/Instagram

You know who else loves chicken doors? Badgers. Just kidding, but this chick needs some training, much like a little kid riding a bike for the first time.

As soon as they stop escaping the coop, they’ll be safer than someone who’s living in a safe house.

Wild Is A State Of Mind

Photo Credit: @urbanfarmscapes/Instagram

She’s got the ‘do of a wild bird, and it seems to fit her personality. She’s as smart as her own because she knows one important thing.

Sleeping high to escape predators has been an ingrained ancestral chicken thing to do. Fighting other roosters is their UFC.

This Chicken Is Bananas

Photo Credit: @supermommentor/Instagram

What an impressive unapologetic chicken. That look on their face is the perfect example of “Whatcha going to do about, human?”

Nevertheless, it’s rather strange this chicken would want bananas more than whatever else they like to munch on.

Photo Credit: @melis2121/Instagram

Pumpkins are nutritious, but chickens don’t have time to for the Martha Stewart country Verdana look.

They’re pragmatic to the last morsel left lying around. Only farmers can see this as a compliment because the chickens secretly love the pumpkins.

That Will Do

Photo Credit: @power_farms/Instagram

My friend’s cats would jump anytime his family’s house rooster would stretch their wings and start “talking.”

That rooster just wanted some attention and liked to sit on someone’s lap and be petted. Some chickens want to be cats.