Funny And Clever Job Listings That Caught Everyone’s Attention

We all know the pain of scrolling through job ad after job ad, submitting resume after resume. Occasionally, a job listing may surprise us. These applicants got a laugh out of their grueling job hunting schedule. Some of these listings need cake eaters and evil geniuses, while others find creative ways to recruit for mundane jobs like sales advisors. From hiring workers through video games to hiding job ads in furniture, we’ve gathered some of the funniest and most clever job listings of all time. See if you would apply to any of these job advertisements!

How well can a former drug smuggler market himself for an honest job? See how he handles it.

Must Be Willing To Time Travel

time traveler
Youtube / ApexTV

In 2013, an ad popped up on Craigslist and newspapers around Arizona requesting a “Serious Volunteer” to time travel with this job poster. The job paid $110 a day to time travel back to the Midwest in 1985.

Perhaps most curious is that the job poster advised the applier to bring their own weapons because they “have only done this once before.” Regardless, the time traveler will land a good deal, as the employer would pay for all services during the trip.

Selling Customers Things They Don’t Need

General Views Of Sydney Suburb Of Bella Vista
Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

A Sales Advisor job ad posted to asserted that all applicants “must have a high level of self importance.”Traits desired for the role included being “arrogant” and a “desire to rip customers off to make a lot of money.”

Amazingly, eight people applied to this job that offered £22,000 a year. The poster also mentioned that the interviewer would say each employee can reach manager status, “however this is rubbish as the same idiots have been managing the same branches for many years.”

See what code beer-lovers have to crack to apply to these jobs.

A Fin Al Avvv Won Moh Befaw Ah Go Ome

Pinterest / Madalina Uceanu

Dallas Restaurant and Bar needed employees with bartending experience. Their method of catching a bartender’s attention was to make their job listing impossible to read for everyone except bartenders.

The listing included the near- indecipherable jargon, “A fin al avvv won moh befaw ah go ome.” It added, “If you’re an experienced bartender and you can decipher this babble, we’d like to hear from you.” The eye-catching ad topped off their listing with the addition, “(Those lacking a great sense of humour need not apply.”

Evil Genius Seeks Minions

dr evil seeks minions
Pinterest / Ken Knuckles

A Craigslist ad posted in 2014 on Lancaster’s “wanted” pages seemed to desire world domination. In reality, the beer company simply needed beer tasters. “Evil Genius Beer Company is looking for outgoing and energetic people who are passionate about craft beer to be a part of our team!” the ad read.

The ad, which is no longer available, requested that evil minions taste samplings of different beer. They would be paid with “some free swag and cases of beer.” Sounds like a good deal for any college student.

Coming up–would you want to get paid to eat?

Do You Love Eating And Want To Get Fatter?

Woman taking a muffin
Andia / UIG via Getty Images

A UK bakery posted an ad for a part-time cake eater. The employer said that the bakery was scheduled to make big orders, and they expected a lot of leftover cake. “If you love cakes and desserts and want to get paid to eat as much cake and dessert as physically possible then this is for you!” said the job listing.

Although the job was posted on Craigslist as part-time, it “could move into something permanent.” Perhaps the most grabbing part of this listing was the title, “Do you love eating and want to get fatter?”

See how these upcoming businesses slip job recruiters into plain sight.

Hiring Developers Through Video Games

uncle grey recruits through team fortress 2
Youtube / Daniel Nicolajsen

The Danish company Uncle Grey struggled to find new developers with the right skills for an open position. After discovering that their ideal demographic plays up to eight hours of video games per day, Uncle Grey struck up a deal with Team Fortress 2‘s best players.

The players were hired to promote the new position from within the game. They even designed in-game posters for the players to put on the maps. The idea worked, and soon Uncle Grey received over 50 applicants and their ideal employee.

Hiding Recruitment Listings In Furniture

ikea job listing
Youtube / adsoftheworldvideos

Ikea received 4,285 applicants and 280 new hires through their inventive marketing scheme in 2011. They placed printed job listings inside of their packed furniture. Customers would take Ikea applications home and unpack them along with their new desk.

Not only was the packaging clever, but the listing was designed similarly to a furniture assembly guide. The listing said “Cäreer Instructions” and illustrated the steps to apply with pictures. Funny, practical and effective!

Political Study Students Need Not Apply

Joe Bastianich one of America'u2019s premier restaurateurs
Stefano Montesi – Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images

Murder Burger, a New Zealand restaurant, received little response on their first job listing for a staff member. On their second try, they posted an unusual but hilarious help wanted sign on their store window. After the posting ended up online, the job listing received 665 applications.

The listing includes students that would be good for the job. For student nurses, the poster reasoned, “I’ve gone out with two nurses and two teachers in my short life and they were all awesome.” For political studies students, though–“Nothing personal, we just don’t understand you.”

Does driving a bus seem boring? Not the way these upcoming ads phrase it!

Always Wanted To Drive A Bus?

new zealand bus driver ad
Reddit / u/.slashnz

A New Zealand job listing made its internet rounds in 2013 for its misleading but hilarious advertisement. “Always wanted a corner office with a view?” the sign asked. “How about being paid to travel? Plus drive a $400,000 company vehicle?”

Sounds glamorous, right? Then the kicker–“Tony did, so he became a bus driver.” Not as high-end as the ad made it seem, but also, they weren’t technically wrong. The company likely received many applicants from aspiring bus adventurers.

Student Bus Driver Benefits

funny school bus job description
Pinterest / Vahnia Qualls

Speaking of bus driver advertisements, these next job postings were printed on the bus themselves. Every parent picking up their kid from school caught a glimpse of these funny job descriptions for a school bus driver.

"You’ll never take your work home with you. In fact, it would be illegal," one morbidly funny posting stated. "Make $16.25 an hour doing what most parents do for free," said another one. And finally, "As long as kids get evenings and weekends off, so will you."

Solve the problem, get the job with these next clever listings.

Solve The Phone Number Equation

computer engineer job posting
Flickr / @aaron_anderer

A college campus job ad for computer engineers posted their listing on a building wall with phone number slips that the students could take. All sounds normal until you realize that the phone number is actually a difficult equation.

Applicants would have to solve the equation in order to even call the number for the job offer. It was a funny, genius method of ensuring your applicant’s talent and passion for computer engineering.

Coming up, a job offer that’s not for you.

Former Drug Smuggler Credentials

former marijuana smuggler newspaper ad
Pinterest / Leon Felipe Guerrero

Around 2006, a former marijuana smuggler decided to attract job opportunities by posting a classified ad in a Toronto paper. The ad, titled “Former Marijuana Smuggler,” requests a legitimate job after completing a ten-year sentence for importing 75 tons of drugs into the US.

The author lists his attributes as “executive level management of 120 people worldwide,” “an expert in all levels of security,” and “references available from friends, family, the US District attorney, etc.” The listing supposedly received 600 responses, though this cannot be confirmed.

It’s Illegal To Punch Your Boss

laazi ad punching boss
Youtube / Suresh V Selvaraj

The company Laazi managed to lure in potential applicants with its eye-catching job listing. In large letters, the ad states, “in most countries punching your boss is a crime.” In smaller text on the bottom, the ad continues, “but it’s totally legal to upload your CV on”

The recruitment campaign created several other signs, including “want a new JOB to complain about?” and “today’s forecast: stormy meetings, cloudy moods” and “today’s horoscope: your boss will double your salary and shower you with praises. Yeah, right!!!” The signs are still cracking up internet users to this day.

This Is Not For You

this is not for you entire tweet
Twitter / @PersonnelPlace

The company Social Talent had their eye on psychology when they made their recruitment ad for marketers say “This is not for you” in bold text. So what do we do? We look closer, of course, to find that it’s a job listing.

On the bottom of the ad, smaller “unless you” details the requirements of the job. “Unless you can think smarter than this poster,” says one line. “Unless you are a superhero that we are looking for.” The listing attracted a lot of attention online.

A newspaper job listing from 1914 still has people talking.

DO NOT APPLY If Your Band Has A Gig

Reddit / u/nootnoot_pingu_noot

Vinnie’s Pizza created a clever “help wanted” appealing to students who would most likely apply. The sign was taped to the restaurant’s window and listed stricter requirements than just food handling experience.

“DO NOT APPLY if you’ll need nights off because your band has a gig. DO NOT APPLY if you’ll need weekends off because you have a gallery opening. DO NOT APPLY if you just want to work a few weeks before you go to Europe.” The sign makes people wonder how often Vinnie’s had to deal with these issues before.

Don’t Mention The M

arketing anager burger king ad
Twitter / @TheZWorld

Burger King created a witty and gutsy recruitment ad for a marketing manager in 2017. The text was black on white, confusingly reading “arketing anager.” But when you read “Don’t mention the M,” you’ll understand that it’s from Burger King.

Graphic design and editor job postings have made use of the intentional misspellings, but never a burger franchise. It’s as if Burger King knows we all keep tabs on the chain because of its beef with McDonald’s.

Men Wanted For Hazardous Journey

ernest shackleton job listing
Twitter / @rockclimbr

In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton recruited for his Antarctic expedition through a brutally honest, yet funny newspaper ad. He knew the journey would be dangerous, and decided to weed out the fearful in one simple sentence.

"Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success." Shackleton would never make it to Antarctica alive, making this morbid job listing as accurate as job listings get.

Where would you want to apply? In an airlocked box?

Apply In Bathroom

restroom signs
Reddit / u/Yakev

In 2006, a Wilcow gas station in Georgia posted a job listing where everyone could see it–in the women’s restroom. It is unknown if listings were posted in the men’s bathroom as well, as a picture of the listing posted online only came from the women’s restroom.

But that’s not the only head-scratching aspect of this ad. The sign included, “please apply at fuel desk.” Apparently, the job requires employees to know what a fuel desk is. Unless they meant front desk, which means they should be hiring an editor.

Who Cares?

who cares campaign

Although most employers aim to hire through an online posting or newspaper ad, the Swedish Army live-streamed their recruitment video for four days. During the recruitment campaign, translated to “Who Cares,” they invited strangers to voluntarily sit in a locked black box.

The box was erected in Stockholm, containing a single chair and locked with an airlock. Those who entered the box could only leave if another stranger volunteered to take their place in the box. Though ridiculous, the campaign ended up having 74 participants and 9,930 applications!

Listing Twenty Different Contact Addresses

The Mail application on an iPhone funny job listings job emails
Jaap Arriens / NurPhoto via Getty Images

Chinese internet user ‘Milaoshu’ posted a job ad online, and later printed it as an outdoor display ad. The announcement seemed normal until people noticed that he put 20 different contact methods that applicants could message.

The contact methods included his phone number, instant messaging tools such as Skype, UC, MSN, ICQ, QQ and email, and addressed from Chinese web portals such as Sina, Sohu, Tom, and 163. It’s unclear if any address could be contacted, or if all addresses had to be contacted. The applicant just had to guess.