Hilarious Airport Pickup Signs You’re Lucky Aren’t For You

We’ve all seen someone waiting at the airport for their loved one, proudly holding a handmade sign. Sometimes these signs are cute, sometimes these signs are embarrassing, and sometimes, these signs are downright mean. But at the end of the day, they do their job. The airport signs that you are about to see are a whole lot more creative than a simple piece of paper with a name on it — but you’ll be glad some of these signs aren’t for you!

Not The Selfie Stick

Not The Selfie Stick
Sins Too!/Pinterest

It appears as though Simon and his girlfriend might have had a discussion in the past about her issues with him using a selfie stick. Looks like he promised to give it up for good but couldn’t bring himself to throw it away.

Now, she’s discovered the forbidden selfie stick hidden while he was gone and they’re going to have some serious problems. Simon’s stomach must have dropped when he walked out of the plane to see this sign waiting for him. Was it worth it Simon?


Just What The Doctor Ordered
Cheryl Moss/Pinterest

In case you were unaware, Imodium is a medication for diarrhea relief, so you can imagine how whoever was greeted with this sign felt. Not only were the people that made this sign trying to embarrass them, but it also looks like they used a box that they found in the airport dumpster.

If you’re going to insult someone coming back home, at least make the sign look like you put a little thought into it. We hope everything’s okay Sarah.

Short, Simple, Effective, and Cringeworthy

Short Simple Effective

We have to give it to this guy for his creativity. He looks like your stereotypical driver picking up a woman at the airport — except for the fact that he replaced her name with “SMOKIN HOT ITALIAN CHICK”. While it’s possible that whoever this sign was for (hopefully his girlfriend or wife) was flattered, it’s a little cringeworthy to us.

Still, it’s not every day you see something like this, so chances are this sign had countless people laughing to themselves as they walked by. The real question is who was this for?

It’s The Thought That Counts

It's the thought that counts

If you look closely, you can make up the word “welcome” at the top of the sign, which is just too cute to handle. Seeing this would be better than any other clever or extremely detailed signs that other people might bring to the airport.

We can’t be sure what the sign says, but it’s clear that this little girl had something that she wanted to say and did her best to write it down. This must have melted the hearts of everyone that walked by.

Tell It How It Is

Tell It How It Is
Fun Mary/Pinterest

While this sign may be more on the rude side, we’re sure that it got the job done. Nothing quite like coming home and an insult is the first thing that you see! We’re just going to assume that this is part of some inside joke that doesn’t make this as rude as it may appear at first glance.

Surely, the “noisy pale-faced lady” received a warmer welcome than just this sign, or she might want to get someone else to pick her up next time.

Just A Sprinkle Of Irony

Just A Sprinkle Of Irony

Looks like this person didn’t have much confidence that this girl was going to survive her trip, and he doesn’t seem very happy about it either. Hopefully, he didn’t make big plans in case she didn’t return because she’s here now.

He doesn’t appear to be very good at sign making either, because we can’t crack the code as to why some of the letters are colored-in and some aren’t. Maybe he knows something that we don’t. One thing is for sure, she’s home and he’s going to to have to accept that now.

Going All In

Going all  in
Denver Int’l Airport/Twitter

Wow, this person really went the whole nine yards with this pickup sign. They even dressed up and everything, and we all know that dressing up like an Oompa Loompa is no easy task. We wonder how long it took to get all of that makeup on?

Either way, we’re not entirely sure what “Chocolate Johnny” means, but we’re going to guess that it’s most likely the person’s nickname. This would certainly be quite a sight to come home to.

Using Kids To Your Advantage

Using kids to your advantage
Spring Johnston/Pinterest

Nothing would be cuter than to come home only to see your baby behind such an adorable sign. That baby sure looks happy to be seeing its daddy and we would be too if we were a baby in charge of taking care of a fully-grown woman.

Now, the baby can go back to its regularly-scheduled baby business. Except now the dad just has to just take care of both Mom and a baby. Best of luck, dad!

Could It Be?

Could It Be?
Funny Family Life/Pinterest

Now, the question is whether this is either 1) a joke 2) the person they are picking up is actually named Michael Jordan, or 3) if it’s actually Michael Jordan himself? No matter what, you know other people in the airport might see this and hang around a while to see if Michael Jordan emerges from an airplane terminal.

Maybe this isn’t even a joke for the person they’re picking up, but a prank to all of the other people in the airport. Would someone really think that Michael Jordan was flying on a regular airline?

Now That’s What We’re Talking About

margarita time

Nothing says welcome back better than a margarita bar at the airport entrance. It looks like someone’s dad or grandpa took it upon themselves to have a drink with their loved one as soon as possible upon their arrival.

You know that everyone else walking by this setup was desperate and in need of a margarita after a long flight. We’re pretty sure this isn’t allowed at an airport, but who was going to deny this adorable older gentleman after all the work he put in?

Welcome Home, ‘Babe!’

welcome home

Oof, this is not a sign that you want to be greeted with. At first glance it looks friendly enough, but it quickly becomes clear that this isn’t a love letter. “I’ve had access to your cell phone records the entire time…132 acts of infidelity… I think we should see other people”

This sign has gotten so much attention there’s even a Reddit thread devoted to it, in which one curious user poses the question we’re all asking ourselves: “would anyone really do nothing for 212 days and pretend all is well just to make an airport sign??” Apparently so, and we’re glad they decided to share it with us.

Tell Them How You Really Feel

Tell Them How You Really Feel

Now, this sign is just cold-hearted. Jody was probably excited to see her friends and family only to see this when she walked off of the plane, a warm welcome indeed. We’re not entirely sure why they felt the need put the number “2” instead of the word “to” but to each their own.

Other people probably had heart-warming signs to welcome their loved ones and then there was Jody’s crew, ready to start bashing on her before she even stood a chance.

The Ultimate Dad Joke

The Ultimate Dad Joke

If this isn’t one of the best dad jokes out there, then we don’t know what one is. Surely, Rebecca was pleased to see her father dressed in full Darth Vader regalia, patiently waiting to humiliate her when she exited her plane.

We wonder if Rebecca’s dad already had that costume (which we’re willing to bet) or if he went and bought one for this exact reason. No matter what, this is hilarious and we’re positive Rebecca’s dad got the exact reaction that he was going for.

Everything Falls Apart When Mom Leaves

Everything Falls Apart

Everyone knows that when mom leaves on a long trip, things have a tendency to fall apart. The fridge and pantry start to run out of food, nobody does laundry, and the dog is now allowed on the couch.

It looks like these two boys had a similar experience when their mom left and are now asking her to put their lives back together. Things could have been worse than not having underwear. Their sign could have said, “We burned the house down.”

They Came Prepared

They Came prepared
cjoti elaichi/Twitter

While some people might slap together a sign on their way out the door leaving for the airport, not these people. They came prepared with not one but two signs, one of which is a giant blow-up picture.

Those aren’t easy to come by, so it’s obvious that they’ve been planning this for quite some time. We’re willing to bet that they stole the show at the airport and “Mokie” had a big smile on his face when he saw this scene.

Tell The World Why Don’t You

Tell The World Why Don't You
Cold Hard Truth/Pinterest

Whether you’re coming home from rehab or not, nothing says welcome home quite like this sign. Now, everyone that sees you walking toward the sign assumes that you’ve just come back from a stint at rehab or that you have friends or family that really like to give you a hard time.

If this is actually a joke, some people might take offense about making fun of what is not a laughing matter everyone. You might want to be careful about this one!

The Whole Gang Is Here

Wanted sign
Sarah Black/Pinterest

Whoever made this sign killed two birds with one stone, and we must say, they did a real bang-up job on it. Nothing quite like humiliating your family with ugly pictures for all the public and Internet to see.

We appreciate the craftsmanship of the poster and their creativity to find the ugliest pictures they could find of these two. Not everyone is willing to put this much time into their airport artwork but these two certainly did.

Letting Them Down Easy

let them down easy
Bored Panda/Pinterest

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a trip only to discover that your dog destroyed something of relative value. At least this person’s significant other was kind enough to let them know at the airport rather than have them come home to a surprise.

Hopefully, they already got another couch or else this person won’t have anywhere to put their feet up after their flight! Maybe they learned their lesson not to leave their dog for that long again.

That Guy.

that guy
Bored Panda/Pinterest

We give “this guy” 10 points for creativity on this poster. He’s clearly very excited about having who we assume are his two children back home. While he could have gone with another typical sign, he decided to really push the boundaries and embarrass his kids as much as possible.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this is hanging on a wall somewhere in their house right now because of how proud he is of his handiwork. Now, he can use it anytime he picks them up from the airport!

How The Tables Have Turned

funny signs
Bored Panda/Pinterest

These two siblings are picking up their parents from the airport with some less-than attractive pictures of the couple, calling them both “crazy” and “looney.” We have to give these sibling props, however, for embarrassing their own parents at the airport when it’s usually the other way around.

We’re going to assume that their parents did something similar to them in the past and this is their way of getting back at them. We hope they both kept their sanity on the airplane ride.

This Probably Isn’t Anything New

Nothing New
Bored Panda/Pinterest

By the looks of it, this isn’t some new kind of joke this girl came up with to pick her friend up from the airport. She’s probably been referring to her like this for as long as they’ve known each other, so it’s only appropriate that this is what her sign says at the airport.

The people on the plane with the girl whose sign this is for will probably know exactly who they mean when they exit the plane.

Isn’t Extended Family Great?

Guy who knocked up my sister
Arcadius989 Reddit

If you get alone with your brother-in-law this is a good way to poke fun at them when picking them up from the airport. Nothing like reminding the guy that he got your sister pregnant.

Conversely, if you don’t get a lot with your brother-in-law and you want to remind him of that fact, this is also a really good sign to greet him at the airport with. Basically , this is perfect in its not-so-subtle way.

How To Make Your Parents Feel Special At The Airport

ClaryF / Instagram

First, if you are going to be on the lookout for new parents at the airport, you might want to make sure they aren’t fleeing from some horrible crime. You never know why someone got on that plane in the first place.Second, if you are going to raise kids, we sincerely hope they are raised with this type of fun-loving approach to life. Here’s to hoping they weren’t really looking for new parents at the airport — they’re a bit old for that angle.

How To Easily Embarrass Your Buddies With One Simple Sign

Sexy Cowboy
Reemusk / Reddit

This Reddit user who goes by the name Reemusk is proud of the fact that his buddies are forced to look for his awkward signs at the airport. In fact, he writes, “I like to embarass my friends when I pick them up at the airport. I’m on the left.”While we appreciate this guys enthusiasm for the art of airport sign creation, it doesn’t really look like his buddy, on the right, is too mad or embarrassed about the sign.

And He Was Never Heard From Again…

Random Citizen at the airpor
rndm_ctzn / Instagram

We don’t know the story behind this guys airport pickup sign but it’s either his idea of a funny sign or he’s a driver who doesn’t want to lose out on a fare if Alice doesn’t show up. How awkward would it be for Alice to show up after this guy left with a “random citizen” and then she never heard from his again because she was taking her sweet time traveling from her plane to the baggage claim area. Ouch.

Picking Up Your ‘Idiot’ Cousin From The Airport

idiot cousin airport pickup sign
PotatoMuffinMafia / reddit

This Reddit user posted an image of their cousin picking them up from the airport with a sign that reads “Idiot.” Sure that would just be a mean sign with way too much glitter but the way it was being held makes it something special.

There are those people who know how to create a great airport pickup sign and then there are people like this, who hold their idiot sign backwards and take the art form to a whole new level.

What Tradition Is This?

TryMySoySauce / Instagram

So we’re a bit confused by this… Ummm… Masterpiece? Instagram user Chris Chow posted this photo and said “The tradition continues.” We’re not sure if the tradition is the two guys laying on the beach or buddies embarrassing each other at the airport.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the tradition is, it only matters that they are able to laugh about the airport pickup signs after they are witnessed in all their glory. That’s really what these signs are all about!

Your Sister Is Pregnant — Welcome Home

Sister is pregnant airport sign
TheErradicator / reddit

So which one of these guys got Matt’s sister pregnant? We only ask because they said “your” sister and not “our” sister. Or maybe they are just messing with Matt because he hates the guy his sister is dating.Of course, these airport pickup signs don’t have to reveal their meaning, sometimes they are just funny because people actually chose to stand with them in the middle of an airport, regardless of who might see the signs and question their lifestyle.

Waiting For Mr. Snowden

Edward Snowden Airport Pickup Humor
SavBuck / Reddit

This one is for all our politically-minded friends who are hoping Edward Snowden will just step off a plane in the United States one day. That’s not going to happen but this guy is giving us hope. Considering a large percentage of the population have probably heard the Snowden name but may not recognize him in person, this is a great way to mess with a lot of people and to get everyone else talking while they wait to see who shows up for a ride.

So That’s What Dad Was Up To

CheekyBeck / Instagram

This is a great airport pickup sign because it pokes fun at two people while only calling one of them out. Is this guy really picking up who he says? We’re willing to bet his dad got off the plane with his mom or a girlfriend. If you are going to create the perfect airport pickup sign it really needs to embarrass the person you are picking up. It also needs to embarrass them in a creative way that has you thinking outside of the box. For the record, the other side of this sign read “Fifth times a charm.”

The Force Is Not With This Airport Pickup Sign

Darth Vader Airport pickup

Vader? Okay, let’s be clear about something, not every airport pickup sign needs to come as a shock to the person stepping off the plane. This guy arrived dressed as Darth Vader and his buddies were all in Stormtrooper outfits. The “Vader” sign was a nice touch for sure. The biggest question here is how this guy managed to get through the TSA security line while dressed as one of the most evil Sith the universe has ever known. Well played to all involved in this fun airport pickup.

Hi Mum Or Dad. We’re So Confused

Mum or Dad

This sign made us laugh and then we didn’t know if he was being serious so it made us go all introspective on our laughter and life in general, and then we laughed a little bit more.

The best part about seeing someone with a sign like this in the airport is that you never really know the true intention of the sign. Either way, we had a good laugh and were sure his mom or dad also had a good laugh at this funny airport pickup sign.

Poking Fun At the In-Laws At The Airport

In Law Fun at the Airport
zaralou6789 / Instagram

Once again we are met with a hilarious airport pickup sign aimed at the in-laws. Correction, aimed at the people who are about to become your in-laws. Can you imagine if you discovered in this moment that they don’t have a sense of humor. Talk about an awkward time spent together from this point on. We have a feeling that the “HELP!!!” message is a good sign these two knew the soon-to-be in laws would find the humor in this funny airport pickup sign.

Definitely Use Old Photos From Childhood


You know that feeling when you are about to go on your first date or you start dating someone knew and your mom pulls out your old photos from childhood? Your heart sinks into your chest and you just want to escape with your date.Now imagine if those photos were shared in public. Sure, most people would probably just look at this sign and say, “that’s a child” but you know the person getting off the plane was feeling all kinds of mixed emotions but they probably laughed in the end. Point goes to their sister.


Daily Mail/Pinterest

Wow, what a greeting. This is exactly what a loved one wants to see from you once you get off a long flight. Getting embarrassed is at the top of everyone’s list of “things to do at the airport full of strangers.”

What’s worse is that we don’t know if this sign has any truth to it. If it does, then this lady is a trooper for waiting to pick up someone who loves to inhale smelly farts.

Such An Interesting Name

funny name
Daily Mail/Pinterest

Go ahead, say that name out loud in a room full of men as a man. The outcome might not be that pleasant. We’re not going to spoil exactly what this is getting at if you don’t already understand.

We just want you to appreciate this name and all its glory. Imagine a teacher having to say this kids name on the first day of class. Do you think the class would laugh at him?

Well This Is Awkward

Funny Family Life/Pinterest

Well, this is quite the interesting sign! Everyone who walks past this one should be smiling if you ask us. You don’t touch yourself? We know you wash your hands, scratch you head, and whatever else.

Whoever is dating her must laugh all the time. That, or they are highly annoyed most of the time thanks to the lack of her immaturity. Then again, why would you be with her if you didn’t have some immaturity yourself?

Wifey Will Be Upset

airport sign
Cold Hard Truth/Pinterest

Looks like a husband and daughter await the arrival of the matriarch of the family. How much sweeter can this be? The only thing, we hope that the dad isn’t serious about his sign. She’s been away for however long and you couldn’t bother to keep the house clean before her return?

If he is indeed serious, you can bet your bottom dollar wifey isn’t going to be too happy about that mess when she gets home.

Good Boyfriend Alert

Daily Mail/Pinterest

Not much going on here to see except probably the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. He started off by calling her princess and added three names to it. When she saw this, her hearlt probably got all fuzzy inside.

She sure is happy to be coming home to someone like him. It’s not every day you get a guy who’s going to stand there and wait for you with a cute sign even though he already knows what you look like and vice versa.

Report for Booty

funny airport signs military couple
Pinterest / @lifesprism

Military couples have it pretty tough. They have to live without their significant other for weeks, months, and sometimes even years at a time. While texts and Facetime make it easier than ever to maintain your bond, there’s nothing like seeing your loved one in person.

This woman was excited to see her S.O., but instead of making a sappy welcome home sign, she went with something a little more fun. We’re sure he is more than happy to be reporting for ‘booty’.

Brotherly Love

funny airport signs rehab
Imgur / @ramblindan2020

Imgur user @ramblindan2020 posted this photo of his brother holding the hilarious airport pick up sign he made just for him, with the caption, “Ever want to punch your little brother before?”

He continued, writing, “This [expletive] was holding this high over his head as I came down the escalator.” For good measure, he also added, “I’ve never been to rehab. I flew from Texas to California to visit him after his 4th or 5th deployment. He’s active duty AF.” This is what siblings are for right?

Apply Within

Pinterest / @ccandib1

Kids can be annoying, that’s a given. But every now and then they do something super sweet that really surprises you. Take for example these three siblings who made their parents this sign before they picked them up from the airport.

We love that it shows their sense of humor but is still really thoughtful deep down. We bet their parents were so excited to see their smiling faces when they got off the plane!

Send Cash

sugar daddy
Pinterest / @gallim_

We’re not sure if this is cute, TMI, or both. We’re going to go with both. Either way, this lady looks very happy to see her boyfriend? Husband? Sugar daddy? By the looks of it, he looks really happy too, so either this is a cheeky joke or he is proud to be a real-life sugar daddy.

It’s 2019 people, nothing is off the table these days. Get that money, honey.

We All Have Friends Like This


We all have that one friend who goes to great lengths to prank us whenever humanly possible. These guys are those friends. When their BFF came home, Sam was excited that his friends were doing something nice by offering him a ride home from the airport. But Sam should have known better.

Now, at least 30 people at the local airport think Sam was actually returning home from prison when really, he was just on a family vacation. That’s what friends are for right?

That’s Not His Real Name…


For just one second, we would love to believe that somewhere out there is a man named Dan Gleeballs. In reality, this is just a really good airport sign. We can’t decide what we love most about this photo. The fact that this man went to the lengths to print out a sign that says ‘Dan Gleeballs’ or the fact that he looks so nonchalant while holding it.

Either way, we’re happy this man exists.

This Is What Girlfriends Are For


What is the point in having a boyfriend if you can’t embarass them every single chance you get? This women knows that having a boo means pranking him every so often…including when she picks him up from the airport.

In this case, she chose the most…flattering…photos of her man and made a nice little collage on this sign. Adding ‘Lost! If found please return to us. Answers to Dave” is an excellent touch.

No One Is Safe


If you’ve never been ‘Iced’ consider yourself lucky. Icing someone is when you hide a bottle of Smirnoff Ice for another person to come across. Once the person sees the bottle, the must drop to one knee and chug the entire Smirnoff Ice.

In this case, this girl’s friend Iced her immediately when she got off the plane. She clearly took it like a champ. Now, we wonder what time of the day it was?


Pinterest / @lifesprism

This airport sign is both funny and cute. There is no love quite that like of a proud grandma. It doesn’t matter how old your grandma is or what shape she is in, if she hasn’t seen you in ages, prepare to be smothered with hugs and kisses.

The same goes for these two cute kids. They were so excited to see their grandma they made a sign that says, “WARNING: Our Grandma is coming…and we will run over you to HUG her!” So sweet.

Prepare to be De-Briefed

Pinterest / @runtoftheweb

Alright, we give it to this woman for her clever airport sign. Like we’ve said, military couples have it tough. They have to go long periods of time without seeing their loved one in person. After so long apart, seeing couples reuniting is just too sweet.

While lots of people make sappy signs for their significant other, this woman chose something a little more flirtatious. Like it or not, we think it’s pretty cute!


Meetings the Girlfriends Friend
MeaghanOttawa / Instagram

Instagram user MeaghanOttawa shared this amazing sign. There’s actually more to the picture than meets the eye. It turns out her boyfriend was responsible for the sign but it wasn’t her that he was sent to pick up.

Instead, Meaghan asked her boyfriend to pick up her good friend from the airpot. Sure, not a big deal, EXCEPT, they had never met! Now that’s one hilarious and possibly disturbing way to meet your girlfriends best friend for the first time.