Hilarious Home Renovation Fails You Can’t Help But Laugh At

We all want to make our homes as nice as possible, but home renovations can be expensive. Not everyone can afford to hire a professional contractor and with the internet full of DIY tutorials, who needs them anyway? …These people do. These homeowners tried to renovate their homes themselves and things went terribly wrong. One guy now has his toilet paper roll holder in his shower. Sounds like a pain for him, but it’s sure entertaining for us. Brace yourselves, these home renovation fails will have you in tears laughing.

Mother Nature Intervenes

Usually, garages are used to store one’s car and other personal belongings. For whatever reason, whoever designed this home elected to limit this garage to strictly storage. There’s no way this homeowner is getting a car in or out here.

There is a massive tree in this person’s driveway. Unless this person was interested in preserving mother nature and not concerned with using their driveway to its full potential, this is probably one of the most questionable things you can see if you’re driving through a neighborhood.

Nowhere To Escape To Now!

If a criminal is on the run from the cops and tries to escape but ends up here, they’re officially out of luck. What is the purpose of this and why wasn’t it fixed sooner? There is only one plausible way to get out of this.

Unless you have Spiderman-like abilities, you’re going to have to turn into an action star and jump from one case of stairs to another. The distance between them is deadly.

Good Luck With The Dishes

If you live in a home that has this sink you’re in for a lot of trouble in the cleaning department. This would be an even bigger issue if it were in a college dorm. The dishes would never be done.

How on earth are you supposed to have water pressure in the sink on the left? Whoever messed this up might have been fired to be honest. Whatever you do, don’t let the dirty dishes pile up in here.

Just How Are You Going To Sit?

For men, this might not seem like much of a big deal…except when they need to take the browns to the super bowl. But for women, this poses more of a problem. Getting yourself into the position to take care of business on this toilet looks painfully ridiculous.

This also might even be a public restroom, making it ten times worse. This business needs to have this fixed as soon as possible because no customer wants to walk in and have to use this.

Just Where Do You Think You’re Going?

The color of this wall is a bright and happy yellow. It goes perfectly with the brick stairs. Something that doesn’t go perfectly is the way the stairs don’t lead to anywhere. What in the world happened during construction? Did the workers go on break and never come back?

If you look even closer, it also seems like a couple of extra stairs are painted on the wall for an added effect. This is not the Looney Tunes, you can’t draw your way out of a situation.

You need to be hit with a shrink ray to live at this next home…

You Must Be This Tall To Go Down There

For whatever reason, adding stairs here was the method they chose to go with. No type of proper measurement must have been used in this process. If so, this man wouldn’t have to be a 12-year-old to get up and down the stairs.

The best solution would have been to place a ladder instead of the staircase. Now, you have to crawl your way up or else your head isn’t making it. That is unless you’re only three feet tall.

No Privacy For You

The people who installed this door had one job. They were tasked with making sure the door would close completely, where is the difficulty in that? Maybe he or she arrived drunk on the job that day. There’s no telling.

Now the person who lives here has to deal with fixing this, whether manually or having some else “handle” it. You just might not want to ask what happened if you’re visiting someone and see their door like this.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a door with this shape along the top. For the most part, they’re usually straight and square. They don’t have another level to them as this one does.

Upon further examination, you see there is a roadblock on the wall that got in the way of construction. Before beginning construction, you would have thought someone would have caught that mistake. As a result, it looks like an ancient Aztec built this.

Just A Little Tilted

For those with OCD, this might be a little infuriating. Even for those without the disorder, this toilet being angled this way is moderately upsetting. Imagine having to always explain to first-time guests why your toilet looks like it has an attitude.

We can’t speak for everyone, but perhaps someone wanted it this way. Regularly, nine times out of ten, this is not an appropriate way to use this restroom. Someone needs to come in and fix this.

This next renovation is almost unbelievable.

What Are The Odds?

This is an accident waiting to happen. Just how careful does one need to be when getting water from their faucet? One spill of water where it’s not supposed to be and an electrical mishap is going to happen.

Honestly, this might be the laziest mistake on the list. It’s for sure the most confusing one because who in their right mind would allow this debacle of engineering to take place? This is beyond interesting.

Barely Missed The Cut

This one has to hurt. A few more inches in the other direction and this door stopper would have been able to work properly. Instead, this door will now have to face the abuse of being slammed into the wall with no help.

Hopefully, angry people don’t live here, or this door will be broken sooner rather than later. Imagine how bad the person who installed the stopper must have felt when he or she found out it barely missed the wall.

No Scenic View For You

Well, this more than likely didn’t go as planned. Who wants a layer of bricks blocking their view from the window? We can’t determine if that’s part of the chimney, but from the looks of things, there is nothing that indicates otherwise.

Whatever the case is, there isn’t much that can be done to fix this. Except for tearing down the chimney, that is. This person is just going to have to accept he or she won’t be looking out the window of that room anytime soon.

I’ll Take The Stairs

Have fun taking the stairs at this place. Who knows where you will end up! Maybe the blueprints were wrong and the construction workers just went off what they were given. Another option is this could just be the escape route.

The emergency would have to be on the roof, of course, for this to work properly. No one is leaping from their door to that winding staircase unless their lives depended on it, but even then that’s a gamble.

This next one is just downright criminal…

Hopefully, You Have Long Arms

There’s nothing worse than using the bathroom and not having any toilet paper to work with afterward. Then you have to scream out someone’s name and tell them the whole embarrassing ordeal.

This situation might be just as bad. Having the toilet paper roll in the bathtub that far away is a disaster as well. There is no way that is in arms-length, so whoever needs to wipe better rip off some pieces before they sit down. We don’t even want to think about soggy TP.

And It All Falls Down

Something here isn’t adding up. Either the homeowners weren’t properly advised with how much weight they can have on that wooden patio or it wasn’t supposed to be added at all. It doesn’t even match the color scheme.

This was obviously an add-on but one done horribly. It doesn’t even look like there is a door to get from the home to the deck. You just have to hop out the window to enjoy the hot tub.

Didn’t Finish The Job

The house looks nice. The remodeling came out exactly how they wanted it and the colors look superb. Everything is good except for one glaring issue… The driveway doesn’t connect to the street!

Is this homeowner driving an offroad vehicle? That might explain it because he or she wanted to drive over the land everytime they arrived home. There is also a tree in the way so perhaps the workers didn’t want to disturb mother nature.

Flying Car?

The pastel color of this home is very relaxing and easy on the eyes. This wouldn’t be a bad place to spend a portion of your life if the inside looks just as nice, of course. However, did you notice this person is living in the future?

How exactly is anybody supposed to get their car up into that garage? A ramp looks like the best option if they don’t have access to a flying car.

The Extra Balcony

What went wrong here? Is the whole complex built this way? Will they even bother taking it down or will they leave it this way? So many questions arise from this picture and we want all the answers.

On the other hand, this would be a great location to film an action movie. That way, the hero can jump down the balcony and hide out on the one a normal person wouldn’t be able to get to.

No Room For Your Business

This is a bit inconvenient. Why would anyone place a toilet this close to the wall? When it’s time to sit down on this seat you might as well not even bother. Just go find a new bathroom at that point.

This must be the men’s restroom because no women would want to be using something like this. Whoever renovated this needs to reconsider their career path and probably look into something else. This is completely wrong.

The Kitchen Is Too Messy

Maybe they should have double checked before getting this home. In the off chance you have to have all of these doors open at the same time, it just wouldn’t work. No Top Chef going on in this kitchen.

The kids must have been playing around and when mom or dad got home, they witnessed this debacle first hand. We don’t know why someone would be testing the length of door swings for any other reason.

If you like running hills, this next one if for you…

That’s a Long Way Up

These are interesting driveway designs for this neighborhood. It clearly wasn’t an isolated mistake, as you can see there is more than one driveway that has a steep slope. Backing out must be a real hassle.

Is this only for this neighborhood? This would make more sense if there was a special reason for the high altitude of the driveways. Like snow fall in the winter causing a problem or something of that nature, but as it stands, this is wild.

Great Fix

It looks like this staircase starts on level two and not the ground. We really hope there is an elevator inside or at least another set of stairs. If not, getting up to the next floor is a job for Tarzan.

It looks like they were in the middle of construction and realized there was a major problem. If this were a game of Tetris, then maybe this would be a little okay. But this is the real world.

Calculations Were Off

Whoever did this didn’t do their math correctly. The incomplete squares throw off the equilibrium of the room by a lot. Who doesn’t want their tile to all be symmetrical? That’s an easy question, everyone does!

Now it looks like these homeowners will have to get all carpet or all tile installed to fix this nagging issue. This must be a real pain in the bottom for those who have OCD and have to see this everyday.

No Privacy At All

It’s a regular day in your home, but you suddenly have to move your bowels. The other bathroom is taken so you have to go to this one. As you’re handling your business, a couple walks by in eye distance.

They see you and act like they didn’t witness you just wipe. This is a tragic story in the making thanks to this setup. You would need to always have the blinds closed in this restroom.

Jumping Through A Door Near You

This is an interesting setup. Since when did doors get placed in front of cabinets like this? And the real question is, what was built first, the door or the shelves? If the shelves came second then that might be the worst decision anyone has made.

Unless the person who lives here is an Olympic athlete that prefers jumping in through the door, this is all bad. The good thing is, that it’s a quick fix for PROFESSIONAL.

Good Luck With This

What is going to have to take place for this to be fixed? Are people just jumping down once they leave this place? Once they land, do they have to tumble downhill too?

This situation is outlandish on all scales. People have to do pull-ups just to get access into this house. We imagine those who drive past this on the daily have questions of their own if we have this many concerns.

Now Jump!

It looks like the only way to get into that door when you’re coming from the top is by jumping over the handrail. And even when you want to go up, you still would have to jump. This is a terrible display of landscaping in a house.

The homeowners should sue if they asked someone to build this for them. And if they’re considering buying this place, they just need to take their money somewhere else.

When you click next, don’t worry, it isn’t a prank…

Is This A Prank?

These drawers look like they were purposely set up this way. It’s almost like Jim from The Office wanted to give Dwight a good prank in the morning. That’s the explanation we’re rolling with because anything else would make less sense than that.

How do you look your boss in the face after botching this and expect not to get in trouble? This is easily one of the worst scenarios that could happen when putting something like this together.

Not A Very Bright Idea

At first, it might appear as a regular ceiling light. But upon further review, you can see a big problem. The other end of the light is going through the wall! This room is compromised of some lighting because it’s in the other room too.

Maybe they wanted to save money and time by just using one light for two rooms. Even then, that’s a little sketchy. We’re glad someone was able to capture a picture of this wildness.

What A Disaster

Just when life is going well enough to get your own place, there has to be a giant pole in front of it. There were other driveway issues on this list from earlier but this one is a bit more perplexing.

Was the pole there first or was the home? If the home came before, then why would anyone agree to have this giant light in front of their garage? Some questions you never get answered in life.

Walking Sideways

Please, tilt your head a little to the left if you can’t clearly see what’s going on in this image. A door that needs to be vertical is set up horizontally. How did you not notice this as you were constructing it?

This is another worker that should highly consider getting a new job. You had one job, and that was to make this door like every other door in the world. Why even finish the job?

The Fridge That Never Opens

Where do we begin with this catastrophe? In order to cook, you need to get at least some items out of the fridge. Unless this person only uses their freezer then this is wild. Not only is space cramped already, but no one can open the fridge door.

If this was their best idea then it was also the worst idea. Unless they converted the freezer portion into a fridge and there is no need for frozen foods.

Just A Little Lean

Are you looking straight ahead? Then you should be able to tell that this house has a slight lean to it. That or the windows were installed incorrectly, thus making the whole home look like it’s leaning.

We don’t really know what the situation is, but something is for sure off. And are those stairs that lead to a window? This whole situation is just wrong. Hopefully, they can get this fixed before people start thinking their eyesight is off.

If you don’t have long arms, then you wouldn’t want to live at this next place…

Reach Around For It

Placing toilet paper rolls in awkward places has got to be the worst. Having to go out of your way to get something to wipe is one of the most horrible feelings ever. People just want to handle their business and get on with their days.

Whoever thought this was a good idea must have a strange view of life. But hey, we’re not judging — just pointing out that nearly everyone wants the roll to be right next to them.

Sorry About This

If you look for a split second, then you might not notice anything. Take a longer gander at this and you’ll see the problem. This is a nightmare for anyone with OCD. The angles aren’t aligned!

We hope that doesn’t come with any complications down the road because in order to fix this, you would need to deconstruct a lot. Maybe the people who live here don’t mind it that much. Or maybe they’re trying to decide on a date for the reconstruction.

No Door, No Entrance

There is nowhere to go up these stairs. Isn’t there supposed to be a door right there? What is the purpose of these stairs and partial stoop? If this is just for decoration then they’re doing it all wrong.

We hope that they plan on making this an entrance or exit in the near future. If not, this would be a terrible thing to look at if you lived here everyday. Three steps to nowhere.

Out Of Place

There are just too many patterns going on with this house. This more than likely was an add-on because you can tell by the two different designs. There is even a third material that doesn’t match, the brick.

There is just a lot going on with this house and we can’t let the designer live this down. If the homeowners asked for it to be this way then that’s fine, so we hope that’s the case.

Need A Lift?

Now this is just outright wrong. Why would anyone ever have to need a chair to get up into their home? This is probably worse than the garage that was lifted off the ground, making you believe that person has a hover car.

If the door is already open, one might be able to jump into the apartment. Otherwise, to unlock it they will have to use that chair waiting for them. This is bad.

What Happened With This?

This is the perfect chance to throw out the theory of underground people living under this complex. It would make sense because the staircase looks like it comes from the underground. And when activated, the crossway opens up and allows you to walk up.

Okay, that’s a conspiracy theory. But honestly, that makes more sense than any reason someone could provide as to why this is really like this. Just get rid of it already and call it a day.

Tilted Window

What exactly is going on with all these leans and tilts? We hope nobody lives here and this is just an Airbnb place. Maybe this person taking the picture took it so they can send it to the host and tell them to get it fixed.

This is unacceptable. Everyone who does construction should be thoroughly examined before getting permission to work on anything. At the end of the day, no one in their right mind would accept this.