Hilarious Resignation Letters From Employees Who Just Didn’t Care Anymore

Have you ever felt so fed up with a job that you wished you could sass your boss on the way out? These employees surrendered a potential future recommendation to give their former company a final slap in the face. Is it worth it to create an entire game to tell your boss you quit, or change a Wendy’s sign into a resignation letter? These workers thought so. Have a laugh at these hilarious, “screw it” resignation letters.

If you had an entire marching band willing to come into work while you quit, would you bring them in?

Resigning Through A Playable Mario Game

Jarrad Wood's resignation Mario game
Jarrad Wood/Nintendo

Australian game developer Jarrad Woods left his job at the game company 2K to focus on developing his own indie games. He creatively designed his resignation as a Super Mario flash mini-game.

The game is no longer available on Farbs, but the ending reads, “Thank you 2K Australia! You gave me a paycheck, an incredible project and a world-class team to learn from. But my princess is in another castle.”

Here’s A Dinosaur

this drawing of a dinosaur has a resignation note on it

This employee decided to decorate their resignation letter artistically. It starts with, “This Is a Drawing of a Dinosaur.” How kind! “It is Also My 2 Weeks Notice.” Oh…well, can the boss at least keep the dinosaur drawing?

The drawing seems to be on leftover receipt paper. It’s humorous, but still polite, and aesthetically pleasing. This company lost an employee with artistic talent, mainly for drawing dinosaurs.

One employee went Martin Luther on their boss by posting their complaints on the storefront window.

Doodling The Letter In Crayon

man resigned by writing a letter in crayon
Pinterest/Brooks Friedland

You might think this resignation letter was written by a four-year-old. Nope. This was an adult employee’s genuine resignation letter. A black-and-white typed paper wouldn’t have caught the boss’s eyes as acutely as six different colored crayons would.

And yes, he also included the doodle of the dog. That was actually part of his freelance application. Once companies catch his crayon skills, they’ll hire him to design their entire website.

Mr. Cake’s Resignation Frosting

a resignation letter written on a cake

Mr. Cake decided to resign from management through a decorated cake. And, yes, that is how he addressed himself–as Mr. Cake. The baker left his job to attend to his new child and steadily growing cake business.

He cleverly added, “if you enjoy this cake, you can order more at www.mrcake.co.uk.” A genius method to both leave your current job and promote your new one. This boss received the tastiest resignation letter ever.

Joey Quits, With A Marching Band

Joey Quit his job with a marching band
Youtube/Joey La Neve DeFrancesco

In 2011, Joey DeFrancesco left his job at the Renaissance Hotel in Rhode Island in the most theatrical way possible. He handed his manager a resignation letter while his brass marching band blared in the background, all filmed for Youtube’s audience.

Now, the video has over six million views. “I hated them, and they hated me,” DeFrancesco told Huffington Post. “I knew I had to get one last shot at them.” And one last shot he got.

One former worker poured his expert Photoshop skills into a resignation letter.

T Bone Smells Ya Later

A funny photo of an ex-employee on a vacuum cleaner

Tom “T Bone” Armellino had enough of his job. But instead of writing up a boring resignation letter, he handed his boss an 8×10 inch frame containing this piece of art. It’s a perfect decoration to hang in your living room while eating dinner with your family.

You might be thinking–is that a vacuum cleaner? Yes, it is. Tom posted this photo on Facebook, and it made it to Reddit with a mixed response. Still hilarious, though.

Quitting on the toilet? One former employee pulled it off.

Quit, Quit, Baby

A manager quit by dancing on the counter at Moe's
Youtube/jo low

In 2008, a manager of Moe’s Southwest Grill decided that a typical letter didn’t quite get his point across. Instead, he danced on the restaurant’s counter to “Ice, Ice, Baby” along with two of his buddies. Eventually, he ripped his jacket off to reveal a shirt that read: “I QUIT.”

The performers jumped down and danced around the diners’ tables, which the guests evidently enjoyed. The entire video is available on Youtube.

One employee left their current job for a more advantageous position: pirating.

Don’t Make A Disgruntled Employee In Charge Of The Sign

Wendys sign saying Greg I quit
Pinterest/eBaum’s World

Imagine stopping by your favorite Wendy’s location. You look up at the sign for the newest special, and only see “Greg, I quit. Now that’s better.” Oh. Now that’s an unhappy Wendy’s staff, even with the discounted fast food.

On the other hand, this employee may have been perfect for Wendy’s, considering the company has raided the Twitter realm with sarcasm. Too bad, though. Greg’s gone now.

Setting Your Auto Response To “I Quit”

autoresponse quitting

In 2017, one employee called his boss, quit, and then set up this auto response before leaving the building. Automatic replies usually notify other employees when you’re out of the office for an extended period.

Usually, they say something similar to “I will be out of the office (date range) and plan to return on (date).” This means that every coworker who tried to contact this employee received “I am currently out of office and don’t plan on returning” unexpectedly.

I Will Become A Professional Pirate

letter of resignation from man who wants to be a pirate

What begins as a standard resignation email takes a hilarious turn when the former employee claims that he will become a professional pirate. He claims it’s his dream to “live the life of a swashbuckling corsair” who desires “death-defying derring-do.”

On top of his resignation, he also mentions that he’s “accepting applications for First Officer.” He even provides a full dental and medical plan for everything other than scurvy. Sounds like a deal.

Have you ever wanted to shut down your boss’s computer to complain? One worker did.

For The Love Of Todd

This sympathy card says

Many people turn in a formal letter or email to resign, beautifully formatting the letter to maintain their professionalism. Todd created a more elaborate and sarcastic resignation card that likely alarmed his boss at first. What loss was he talking about?

“It’s me. I leave in three weeks,” the card reads. Simple, straight to the point, and a punch to the gut. This resignation card manages to be funny while maintaining some semblance of professionalism.

Error: Employee Quit Unexpectedly

designer created a pop up on her employer's computer

When a program designer has had enough, the company can only expect terrible things to happen to their computers. This designer aimed to grab their employer’s attention by hacking the company computer and creating an error window.

The option “Renegotiate” not only raises an eyebrow, but also forces the boss to rethink their treatment of this unhappy employee. However, this employee might end up fired for his tone anyway. But they can’t be fired if they quit first!

Coming up: dinosaurs! Also, people quitting.

I’m Sorry My Step-Mom Died

letter apologizing for the death of family member which caused work absence
Pinterest/Lauren Kirkbride

This letter is both clever and sad, and internet users have only sympathized with this former worker’s pains. Their grieving received no sympathy from the employer, and the sarcastic letter hands the boss the snark they deserve.

“I’m sorry I work 47.5 hours per week (without getting paid the overtime that I am legally owed).” It seems that this job wouldn’t be worth it even if the step-mother didn’t unexpectedly pass away. Hopefully, the former employee received a better job.

Printer Resigns From The Office

a letter from a printer that's

This printer felt terrible for not performing up to its coworker’s standards. Hey, everyone gets sick sometimes–even printers, apparently. But after fourteen years of hard work, this printer’s employment must come to an end. It will be deeply missed.

Coworkers should meet up at in the office kitchen for a sendoff featuring the printer’s favorite dessert, ink cake, with paper mini-donuts. While the resignation paper seems polite, one has to question starting off with the printer’s entire life story.

Quitting On The Toilet

Luke's potty-themed resignation letter

Some people think deeply while on the john. One Redditor’s coworker had a life revelation there. His toilet experience mirrored his job so accurately that he decided to include that lovely visual image in his resignation letter.

For those who initially thought it was written on toilet paper, it wasn’t. The note remains on regular paper, although Luke would have driven the metaphor home if he wrote the letter on the toilet.

I’ve Been Stuck Under A Bus

email which says the employee was stuck under a bus

If you got trapped under a bus, would you immediately reply to a meeting email explaining your resignation? Sounds like expert timing. The message itself is both vicious and a little concerning.

This email was initially posted to Instagram and added the final snarky remark, “Suck it.” It’s the perfect message for the boss to receive when they’re scheduling for a Monday meeting. At least that’s one less person to schedule.

That “Help Wanted” Sign Isn’t Misplaced

a resignation letter taped to a store window

This employee’s anger at their boss was only a means to an end. When his boss didn’t show up to the shift, he left, but not before plastering this sign on the store window. What a way to humiliate both your boss and store.

The ending states, “Fire me if you must, but realize I walked due to YOUR negligence.” No one knows if the employee returned to the store, but the sign indicates that he did not.

Want another resignation letter placed on a public sign? You’ll get one.

I Can’t Work Anymore, I’m Too Fat

resignation letter explaining that employee will get too fat

There are many reasons for employees to complain about receiving little pay: barely affording rent, gas money, etc. But this employee claims that their unhappiness with their salary causes them to eat more and makes them fat. They’re afraid that their fatness will ruin the company’s reputation.

The resignation letter comes with a daunting warning that when “you become Unhappy, you will eat a lot, I’m afraid you will become fat, like me.” Watch your diet, employer.

This Place Blows

sign at Polo food center says

Here’s another worker in charge of the sign, disgruntled. This time, a worker at Polo Food Center announced their resignation through a large, public sign rather than a letter or email. Imagine the boss driving into work and seeing this beauty.

These companies should learn to treat their sign workers well so that employees won’t abuse their power. Then again, wouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunity? It’s more work than a typed letter, but also more satisfying.

“I Quit,” A Haiku

This Resignation letter is in the form of a haiku

A former employee on Instagram gets to tell his “forebearers” that he “quit a job utilizing the power of the haiku.” The haiku contains two more verses, which go as follows:

“So here we go then / I should start by saying that / I liked working here / At the very least / I had a laugh with you guys.” Now, that’s a poetic resignation letter to hang in the staff room.