Hilarious Signs Seen At The Zoo That Make You Do A Double Take

A zoo is a remarkable place. People can see for themselves the magnificent animals that we coexist with on the planet. The zoo is also a place to mind your behavior. You’re surrounded by wild animals that deserve your respect and could potentially be dangerous. Since signs have been proven to prevent humans from acting foolishly, zoos rely on them to remind people what they should and shouldn’t be doing. While some signs might simply tell you to keep off the grass, others can be a bit more creative. These are the funniest signs ever witnessed at the zoo.

Fair Enough

Fair Enough

We’re not sure who would get close enough to crocodiles to throw something at them, but then again, people are wildly unpredictable. Also, what could someone possibly be throwing at a group of crocodiles, their shoes, watch, hat?

It’s a little concerning that people need this sign to know not to throw things at wild animals, especially crocodiles. Hopefully, the fear of swimming with crocodiles will make them think twice about harassing these prehistoric creatures.