People Summed Up Movie Plots With #ExplainFilmPlotBadly And Honestly, They Deserve Oscars

Movies are made to entertain us while we snack on popcorn. But what if you don’t want to watch the film’s entire storyline? What if you want a more condensed version where things are summed up in just a few words? For example, the TV show Friends supposedlyrevolved around the interesting lives of six people in Manhattanbut really, it was just a bunch of people drinking coffee for a decade.

Yes, that was a bad explanation, but you see the point. And no, the producers won’t enjoy these descriptions of their movies. But we’re hoping thatthese #ExplainFilmPlotBadly descriptions become movies someday.

A Family’s First Airbnb Experience Goes Very Wrong

Photo Credit: @janmpdx/Twitter

“Here’s Johnny!” Can you imagine renting an Airbnb at the historic Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies? That’s not quite the plot of The Shining, but close.

It was a one-star experience for the family, that’s for sure, and they won’t get their deposit back. At least they got a lifetime supply of REDRUM.

Woman Murders Another Woman For A Pair Of Sparkly Shoes

Photo Credit: @DiaryMum/Twitter

Dang, this scenario from The Wizard of Oz sounds like people on Black Friday. If these shoes were sold today, the internet would crash harder than Kanye making Tweets that made sense.

It’s also like involuntary manslaughter at its worst, but that’s okay. It’s only Hollywood, right?

Guy Learns To Love A Girl Without Her Instagram Filters

Photo Credit: @KhadiDon/Twitter

We all want that kind of relationship, with unconditional love. Shrek started to care about Princess Fiona regardless of her appearance.

He also had to overcome his own self-doubt to take a chance on happiness. Unfortunately, his lady still kept the voice of Cameron Diaz.

Drug Addicted Girl Takes Advantage Of Mentally Challenged Boy…For Three Decades

Photo Credit: @KnightGambit/Twitter

Forrest Gump is better off without Jenny. Screw her, man, she’s not that great of a person. She was just like the rest of the people Forrest came across, and they all took his ideas and used him.

It’s not nice when you sleep with a guy and leave him with the kids when you die, but at least he tried to run.

The One Where Jennifer Aniston Lost Her Man In Front Of The World

Photo Credit: @kelechnekoff/Twitter

This is not “too soon” for anyone. As much as it hurts, a relationship that started in an affair never truly works.

But don’t worry, it didn’t work out for either of their next relationships, despite how great things seemed for a few years after they made Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It’s sad for everyone, but most importantly it’s sad for the kids.

Girl Gets Horny With A Fish

Photo Credit: @LimjocoMitch/Twitter

How the hell did this movie win Best Picture at the Oscars? This all seems like an uncommon scenario even in certain bars in Bangkok.

The Shape of Water is honestly one of the weirdest films that people had the opportunity to watch recently. Within a few years, there will probably be a prequel called Grinding Nemo.

Coming up: one actor froze twice in two different movies in search of a high honor that he hadn’t received before.

A Tree, A Rabbit, And A Pirate-Angel Spend Two Hours Building An Axe In Space

Photo Credit: @BenHartWithNoE/Twitter

Who cares what their real names are, this is an excellent description. Imagine the three of these folks walked into a bar together. That could get more awkward than matching with your ex-girlfriend’s sister on Tinder.

Will any of them be back for the next Avengers installment? I doubt it.

Boy Spends Seven Years Being The Third Wheel

Photo Credit: @Jessica_Seaborn/Twitter

Sounds like Barry Allen, aka the Flash. It took him a while to get Iris West. It hurts but there’s so much truth behind this iconic third wheel character in movie history. Take Harry Potter, for example.

On the bright side, this third wheel boy does have someone who cares a lot about him: a noseless fellow with a rather strange obsession.

Leonardo DiCaprio Wanders A Frozen Wasteland In Search Of An Oscar

Photo Credit: @GoddamnItDawud/Twitter

Leonardo DiCaprio freezes in two separate movies. In the first one, declaring that he was the “King of the world” was his cute way of saying he’d win an Oscar.

His friends below might have suffered from hypothermia. Happily, he found that Oscar for The Revenant... almost 20 years later.

Stay tuned for another time Leo froze.

Man Plays Virtual Reality Smurf Game

Photo Credit: @WillMQ/Twitter

Except, he becomes a Smurf at the end. Or, did he really have a Snickers bar on him the entire time? I need to get my hands on a VR Smurf game.

If a crossover of Avatar were to happen, it would be one of the most confusing things since trying to figure out Waldo’s location.

Talking Frog Convinces Son To Kill His Dad

Photo Credit: @DeraldThomas/Twitter

A frog he is not, a ghost muppet he shall become. The father in question in the Star Wars series is neglectful and abusive, but the incestuous siblings defeat him with bright glowsticks.

Even if he tried to convince his dad to leave the dark side, we could say goodbye to Luke Skywalker’s hand.

Girl Would Rather Let Her Boyfriend Die Than Share A Piece Of Wood

Photo Credit: @NaomiBaggs/Twitter

Jack was sweet enough to share his, but Rose wouldn’t return the favor. Rose pretty much sat on Jack’s wood, and James Cameron needed him to die to give the film’s ending a more dramatic effect.

As this Titanic scene is one of most tragic moments ever, it’s a good thing Mythbusters proved that it would have been difficult for them both to stay alive sharing the wood.

Don’t worry, it’s not like the next movie ahead was a dream. Or was it?

Adorable Trash Can And Flower Pot Force Fat People To Walk

Photo Credit: @Lovell_DJ/Twitter

Pixar/Disney should make a live-action sequel just so they can solve the current obesity crisis, but usually, the sequels aren’t as good as the first one.

So, it would be best to keep Wall-E as a loveable animated film.

Girl Develops Stockholm Syndrome While Being Kidnapped In A Castle

Photo Credit: @octopusguild/Twitter

One time, I read a book about Stockholm Syndrome and didn’t like it at first. But by the end, I thought it was a great book. Get it?

Beauty and the Beast isn’t the only story that has hostage-takers gain the trust of a victim. Watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tangled to see for yourself.

An Hour And A Half Of Watching People Sleep

Photo Credit: @bagerboxes/Twitter

More like spending the first half hour wondering whether or not the movie was a dream or a reality. This was much more confusing than trying to do a calculus exam. There’s just no right or wrong answer as to what’s going on.

Admittedly, the movie should have been titled “And Then, They Woke Up, And It Was All A Dream” instead of “Live by Night.”

As pointless as this one was, another trilogy should have been kept to one movie instead of an exhausting nine-hour marathon.

Older Sister Ruins Younger Sister’s Chance To Appear On Television

Photo Credit: @realtraitorfinn/Twitter

Katniss stepped in to take the place of her younger sister as a tribute in The Hunger Games. Volunteering as a tribute is pretty much saying it’s your time to shine bright like a diamond. So this #ExplainFilmPlotBadly entry is making it sound like Katniss was selfish versus the truth – that she wanted to save her sister’s life. Haha.

A Quiet, Seemingly Harmless Teacher Manipulates And Grooms A 6-Year-Old Girl To Help Her Get Promoted And Steal A House

Photo Credit: @dconama/Twitter

You move into the family home and make its current resident feel so afraid that she has to leave. How rude! At least Miss Honey eventually got her house back.

Also, Ms. Trunchbull had no business being around children or feeding fat kids cake while humiliating them in front of the school. Matilda was a great film despite her character, and Miss Honey will forever be a saint.

Group Spends 9 Hours Returning Jewelry

Photo Credit: @eserunsalan/Twitter

They left out the part where they could have returned the jewelry in under two hours in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Unfortunately, somebody lost the number for the giant eagle and that really slowed things down.

All they had to do was find the ring, decide what to do in order to survive, and find the place to the return the damn thing. See, it’s not that hard to include in one film.

Paranoid Billionaire Afraid Of Immigrants

Photo Credit: @maggieserota/Twitter

Donald Trump was never in this movie (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). Both Batman and Superman could beat him up before he did anything bad.

Outside of that, it was so cute seeing both of them come together when they figured out that both of their moms were named Martha.

A Guy That’s Alone In The Forest Kisses A Dead Body While Seven Other Guys Watch

Photo Credit: @chacingabi/Twitter

Along with Sleeping Beauty, Snow White freaked kids out. If you know about it, the original Grimms’ story is even creepier than just a kiss on the lips.

It’s so wrong. If anyone tries to do this to you, you should give them a hard smack in the face.